Gallery: Cheerleader Spanks Her Coach

Courtney Spanks Men Hard

The sleazy athletics coach has been hitting on Pom Pom girls again, so psycho cheerleader Courtney Shea decides to teach him a lesson. Putting the perv across her lap, she spanks and paddles his rump while lecturing him firmly about his abhorrent behavior.

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Miss Joanne: Hairbrush Punishment

After viewing several of her videos at Strict Women, we’ve become quite enamored with the forceful, clever, and strikingly beautiful British disciplinarian known as Miss Joanne.

This not-to-be-trifled-with lady knows how to scold and definitely knows how to apply hairbrush therapy to a quivering backside.

Miss Joanne’s considerable authority seems to flow naturally from within. Combine that with her perfectly groomed hair, the strict British accent (and the quick, biting wit) and you have a spanker that would be well worth crossing the Atlantic for.

Hot Buns from Miss Kerosene

Summoned to Miss Kerosene’s office for his weekly review, slacker Mike must account for each and every mistake he made during the workweek.

Unfortunately for Mike, there are 10 grievous blunders recorded on his list this time and his stern manager intends to punish him soundly for every one!

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