Video: No Nunsense Spankings

After misbehaving at home, a rebellious 19-year-old male is sent to a strict boarding house for young adults in need of discipline. When he decides defy the house rules, the resident Mother Superior corrects his behavior the old-fashioned way. This is one uncompromising nun who knows the meaning of the words “corporal punishment.”

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Gallery: Platinum Blonde Paddles Him

A wooden paddle is just the tool for tenderizing a male posterior. It’s even more effective when a cluster of holes is drilled in the business end.

This sexy disciplinarian spanks with her hand at first, but quickly breaks out the big gun to escalate the punishment. We’re sure the unlucky sod over her knee noticed the difference!

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Gallery: Landlady Spanks Him

If you’re constantly overdue with the rent, the uncompromising Lana of Clare Spanks Men is more than willing to extract her late fee out of your quivering hide.

Check out this Free Photo Set to see her play the strict landlady in a powder-blue suit, while one of her tenants receives a stinging penalty right where he sits.


Miss PJ’s Wooden Spoon

Miss PJ of Strict Women demonstrates why the humble wooden spoon is such a fearsome and effective tool for enforcing domestic discipline.

The spoon’s long handle provides the spanker with both leverage and reach, while the business end concentrates the force of each blow into a small amount of surface area . The disciplinarian can also choose to spank with either side of the spoon’s head, painting the offending bottom with either spots or circles, depending on her mood.

As you can see, Miss PJ’s spoon is dishing out a generous helping of marks and bruises to the poor soul over her lap. He’s no doubt very sorry that he didn’t finish his vegetables when she told him to.