September 30, 2014

Video: F/M Military Discipline

Cassie Hunter uses a combination of forced exercise and corporal punishment to whip a lackluster cadet into shape. By the time she’s finished applying paddle, strap and cane, his butt is a red as her cap.

Click Here for free photos and video of the Hunteress barking out orders and busting ass.

Video: Blazing Paddles II

It’s always best not to leave dirty dishes in the sink, especially if your roomie is a professional dominatrix with a fondness for corporal punishment.

After securing her sloppy housemate to the spanking horse, she scolds him harshly while administering a world-class beating. Hopefully his burning ears and ass will teach the good-for-nothing to be tidier in the future.

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Gallery: Spencer Paddle Swats

The matron in charge doesn’t kid around when it comes to male discipline. When her charges are in need of correction, she wallops their backsides hard with a heavy Spencer paddle.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of one unlucky scamp dropping his trousers, grabbing the chair seat and presenting his sorry tail for roasting.

Miss J Makes Her Mark

When harsh male punishment is in order, Miss J of Women Spanking Men certainly does a thorough job of it. (This is one bad boy who won’t be showering at the gym any time soon.)

Not only can we see the distinct outline of the strap burned into her sub’s bottom flesh, we can even make out the dime-sized perforations in the leather – which make it travel faster and hurt more.

Visit the free photo and video areas at Women Spanking Men for many other uncompromising examples of strict F/M discipline.

Video: Greatest F/M Spanking Hits

For your viewing pleasure we’ve selected some of our favorite original F/M spanking scenes from the archives and gave them the slow-motion treatment. As you can tell from the spankees’ pitiful vocal reactions, their bare butts are getting it good and hard.

Enjoy the free compilation video above and then visit our Clips Store for more F/M spanking previews.

FM Spanking Video Clips

Video: Forest Femdom Spanking

Forest FM Spanking

“Do you think you get to decide when it’s enough?” Miss Eleise de Lacy asks her male captive. Of course being bent over a tree trunk and securely bound the way he is, the helpless sod is in no position to dictate anything. His lovely tormentor is free to spank, strap, paddle and otherwise violate him to her heart’s content.

Click Here for free photos and video from this arboreal bondage and discipline scene.

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