Gallery: Kitchen Spoon Spanking

Femdom Domestic Discipline

Give this elegant domestic goddess any lip and you may find yourself bent over the stove, getting your buns toasted with her long-handled wooden spoon. If that doesn’t do the trick, she has other kitchen utensils close at hand which can deliver even more severe punishment.

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English Mansion Femdom

Video: Kitchen Spoon Spanking

Femdom Spoon Spanking

Celebrity cook Severity Myers was about to present a bakery lesson to her television audience when she discovered that her hapless assistant helped himself to her perfect cupcakes. What ensues is a humiliating lesson for the underdressed underling, who ends up being punished on live TV.

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Video: Kitchen Domestic Discipline

Miss Heather’s domestic servant didn’t have long until his scheduled release from chastity, but attempting an early escape by picking the lock became his downfall! Caught in the act on the kitchen floor, it proved a perilous place to be found, with an array of kitchen implements close at hand for his swift, hard and humiliating punishment.

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Miss PJ’s Wooden Spoon

Miss PJ of Strict Women demonstrates why the humble wooden spoon is such a fearsome and effective tool for enforcing domestic discipline.

The spoon’s long handle provides the spanker with both leverage and reach, while the business end concentrates the force of each blow into a small amount of surface area . The disciplinarian can also choose to spank with either side of the spoon’s head, painting the offending bottom with either spots or circles, depending on her mood.

As you can see, Miss PJ’s spoon is dishing out a generous helping of marks and bruises to the poor soul over her lap. He’s no doubt very sorry that he didn’t finish his vegetables when she told him to.