Video: Domestic Service and Spanking

Femdom Ruler Spanking

Sebastian is so confident that he’s going to ace his next essay (without studying) that he makes a bet with his roommate Nimue: Whichever of them gets the higher score earns whatever they wish for a day.

Nimue wins the wager, of course, and announces that Sebastian is going to be her slave. Milking her victory for all it’s worth, she makes her new servant do the dishes, serve tea and even shine her shoes. Finally she decides to spank his bottom — and make him beg for it.

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Gallery: Disciplinary Medicine

Dana Kane Femdom Spanking

A troublesome male patient incurs Dr. Kane’s wrath by refusing to comply with his physical therapy. After checking his vitals to ensure he’s healthy enough for corporal punishment, the good doctor spanks him soundly in several positions and with several implements.

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Dana Kane

Paddles, Slappers & Canes (Oh My!)

While the well-conditioned hand is a valuable instrument of corporal punishment, no disciplinarian should have to wear hers out on a stubborn bottom.

Likewise, no respectful spankee should let his lady’s birthday or other important milestone pass without presenting something tasteful and potent to assist her when there’s a naughty butt to be chastised.

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Video: The English Headmistress

“Stephen Jones is a very naughty boy and he’s been rejected by many schools,” Miss Real says at the opening of this English school fantasy. “You’re going to see what a very naughty boy gets from a very strict Headmistress.”

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