September 17, 2014

Video: Forest Femdom Spanking

Forest FM Spanking

“Do you think you get to decide when it’s enough?” Miss Eleise de Lacy asks her male captive. Of course being bent over a tree trunk and securely bound the way he is, the helpless sod is in no position to dictate anything. His lovely tormentor is free to spank, strap, paddle and otherwise violate him to her heart’s content.

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Video: Paddled Panty Raiders

In the hard F/M spanking video The Panty Raid, two college boys sneak into a sorority house to steal panties as part of their fraternity initiation. They do not, however, expect Lisa and Heather to catch them in the act.

The hapless pledges are spanked and strapped by the dominant sorority sisters and then each perpetrator is given a severe paddling over the lap of Jackie, the strict housemother.

Enjoy the free video clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of the movie. (New users can enjoy 10 free minutes of online viewing.)

Video: F/M Vacation Punishments

Errant males who misbehave on holiday get hauled back to Madam’s hotel room, where they are soundly spanked, paddled and strapped. Surely the other guests and the hotel staff can hear such discipline being administered. Imagine the embarrassment!

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FM Spanking Video Clips

Video: His Disciplinarian Wife

Wife Spanks Him

Eleise de Lacy discovers that while she’s been away, her husband secretly visited a professional dominatrix. Displeased, the lady of the house sentences her subbie hubby to an evening of harsh punishment. After all, if her spouse ever feels the need for discipline, he should look no further than their marital bedroom.

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Preparing a Mighty Swat

Lady D of  Women Spanking Men looks like she’s trying to drive this brawny fellow into the wall like a nail. Judging from the nasty contusion on his backside, she’s already given him several heavy whacks. He’d better not let his arms buckle or his head will be denting the drywall.

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Gallery: She’s Proud of Her Work

Miss Lina of Lina’s House of Discipline displays the glowing fruits of her labor, after a marathon spanking shoot aptly titled I’m Going to Enjoy This. In it she demonstrates a wide variety of spanking positions, literally beating a brawny young man every which way from Sunday.

During the course of his ordeal, the bare-bottomed guy is over Miss Lina’s lap for a hand spanking; kneeling on the couch cushions for her leather paddle; knees on the floor with Miss Lina seated on his back; bent over the arm of the couch for a good strapping; and finally assuming the position for a nasty wooden paddle.

Click Here for the free photos of Miss Lina bringing the pain from all directions.

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