Gallery: Her Well Disciplined Driver

Ash FM Spanking

When adult model Ash Hollywood needs to get her tight, little body to a shoot, she expects to be at the studio on time, every time. She’s a professional, after all. Unfortunately, her personal driver doesn’t have the same commitment to punctuality. Perhaps a good, hard spanking will speed him up! Click Here for a free photo gallery of an exasperated Miss Hollywood busting … [Read more...]

Video: Boyfriend Beatdown

Kelly Payne Paddles Him Bare

Things come to a boil quickly when two legendary spankers – Kelly Payne and Miss Gemini – discover that they’re both dating Tony, and that he’s scheduled separate dates with each of them on the same day. (Bad move dude!) The ladies conclude that two-timing Tony needs to be taught a serious lesson in respect -- while squirming under their paddles and bent over for their … [Read more...]

Miss Lina Spanks His Welts

Spanking His Welts

Here’s a little trick that Miss Lina uses when she wants to administer an especially memorable hand spanking. After caning her male inferior and allowing sufficient time for any numbness in his cheeks to subside, she turns the miscreant over her lap and smacks his fresh and tender weals. Take the free tour at Lina’s House of Discipline for more shots of this seasoned … [Read more...]

Video: Gretta Punishes Joey

Gretta Spanks Men

After Gretta's hapless boy toy gambles away a large sum, the busty blonde is forced to fire the domestic staff and cancel her cable television. So of course she expects Joey to assume the household chores, as well as provide her with stimulating entertainment. Click Here for free photos and video of Gretta giving Joey’s backside a good spanking. … [Read more...]

Gallery: She Spanks Him Crimson

FM Spanking Red Buns

Ouch! You can almost feel the heat radiating from those well-roasted man cheeks. A lady’s hairbrush may be compact, but it still does a superb job of inflicting pain right where it does the most good. Click Here for the free F/M spanking photo gallery. … [Read more...]

Video: Under Pandora’s Hairbrush

Pandora Blake Spanks Him

When Sebastian arrives home and Pandora Blake smells smoke on his breath, it’s obvious he's broken their discipline agreement. That means the lad is in for a relentless hairbrush spanking over Pandora’s knee – one which will leave him kicking and struggling from the pain. Click Here for free photos and video of the no-nonsense F/M domestic discipline. … [Read more...]

Naked Hairbrush Punishment

Miss Debbie FM Hairbrush Spanking

Strict Women has been delivering online F/M spanking content since 1999, and their web archives are simply packed with classic images and videos, like this hairbrush spanking photo featuring the lovely and uncompromising Miss Debbie. The stern Miss Debbie has long legs, a great figure and the disciplinary will to bend a naked man over her lap and blister his bottom. … [Read more...]