Miss Nina, Your Bum Is Showing

Nina Birch was apparently so excited at the prospect of spanking two young men simultaneously for Vixen Ladies, that she forgot to get completely dressed before jumping into the action. Or perhaps her skirt was so snug around her shapely hips that it simply burst apart as she leaned forward to apply the paddle.

Either way, she did a stellar job of turning two sets of pale cheeks into four glowing red apples. Too bad her disobedient males were face down for punishment and couldn’t appreciate the view.

Brian Asks for a Spanking

We commend this young man for summoning the courage to approach Miss Betty Blaze for punishment. We’re sure his bottom was tingling fiercely as he made his request.

We wonder if he expected Miss Blaze to use a paddle on his bare cheeks, or was that an unpleasant surprise?

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Miss Ashley’s Turndown Service

Before bedtime each night, Miss Ashley of Hard Spanking Vixens gives each male guest a mint for his pillow and some color for his pale butt cheeks.

This dominant hotel maid believes that nightly spankings help keep male travelers out of trouble while they’re way from home. And she doesn’t mind if a few pillowcases are stained with tears.

If this is what Miss Ashley does to well-behaved customers, we do wonder: What happens to guests who try to steal towels or light up in the non-smoking rooms?

Video: His Dream Come True

Today we present an F/M spanking snippet from the video Dream Come True, in which Mistresses Kendra, Eden and Cleopatra subject a male slave to corporal punishment, weenie whipping and some major-league recreational sodomy.

As spanking traditionalists, we’re personally not into the leather hood or male pantyhose – but hey, who are we to judge? After some reflection, we decided we’d post the clip and let you choose whether you want to view it or not.

Click Here for free video of a consenting male doing what he enjoys. (And more power to him, even if it’s not exactly our cup of meat.)