Gallery: Young Wife Taught to Spank

FM Spanking Training

Special marriage counselor Jessica Wood teaches a young wife how to manage her husband, and cultivate marital bliss, with the time-honored practice of spanking. After watching Miss Wood’s corporal punishment techniques, the dominant bride is soon unleashing her own inner disciplinarian. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a new husband submitting to his wife’s paddle. … [Read more...]

Video: Angry School Discipline

Irene Boss Paddles Him

We are very pleased to present you with four free F/M spanking clips featuring internationally famous dominatrix Irene Boss. In U Are Caned, the Boss takes her intense style of discipline to a mock classroom, where she dispences severe discomfort while wearing sexy fishnets, 5" black heels and a black leather bikini under her dress (which is removed in the middle of the … [Read more...]

Gallery: Angry Nurse Paddles Him

Nurse Spanks

Nurse Cassie knows just how to cure her daughter’s ill-mannered boyfriend. Turning him over her lap, she subjects his bare behind to spanking, paddling and the rectal thermometer. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a no-nonsense healthcare professional who gets to the bottom of bad male behavior. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Her Naughty Little Pup

Cassie Hunter FM Spanking Game

When a young man insists on acting like an animal – slobbering, pawing and attempting to mark his territory – Cassie Hunter gives the mangy cur some much-needed obedience training. Let’s hope corporal punishment and the leash teach this doggy to behave, otherwise he might find himself getting neutered. Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Hunter’s very effective … [Read more...]

Video: Hairbrushed by Four Women

She Spanks Him with a Brush

A lazy houseboy is stripped of his clothes (and his dignity) before being summarily spanked by all four ladies of the manor. Their punishing palms are bad enough, but when his employers break out the wooden brushes, then the sluggard really starts to kick and squirm! Enjoy the free video clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of the movie. (New users can … [Read more...]

Video: Spanked Male Chauvinist

Chauvinist FM Spanking

The radiant and iron-willed Miss Eleise de Lacy knows exactly how to deal with a male chauvinist. “I’m going to spank you like a child,” she declares, before introducing him to her hand, strap and cane. Click Here for free photos and video of an unenlightened oaf learning the fundamentals of female superiority. … [Read more...]

Video: Hairbrushing the Harasser

FM Spanking with a Hairbrush

A male chauvinist pig faces his worst nightmare, stripped naked and at the mercy of four hairbrush-wielding ladies — lead by ferocious man beater Kelly Payne! Since his uncle is the boss, this punk thought he could pinch and harass any female employee he wanted to. Big mistake. Now Kelly and her compatriots are going to spank, brush and cane his naked butt until he squeals … [Read more...]