Hairbrushed in Her Bedroom

As Miss Nicole of Strict Women is smacking your buns with the flat of her hairbrush, if she should ask if you’re ready to behave, remember that the only appropriate answer is “Yes Ma’am!”

Any ill-advised smart mouthing while over her lap will only earn you a second, more severe punishment. And writhing naked on the bed underneath her belt is not a happy place to be.

Video: Spanking Her Boyfriend

After watching her boyfriend take a humiliating and painful spanking at the hands of Kelly Payne, this kinky young woman decides to get in on the action too. Taking her red-bottomed beau over her lap, she paddles his already sore hindquarters until he’s pleading and squirming.

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Gallery: Spanking Her Stepbrother

Sister Spanks Him

Alex Reynolds visits her step-brother Tai Crimson as he’s about to have a job interview. Noting the lad’s inappropriate attire, Alex puts Tai over her knee and spanks and paddles his naughty bottom. No doubt everyone in the office can hear the unmistakable sound of old-fashioned discipline being administered!

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Video: Her Ladyship’s Hairbrush

Whether she’s grooming her lustrous blonde hair or punishing a naked manservant, Mistress Eleise de Lacy finds that her black hairbrush does the job quite nicely.

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Cassie Hunter’s Spanking Brush

Vintage ebony hairbrushes are among the most feared domestic discipline implements because their wood is so dense. We asked Cassie Hunter if errant men should fear her own ebony enforcer and she replied, “Yes, because it bloody well hurts.”

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