November 1, 2014

His Really Hard F/M Spanking

Our philosophy toward F/M domestic punishment has always been that if pants are coming down for a spanking, the disciplinarian in question should make it count. She’s taking valuable time out of her day to warm a backside, so she may as well give the owner a lesson to remember.

That being said, when you pit a pair of hard-hitting ladies against a guy with legendary tolerance – like our good friend Razor – there are likely to be some extraordinary marks. And in this case Ms. Baker and Ms. Burns have worked over Razor’s back and the tops of his thighs, as well as annihilating his bottom.

Visit the free photo and video areas at Women Spanking Men for more examples of naughty males being punished. (But don’t worry about Razor too much. The guy can take it.)

Video: Halloween Spanking Surprise

Even after he turned 18, Michael’s parents would ask the sweet neighbor lady, Mrs. Glen, to look after him while they were away.

Michael didn’t mind at all, because Mrs. Glen would pull him across her ample lap for a spanking whenever he misbehaved. He enjoyed that activity very much and always looked forward to breaking his sitter’s rules.

On Halloween night, however, Michael pushes Mrs. Glen a bit too far and earns himself a much harder punishment than he ever received before!

Enjoy the free video clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of the movie. (New users can enjoy 10 free minutes of online viewing.)

Gallery: Paris Kennedy Spanks

Paris Spanks Men

Fetish superstar Paris Kennedy decides to correct her boyfriend’s bad habits using her hand and a rather serious-looking wooden paddle. That’s sure to make an impression on his quivering bare behind.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this tattooed toughie beating male ass.

Gallery: Miss Parker Spanks a Sniffer

Emily Parker Femdom Spanker

Emily Parker is a tough, tattooed girl with attitude. When she discovers that her best friend’s brother is acting up and sniffing panties, she puts him over her knee for a hard spanking with her hand and an assortment of punishment paddles.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Parker dishing out discipline.

Gallery: School Spankings Revisited

Miss Lina relives her time as a vigilant head girl who used a firm hand and firmer paddle to discipline the rowdy schoolboys under her supervision.

Click Here for free photos of Miss Lina proving that those very same techniques can keep errant adults in line as well.

Video: F/M Military Discipline

Cassie Hunter uses a combination of forced exercise and corporal punishment to whip a lackluster cadet into shape. By the time she’s finished applying paddle, strap and cane, his butt is a red as her cap.

Click Here for free photos and video of the Hunteress barking out orders and busting ass.

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