March 28, 2015

Video: Thrashed by Miss Emily

There’s an hour of excruciating punishment (both physical and otherwise) in store for this hapless male submissive. With head and hands locked securely in the stocks, his big, naked bottom makes a perfect target for Miss Emily’s paddle, whip and cane.

Click Here for four free video clips of Miss Emily taking pleasure in a man’s pain.

Video: Femdom Corporal Punishment

Mistress Gemini, Mistress Antonia and Mistress Darian are three mean dominas who love using severe corporal punishment to make helpless men wail.

In Cold Hearted Sadists 3, the merciless ladies work their magic with whips, paddles, straps and canes, as well as bondage, face slapping and other indignities.

Click Here for free sample videos of these three red-hot Mistresses handing out vicious F/M beatings.

We’ve Whipped Up Some Improvements


Management has “motivated” us to get off of our lazy behinds and make a few upgrades, which hopefully will enhance your Fm Spanking World experience.

First, we’ve overhauled the Categories function so you can more easily find posts on various subjects. Just point your mouse at the Categories tab at the top the page to see a drop-down menu of topics. You can also use the Tag Cloud on the lower-right side of the page and the Search Window on the upper-right side to find subjects of interest.

We’ve also added a Free Galleries page. Just click on the Galleries tab at the top the page to see free pictures of women beating the tar out of helpless men, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Thanks for visiting our world. Keep those comments coming.

Whipped Into Shape

fmspankingworldwhipVideotape gal is back with a vengeance, using a wicked singletail to drive her male supplicant across the blasted landscape of a post-apocalyptic world (or perhaps across the play area of their local neighborhood dungeon).

While her choice of implements is not typical of the domestic-discipline scenarios we favor here, this spunky gal always earns kudos for her enthusiasm and creative attire.

Hats off to you, you essentially-naked, whip-wielding vixen.

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