Gallery: Newlywed Male Spanked

Sexy amazon goddess Gigi Allens spanked this bad boy right before his wedding, then after his wedding and now she’s at it again, this time at his office where his co-workers can hear. She uses her hand and a mean wooden paddle that leaves his backside marked for days. No matter how long it takes, she’ll keep punishing this disobedient male until he behaves.

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Gallery: Bridesmaid Spanks Groom

It’s after the wedding, but bridesmaid Gigi Allens is furious with the groom, who was giving her far too much unwanted attention. The dominant blonde addresses the situation by putting the wandering hubby over her lap for a hard spanking and paddling, reminding the lout to focus all his attention on his new wife.

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Gallery: OTK Attitude Adjustment

Femdom Spanking

Amazon beauty Alexis Grace lectures her friend’s lover about his behavior, while she smacks his bottom with her hand, a hairbrush and a large wooden paddle. Afterwards she sends the well-spanked male back to his girlfriend, with the Attitude Adjuster in hand.

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