Miss Catalina’s Weapon of Choice

Catalina's Spanking Paddle

While the school paddle is typically used on standing supplicants who are bent at the waist, Miss Catalina apparently likes wielding this hefty persuader when taking unruly young men across her lap. That flat plank of wood should make quite an impression when she brings it crashing down across a bare male posterior. Frantic kicking and pitiful noises will follow, we … [Read more...]

Gallery: Beating His Bottom

Miss Cherry FM Spanking

Miss Cherry may be a diminutive disciplinarian, but she makes up for it with sadistic enthusiasm and an arsenal of hard wooden implements. Click Here for a free photo gallery of this ruby-haired pixie paddling the dickens out of a much larger man. Be warned though, this session is a bit on the severe side, especially when Miss Cherry breaks out the giant Spencer paddle. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Present Your Bottom

FM Spanking Paddle

There's no shortage of ways to position an unruly male for punishment. As this photo from Boys Boarding School illustrates, one of the simplest is to have him lower his pants and underwear, bend forward, and grip the seat of a chair. After that, a good 10 or 20 whacks with the heavy Spencer paddle should beat most of the rebellion out of him. Click Here to view the free … [Read more...]

Gallery: Spanking Her Manservant

Spanked Houseboy

Eve is pleased with her new houseboy’s efficiency and delighted to accept his offer of a foot massage after a busy day on her feet. But she warns him not to tickle her -- Eve hates having her feet tickled -- three times, before going ballistic on him for ignoring her orders. Pulling the lad across her lap, Eve retrieves her favorite hairbrush from her purse and indignantly … [Read more...]

Video: Miss Mallory’s Wooden Paddle

Miss Mallory FM Spanking

Relish the debut video of lovely Miss Mallory from Montreal, whose skin-tight blue dress showcases every curve of her voluptuous physique. Miss Mallory excels at verbally scolding her supplicant while punishing him harshly with paddle, strap and cane. And if the poor lad should lose count of the smacks, she simply starts over from the beginning. Enjoy the free preview clip … [Read more...]

Miss Kendra Spanks Them Both

Miss Kendra FM Spanking

The dazzling Miss Kendra is quite peeved to discover that her grounded husband snuck out of the house without permission to spend time with his buddy. Since the both men were complicit in the misbehavior, Kendra decides that the sneaky pair should share the corporal punishment too. Take the Free Tour at Strict Women to see many other divine disciplinarians spanking … [Read more...]

She’s Going to Enjoy This

She Paddles His Bare Butt

A lovely lady at Hard Spanking Vixens has her nude male companion exactly where she wants him. After stripping the lad for punishment, she pulls him into a comfortable but secure position over her lap, then rests the thick, wooden paddle on his naked cheeks, savoring the moment. Observing how she grips the paddle, her careful selection of the point of impact, and the … [Read more...]