November 26, 2014

Strop Therapy with Miss James

Maintaining order in the classroom and absolute compliance from students is part of every instructor’s duties at the hallowed St. Brackmere School.

For instance, when her male pupils show any hint of insolence, Miss James quashes it immediately her heavy school strop.

Applied vigorously to a young man’s bare backside, the leather converts even the most willful whelp into an obedient and attentive learner.

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Gallery: F/M Prison Strapping

Femdom Prison Strap

With a heavy and well-worn punishment strap dangling at her side, prison guard Jessica Wood prepares to dole out some harsh institutional discipline. There’s nothing quite like a severe ass whuppin’ to put a male inmate in his place.

Click Here for a free photo gallery from this F/M prison punishment scene.

English Mansion Femdom

Video: Firm Domestic Discipline

Irene Boss Spanking

Irene Boss assumes the role of a strict American governess who promotes male “life improvement” through strapping, paddling, tawsing and spanking. With her current ward perched high on the punishment bench, Ms. Boss gives his bottom 100 strokes each with a variety of painful implements.

Click Here for free video clips of a strong, resolute woman enforcing discipline.

Two Types of Female Dominance

Miss Bailey of School Mistress Fantasy has many tools for training and controlling her male students. Her manner of dress, her demeanor and her strict application of the rod are used both singly and in conjunction to keep young men off balance and supple to her will.

Here she reveals a hint of skin above her stockings while flexing the cane over her thigh, simultaneously projecting both her sexual power and her institutional authority. It’s a two-prong technique that’s guaranteed to have even the stoutest lad fumbling nervously as he lowers his trousers for punishment.

Gallery: He’s Really Sorry Now

It’s time for serious punishment at Lina’s House of Discipline, where a very vulnerable — and naked — male transgressor is feeling the awful wrath of Miss Lina’s strop.

Standing above her disobediant subject, the lady of the house carves into him with the heavy cowhide, making his bottom ripple like pudding.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Lina laying down the leather, good and hard.

Miss DuBois: Lace and Leather

Why didn’t teachers look, dress and enforce discipline like this when we were in school? Where is this academy, and do they offer adult education classes at night?

Here’s another example of the excellent fetish photography available at School Mistress Fantasy, in this case featuring the lovely Miss DuBois.

If you were guilty of disrupting Miss DuBois’ class, a brief glimpse of her creamy inner thigh might briefly make you forget that she’s about to bend you over that school desk and strap the wickedness out of you.

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