Gallery: Strapped Soaking Wet

Some punishments are spontaneous, while others are carefully and sadistically engineered to maximize both pain and humiliation.

In this photo set from the Boys Boarding School, an angry disciplinarian makes her ward stand naked in the tub while she sprays him with water. Then while he’s drenched and shivering, she straps him without mercy.

Confined within the tub, the male rocks his bottom back and forth, covers his backside with his hand and even dances to avoid the strap. Unfortunately, none of these efforts prevent the cruel leather from connecting with his wet bottom flesh.

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Gallery: Corporal Punishment Chair

To the casual observer, it’s simply a modern lounge chair. The male residents of the Boarding School, however, know it as a feared platform of punishment.

Many an underperforming lad has knelt upon that recliner, glumly elevating his backside for a female faculty member’s strap, paddle or cane.

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Video: Outdoor F/M Strapping

In the F/M spanking compilation Corporal Punishment, Princess Kali presents her favorite scenes of adult bad boys getting caned, face slapped, spanked, kicked, whipped and generally abused. The male howls of pain are real, and so is the smile on Princess Kali’s face.

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Video: Punished Over a Barrel

An inconsiderate husband stumbles home late and finds his strict wife waiting with her hackles up. He should know better, but tries to lie anyway when she grilles him about his evening. Big mistake.

Deciding that enough is enough, his infuriated spouse spanks him like a naughty boy, and then ties him down over the punishment barrel for a strapping he will never forget.

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If You Clench, It’ll Hurt More

Conventional wisdom says that scrunching the butt muscles during punishment only intensifies the pain and leads to deeper bruising. But honestly, if Lady D and Miss J from Women Spanking Men were teaming up to tan your hide, you’d probably clench in agony too.

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