Gallery: Young Wife Taught to Spank

FM Spanking Training

Special marriage counselor Jessica Wood teaches a young wife how to manage her husband, and cultivate marital bliss, with the time-honored practice of spanking. After watching Miss Wood’s corporal punishment techniques, the dominant bride is soon unleashing her own inner disciplinarian. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a new husband submitting to his wife’s paddle. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Matron’s Spencer Paddle

She Paddles His Bottom

After spanking her ward briskly with the flat of her hand, Madam orders him to strip naked and present his stinging buns for the paddle. She finds that the heavy, perforated board is an excellent tool for driving her lessons home. Click Here for a free photo gallery of this escalating F/M spanking. … [Read more...]

Swats from Miss Blaze

Betty Paddles Dev

Betty Blaze takes a school paddle to the seat of Dev’s pants. Will the lad get to keep his britches up, or will the wood be connecting with bare skin as well? Visit the free Updates area at Women Spanking Men for more photos of Miss Blaze punishing young males the old fashioned way. … [Read more...]

Video: Angry School Discipline

Irene Boss Paddles Him

We are very pleased to present you with four free F/M spanking clips featuring internationally famous dominatrix Irene Boss. In U Are Caned, the Boss takes her intense style of discipline to a mock classroom, where she dispences severe discomfort while wearing sexy fishnets, 5" black heels and a black leather bikini under her dress (which is removed in the middle of the … [Read more...]

Gallery: Angry Nurse Paddles Him

Nurse Spanks

Nurse Cassie knows just how to cure her daughter’s ill-mannered boyfriend. Turning him over her lap, she subjects his bare behind to spanking, paddling and the rectal thermometer. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a no-nonsense healthcare professional who gets to the bottom of bad male behavior. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Bare Your Backside!

She Spanks His Bare Butt

When it’s spanking time at Lina’s House of Discipline, everything protecting the bottom comes down. There’s no point in begging to keep your underpants on. Stalling just makes Miss Lina even madder! In this case, the offending backside is properly bared and the male is pulled over Miss Lina’s knee for a good hand spanking. Next he is forced to kneel on the chair cushion, … [Read more...]

Spanked Naked by the Pool

FM Spanking Outside

Brian’s been acting like a brat all day, so Miss Kay marches the naked young man outdoors, bending him over at poolside for an old-fashioned attitude adjustment. Visit the free Updates area at Women Spanking Men for more photos of Miss Kay administering healthy doses of pain and embarrassment. … [Read more...]