January 29, 2015

Gallery: Miss Jane’s Lap of Pain

Mary Jane is a tall and beautiful ash-blond with a no-nonsense attitude, a heavy hand and a deep running sadistic streak. All of which make her a perfect addition to Clare Fonda’s court of man-spanking disciplinarians.

When a foolish male tries to grope Mary Jane during choir practice, this take-charge lady wastes no time putting him across her lap for a good, hard butt blistering.

Click Here for a free point-of-view photo gallery of the stern, corporal correction.

Gallery: Post-Shower Spanking

It’s extremely unwise to waste hot water at Lina’s House of Discipline. When the mistress of the estate finds a male guest dawdling in the shower, she yanks the laggard out of the stall and takes a paddle to his dripping-wet posterior.

Click Here for free photos of a very strict lady spanking a pair of tender, moist cheeks.

Gallery: Spanking Her Manservant

Spanking Her Houseboy

Eve is pleased with her new houseboy’s efficiency and delighted to accept his offer of a foot massage after a busy day on her feet. But she warns him not to tickle her — Eve hates having her feet tickled — three times, before going ballistic on him for ignoring her orders.

Pulling the lad across her lap, Eve retrieves her favorite hairbrush from her purse and indignantly spanks her smart aleck employee with it over his jeans. But soon his pants and boxers come down presenting the perfect target area, a bare bottom, for Eve’s hand and hairbrush. Not satisfied that her bad boy has been thoroughly disciplined for his effrontery, Eve bends Billy over the couch end and reddens his tight buns even more deeply with a leather paddle.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of an impertinent houseboy receiving his richly deserved punishment.

Shadow Lane

Gallery: Spanked by Miss Nikki

Looking quite appealing in jeans and a tank top, lovely Miss Nikki of Vixen Ladies has no compunction about shucking down a guy’s shorts and taking him over her knee.

The flat of her hand and two different paddles can make quite an impression on pale, male cheeks. And if the pitiful man squirms too much, Miss Nikki can simply perch herself upon his back to keep his worthless behind in place.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Nikki taking a big, bare-bottomed guy down a peg (or three).

Gallery: Audrey Knight Paddles Tom

Audrey Knight Spanks Tom

Clare Spanks Men presents a free photo gallery featuring the voluptuous Audrey Knight taking her seasoned hand and an attention-getting wooden paddle to Tom Byron’s upturned seat. This is one gorgeous disciplinarian who knows how to make her mark!

Click Here to see all the no-nonsense F/M spanking action.

Gallery: Waiting for Their Swats

The psychological impact of making a disobedient male bare his bottom and submissively bend forward to receive punishment is almost as powerful as the actual beating itself.

But when two conspriators are forced to bend over simultaneously, their dreadful anticipation becomes greatly compounded, as each must listen to the horrid thwack of the wood and pitiful cry of anguish each time the other receives the paddle.

Click Here for free photos of this dual-punishment session, courtesy of The Boys Boarding School.

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