Video: Paddled Property Manager

Miss Gemini Paddles Him

Ill-mannered Eric is late for his appointment with prospective renter Miss Gemini, who is not known for waiting patiently. Also the property needs both cleaning and minor repairs, which Eric should have already handled. As penance for his bad behavior and lack of respect, Miss Gemini gives Eric some long overdue punishment, including verbal chastisement, spanking, paddling, … [Read more...]

Gallery: Spanked Before Work

She Spanks Him Bare

Miss Lina wants her house male to finish all of his daily chores, so she spanks him soundly with slipper, bath brush and wooden paddle before she leaves for work. If a smoldering bottom doesn’t properly encourage him to complete his household tasks, Miss Lina can certainly escalate his motivation when she returns home in the evening. Click Here for a free photo gallery of … [Read more...]

Hot Buns from Betty Blaze

Betty Paddles Zack

“I have a deep understanding of my feminine power and I am not afraid to use it,” Betty says on her biography page at Women Spanking Men. “I look forward to administering real life punishment to naughty boys who have earned it.” Here Betty takes a paddle to Zack in the second phase of his discipline session. We can’t help notice that blotchy marks on the lad’s rear end are … [Read more...]

Video: Janet Beckwith Spanks

Janet Beckwith FM Spanking

Bart is late with the rent again so his landlord, played by Janet Beckwith, asks him to come up to her apartment where she gives him an ultimatum: Either submit to a sound thrashing or be evicted! Bart reluctantly accepts his punishment as Ms. Beckwith puts him over her knee and starts off with a hand spanking before moving on to various paddles and straps. Ms. Beckwith … [Read more...]

Spanked OTK by Miss J

OTK Male Punishment

The face, the figure, the glorious hair and a hardwired understanding of the corporal punishment fetish make Miss J of Women Spanking Men one of the most revered disciplinarians in the F/M spanking scene. As Miss J explains in her biography, “Most men fantasize about receiving a hard disciplinary punishment but aren't quite prepared for what it involves. A true punishment … [Read more...]

School Days with Jessica Wood

Jessica's School Paddle

Parliament banned corporal punishment in British state schools in 1987, but the thunderous crack of the Board of Education still echos through school halls in many parts of the United States. Though her English countrymen are much more familiar with the sting of the cane, Miss Jessica Wood is quite capable of administering some American-style discipline with the flat of her … [Read more...]

Punished for His Deception

She Spanks Men for Lying

Miss Shay, a respected Behaviour Therapist at the Institute for Feminine Discipline, has summoned Mike to answer charges of dishonesty. We hope he has a good explanation for his alleged deceit; otherwise he’ll be sitting on a well-spanked bottom. Take free tour at the Institute of Feminine Discipline to view a large collection of F/M spanking photos and video clips. Just … [Read more...]