July 23, 2014

Punished for Bad Grades

Having had her own bottom blistered on numerous occasions, Jade understands the motivational power of a good ass whipping.

After bending underperforming Austin over her knee for a spanking, she orders him into the dreaded lunge position and tans his butt with her perforated leather strap.

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Video: Strapped by the Judge

At the urging of district attorney Grace Trummel, Judge Kelly Payne sentences a repeat offender to some old-fashioned corporal punishment. No more warnings for this wrongdoer. He gets his guilty ass spanked, strapped and paddled right in the Judge’s chambers.

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Video: Lady Bailiff Straps Him

Justice is administered with straps and paddles when a scumbag traffic cop is caught sexually harassing a female motorist, after pulling her over without cause.

The offending officer is summoned to the Judge’s chamber for discipline, where he is receives corporal punishment from Her Honor, a tall lady bailiff and the innocent woman he victimized.

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Strapped in Front of His Girlfriend

The penalty for truancy at Women Spanking Men is a severe, bare-butt whipping, and Miss Betty doesn’t seem to care who else is in the room when JJ’s pants come down and the leather starts to fly.  (Nice muscle tone on that swinging arm, by the way.)

The young lady in the foreground must be used to observing corporal punishment, because she doesn’t seem the least bit shocked by JJ’s predicament, or even curious about it. Perhaps he gets beaten so often, it’s about as exciting as folding laundry.

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Business End of Her Strap

Miss Amy Hunter, a Supreme Behavior Therapist and Grand Overseer at the Institute of Feminine Discipline, demonstrates how errant Englishmen are punished in the year 2051.

In that time, Britain will be ruled by a dominant matriarchy. Women of the realm will freely use strap, cane and hairbrush to keep the male population in its place.

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If You Clench, It’ll Hurt More

Conventional wisdom says that scrunching the butt muscles during punishment only intensifies the pain and leads to deeper bruising. But honestly, if Lady D and Miss J from Women Spanking Men were teaming up to tan your hide, you’d probably clench in agony too.

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