Video: Spanked Male Chauvinist

Chauvinist FM Spanking

The radiant and iron-willed Miss Eleise de Lacy knows exactly how to deal with a male chauvinist. “I’m going to spank you like a child,” she declares, before introducing him to her hand, strap and cane. Click Here for free photos and video of an unenlightened oaf learning the fundamentals of female superiority. … [Read more...]

Video: Hairbrushing the Harasser

FM Spanking with a Hairbrush

A male chauvinist pig faces his worst nightmare, stripped naked and at the mercy of four hairbrush-wielding ladies — lead by ferocious man beater Kelly Payne! Since his uncle is the boss, this punk thought he could pinch and harass any female employee he wanted to. Big mistake. Now Kelly and her compatriots are going to spank, brush and cane his naked butt until he squeals … [Read more...]

Gallery: Mom Spanks Kade

Mom Spanks Kade

In this new series, Clare Fonda is back as a strict MILF correcting her young-adult son. It seems Kade hasn’t being doing his part around the house, among other offenses, and so Mama Clare decides to do something she hasn't done in years: put him over her knee for a sound spanking. Click Here for a free photo gallery from this mother/son domestic discipline scene. … [Read more...]

Engineered for F/M Spanking

Strict Lady Spanker

The long, strong and toned limbs of Miss Cassie Hunter could have been genetically engineered for administering punishment. Just imagine having one of Cassie’s athletic appendages wrapped around your waist, locking you in position, while her other arm systematically sets your bottom on fire. Visit Miss Hunter’s Spotlight Page to see the latest updates to her most excellent … [Read more...]

Spanked While They Watch

FM Spanking Witnessed

Delivering an over-the-knee spanking in front of even a single female witness is an excellent way to magnify the recipient's feelings of helplessness and shame. In this excellent photo from Women Spanking Men, the male's plight is also observed by two young girls, who are no doubt amused by his pitiful yelps and cries. Perhaps as the punishment escalates, one of … [Read more...]

Gallery: Spanked by Wife and Mistress

FM Hairbrush Spanking

When Dana Specht arrives home to find her husband Lee in bed with the lovely Sarah Gregory, she is understandably livid, as is Sarah, who learns she’s been sleeping with a married man. The two ladies decide that Lee needs punishment, so they take turns spanking, strapping and paddling his bare bottom. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a deceptive male receiving a very … [Read more...]

Video: Two Strict Nurses Spank

FM Spankings

Toby merits and receives a long, hard, over-the-knee spanking from kinky healthcare professionals Laura Lennox and Bridget Blount. Since temperature taking may be involved, the women change into their regulation nurse uniforms to administer Toby's discipline. Click Here for free photos and video from this double OTK F/M spanking scene. … [Read more...]