April 24, 2014

Video: Shackled F/M Spanking

FM Spanking Shackled

After cuffing his ankles in high-grade medical restraints to limit kicking, the disciplinarian smacks his upturned bottom repeatedly with her hand, a thick hairbrush paddle and a larger teardrop paddle filled with nasty, stinging holes.

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FM Spanking Video Clips

Gallery: Her Well Disciplined Driver

When adult model Ash Hollywood needs to get her tight, little body to a shoot, she expects to be at the studio on time, every time. She’s a professional, after all.

Unfortunately, her personal driver doesn’t have the same commitment to punctuality. Perhaps a good, hard spanking will speed him up!

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Gallery: Cherry Paddles Him Red

Miss Cherry of Vixen Ladies may be small in stature, but this shapely, sadistic imp calls the shots when it comes to bedroom spanking games. She greatly enjoys watching shades of her favorite color rise across her man’s ass cheeks.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this ruby-haired pixie demonstrating that true dominance comes from within, and that even big boys benefit from having their butts paddled.

Gallery: Lady Boss Spanks Him OTK

Lady Boss Spanks Him

Female dominance (and male subservience) is expressed in many ways at the English Mansion, but in the facility’s buttoned-down front office, the ladies exert their will through classic corporal discipline. Case in point: Today an attractive, no-nonsense executive is admonishing one of her male workers with the paddle and strap.

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English Mansion Femdom

Video: Punished By Aiden Star

Aiden Star plays a sadistic marriage counselor who is determined to beat the defiance out of her client’s disobedient husband. Using strap, cane, paddle, whip, birch and brush, she convinces the lowly male to mend his errant ways.

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Gallery: Hands on the Wall

Armed with a variety of straps, paddles and canes, two uniformed disciplinarians administer a double dose of whoop-ass to a naked male prisoner.

We must say that we certainly approve of female interrogators wearing short skirts and high heels.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this very authoritarian F/M spanking session.

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