Gallery: Corporal Punishment Chair

FM Spanking Chair

To the casual observer, it’s simply a modern lounge chair. The male residents of the Boarding School, however, know it as a feared platform of punishment. Many an underperforming lad has knelt upon that recliner, glumly elevating his backside for a female faculty member’s strap, paddle or cane. Click Here for a free photo gallery of one such unfortunate gripping the … [Read more...]

Video: Old-Fashioned Strapping

Woodshed Strapping

When her nephew is caught stealing from the general store, Aunt Kelly hauls the petty thief out to the barn for a bare-bottom whuppin’ he’ll never forget. Oh how he squirms and sobs as Aunt Kelly’s leather strap paints his bottom crimson. Enjoy the free video clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of the movie. (New users can enjoy 15 free minutes of online … [Read more...]

Gallery: CFNM Houseboy Spanking

CFNM Spanking

The Baroness is expanding her household staff and brings in her girls to help initiate the new male servant. The women inspect the lad’s physique and test his capacity for discipline. After Amelia uses her skill with rope to bind his loins, both Caroline and the Baroness spank and strap the newbie’s bare buns. Click Here for a free photo gallery of three kinky ladies … [Read more...]

Severe Strapping (Bollocks Alert)

Miss J FM Punishment

The voluptuous Miss J administers a thorough ass strapping in another remastered classic from Woman Spanking Men. Ravishing, excruciatingly dominant and a real-life, hard-core spankophile, we’d have to say that Miss J ranks quite high in the pantheon of elite F/M disciplinarians. Visit the free photo and video sections at Women Spanking Men for more examples of Miss … [Read more...]

Gallery: She Straddles and Straps Him

FM Spanking in Bed

Miss Lina of Lina’s House of Discipline takes her strap to an inconsiderate lout. That will teach him not to place his filthy boots on the bed. Determined to make the lesson count, the sexy Swede uses the weight of her body above and the yielding mattress below to sandwich the wrongdoer while she whales away. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Lina striking yet … [Read more...]

Video: Spanking and Bastinado

Femdom Thrashing

Ok, we’ll warn you right up front that this femdom corporal punishment scene isn’t for the squeamish. However, if you like to augment your spanking play with single-tail ass whipping, hand punishment and bastinado, then you’ll probably enjoy watching Mistresses Athena and Eleise de Lacy thrash the devil out of their male submissive. We’ve said this before, but this time the … [Read more...]

Video: Boyfriend’s Corporal Punishment

Femdom Corporal Punishment

Christine’s boyfriend was already spanked once before for his bad behavior, but once the bruises healed, he was back to his old tricks, blowing off their anniversary for a night on the town with his buddies. This time Christine recruits Kelly Payne to make sure the punishment sticks. The two ladies string the inconsiderate jerk up by his wrists and give him the bare-bottom … [Read more...]