Miss PJ’s Wooden Spoon

Miss PJ of Strict Women demonstrates why the humble wooden spoon is such a fearsome and effective tool for enforcing domestic discipline.

The spoon’s long handle provides the spanker with both leverage and reach, while the business end concentrates the force of each blow into a small amount of surface area . The disciplinarian can also choose to spank with either side of the spoon’s head, painting the offending bottom with either spots or circles, depending on her mood.

As you can see, Miss PJ’s spoon is dishing out a generous helping of marks and bruises to the poor soul over her lap. He’s no doubt very sorry that he didn’t finish his vegetables when she told him to.

Gallery: Snow Mercy’s Spanking Spoon

Kade has a serious crush on his roommate, the luscious and strict Snow Mercy, but apparently that doesn’t motivate him to pay the rent on time.

To kick-start the young man’s sense of responsibility, Snow takes Kade over her sexy lap for a bare-ass spanking, culminating with some very painful whacks from her slotted wooden spoon.

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Her Very Domestic Implement

Inexpensive and always handy, wooden spoons and spatulas have been enforcing discipline within the home since the pioneer days.

Here Lady D from Women Spanking Men employs a stout kitchen utensil with a long handle for leverage and a flat striking surface on the business end. Just imagine how much that must sting!

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Spanked with Betty’s Wooden Spoon

A word to the wise: When Betty Blaze gives you an ultimatum, be prepared to pay a very high price for continued defiance.

After administering an extensive hand spanking, Miss Blaze continues Brian’s punishment with her festive kitchen spoon. (That convex surface really stings.)

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