Spanked Naked by the Pool

FM Spanking Outside

Brian’s been acting like a brat all day, so Miss Kay marches the naked young man outdoors, bending him over at poolside for an old-fashioned attitude adjustment. Visit the free Updates area at Women Spanking Men for more photos of Miss Kay administering healthy doses of pain and embarrassment. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Cherry Paddles Him Red

Miss Cherry Spanks

Miss Cherry of Vixen Ladies may be small in stature, but this shapely, sadistic imp calls the shots when it comes to bedroom spanking games. She greatly enjoys watching shades of her favorite color rise across her man’s ass cheeks. Click Here for a free photo gallery of this ruby-haired pixie demonstrating that true dominance comes from within, and that even big boys benefit … [Read more...]

Engineered for F/M Spanking

Strict Lady Spanker

The long, strong and toned limbs of Miss Cassie Hunter could have been genetically engineered for administering punishment. Just imagine having one of Cassie’s athletic appendages wrapped around your waist, locking you in position, while her other arm systematically sets your bottom on fire. Visit Miss Hunter’s Spotlight Page to see the latest updates to her most excellent … [Read more...]

Video: Pre-Party Corporal Punishment

Femdom Caning

Miss Heather is dressed for a night at the fetish club and she expects her house boy to at least be ready on time. When she finds the scamp watching TV on the sofa, in his underwear, she gives the young man a very sore ass using her hand, crop, paddle and cane. Click Here for free photos and video of a dominant lady dispensing F/M corporal discipline. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Life Coach Paddles Men

She Spanks Men

Exasperated wives hire life coach Kymberly Jane to teach their childish hubbies how to behave. The counselor typically starts each session with a stern lecture and a hand spanking, before giving her “client” a sore, bruised bottom with the heavy paddle. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a strict therapist administering OTK discipline. … [Read more...]

Video: Princess of Corporal Punishment

Princess Kali Femdom Spanking

We’re pleased to present several free video clips featuring Princess Kali, a young disciplinarian who is as gleeful as she is sadistic. Wearing a dainty, glittery crown atop her royal head, the Princess stings one subby’s bottom with a wooden ruler and a carpet beater. Another male cries, “Thank you Princess!” as she flicks the cane across his naked sit spot. A third … [Read more...]

Gallery: Initiated by Audrey Tate

Audrey Spanks Frat Boys

The pledge didn’t realize that his fraternity initiation would involve being spanked and paddled by a sexy sorority vixen. Determined to test the college boy’s resolve, Audrey lays into him firmly with her pledge paddle. Fortunately her beauty provides the lad some small distraction from the pain. Click Here for photos of a kinky college girl applying swats with gusto. … [Read more...]