April 16, 2014

Video: Double F/M Discipline

Irene Boss and Miss Caitlin join forces to punish a male-chauvinist maid from Stud’s Cleaning Service. The ladies give the snarky smart-ass an ultimatum: Either he submits to strict corporal punishment or they report his unacceptable business practices.

The discipline begins with an old-fashioned OTK spanking and verbal humiliation, but this simply lulls the masculine maid to sleep. Fortunately Irene and Caitlin are well-equipped with a variety of paddles and straps to adjust his attitude.

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Gallery: She Straddles and Straps Him

Miss Lina of Lina’s House of Discipline takes her strap to an inconsiderate lout. That will teach him not to place his filthy boots on the bed.

Determined to make the lesson count, the sexy Swede uses the weight of her body above and the yielding mattress below to sandwich the wrongdoer while she whales away.

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Video: Hard Bare Bottom Strapping

Depantsed and bent over the sofa, an underperforming male gets the motivation he needs, courtesy of his lady’s leather strap. This is no token beating either. She rears back her arm lays down the licks hard and fast. After all, if it doesn’t hurt, he won’t learn anything, will he?

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Video: F/M Strapping Scenes

FM Strapping Scenes

Break out the leather baby! Now available at the F/M Spanking World Clips Store, our new strapping compilation videos feature a veritable woodshed of ass-whuppin’ action. Wide straps, thin straps, long straps, short straps – they each make their mark in these domestic discipline extravaganzas.

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FM Spanking Video Clips

Video: Strapping Her Stable Boy

Mistress Spanks Him

Michael, the stable boy, is caught returning after an unauthorized ride into town to visit a lady friend. He is ordered to go inside, arrange the chaise in the middle of the floor, place a cushion over the end, take the family strap down from its hook and wait there for punishment.

Click Here for free photos and video of a strict house mistress disciplining her wayward servant.

Video: Kelly’s Cure for Disrespect

He enters the room all cocky, with a big smirk on his face. But Kelly Payne changes his egotistical tune with some old-fashioned corporal punishment.

Miss Payne scolds and spanks the chauvinist pig for being so disrespectful to his girlfriend. Then she ties him tightly over two chairs, where he feels the fury of her strap and paddle.

By the time the punishment concludes, the once-arrogant male is bawling his eyes out, promising to be respectful and courteous to all women.

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