October 20, 2014

Gallery: He’s Really Sorry Now

It’s time for serious punishment at Lina’s House of Discipline, where a very vulnerable — and naked — male transgressor is feeling the awful wrath of Miss Lina’s strop.

Standing above her disobediant subject, the lady of the house carves into him with the heavy cowhide, making his bottom ripple like pudding.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Lina laying down the leather, good and hard.

Miss DuBois: Lace and Leather

Why didn’t teachers look, dress and enforce discipline like this when we were in school? Where is this academy, and do they offer adult education classes at night?

Here’s another example of the excellent fetish photography available at School Mistress Fantasy, in this case featuring the lovely Miss DuBois.

If you were guilty of disrupting Miss DuBois’ class, a brief glimpse of her creamy inner thigh might briefly make you forget that she’s about to bend you over that school desk and strap the wickedness out of you.

Video: Corporal Punishment Officer

Before dealing with the convicted prisoner before her, Miss Eleise de Lacy reads the following statement:

“It is the punishment officer’s legal duty to inflict each and every stroke of the sentence consistently, with maximum force and with the express intention of causing the offender the maximum amount of pain.”

Click Here for a free preview of the ensuing strapping and caning, as well as other penalties that are far too excruciating to mention here.

Soundly Strapped by Miss Hunter

Call it a spanking paradox. The more worn and supple a veteran punishment strap becomes, the more effective it is at delivering pain. However, that same broken-in strap is also more likely to twist in flight, requiring additional skill to wield effectively.

In her recent interview with us, internationally renowned disciplinarian Cassie Hunter attributes her accuracy with straps and canes to excellent hand-eye coordination. (Honed, no doubt, by her interest in racket sports.)

Miss Hunter’s regular workout regimen of weights and cardio also keeps her upper body in top form, allowing her to land strikes that are both precise and quite severe!

Collaborative School Strappings

Miss McLain and Miss Bowden often join forces when dealing with particularly troublesome young men, attacking their misbehavior from opposite sides.

They believe that if 20 licks from the right side can bring a miscreant to tears, than an additional 20 from the left should convert him into an obedient teacher’s pet.

Take the free Guided Tour at School Mistress Fantasy for more photos of stunning and severe female educators who don’t spare the leather.

Kailee Straps Him Good

Kailee Robinson lends a hand — or in this case an experienced feminine arm — to help teach Steve a lesson about the dishonorable act of cheating. And a memorable lesson it is, based on the mottled color of Steve’s bottom and thighs. This is one deceitful man who won’t be sitting comfortably for a long while.

Visit the free Picture and Video area at Women Spanking Men for other serious examples of F/M behavior modification.

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