October 31, 2014

Gallery: Girlfriend Taught to Spank

Lovely Brynn Tyler is so fed up with her boyfriend Patrick that she complains to Clare Fonda, his strict mother. Momma Clare suggests that what Patrick needs is a good, hard spanking.

When Patrick walks in the room, he knows he is in for it. His sexy girlfriend puts him over her knee and spanks him like a little boy.

Maybe now Patrick will study harder, aim for a better job and – as Brynn says – “man up in the bedroom!”

Click Here for a free photo gallery of these two young lovers taking their F/M DD relationship to the next level, courtesy of Clare Spanks Men.

Video: Halloween Spanking Surprise

Even after he turned 18, Michael’s parents would ask the sweet neighbor lady, Mrs. Glen, to look after him while they were away.

Michael didn’t mind at all, because Mrs. Glen would pull him across her ample lap for a spanking whenever he misbehaved. He enjoyed that activity very much and always looked forward to breaking his sitter’s rules.

On Halloween night, however, Michael pushes Mrs. Glen a bit too far and earns himself a much harder punishment than he ever received before!

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Gallery: F/M Hairbrush Discipline

Dana Kane Hairbrush Spanking

Her husband has been acting like a big baby lately, so Dana Kane decides he should be dressed as such. When he refuses to comply like a good boy, she has no choice but to bare his bottom for an old-fashioned hairbrush spanking.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of a very naughty hubby getting the brush.

Dana Kane

Biker Chick Spanks Him

We love our traditional spanking archetypes: The school mistress, the governess, the strict aunt and the powerful woman executive. But variety being the spice of life, it’s also exciting when a less straight-laced female decides to paint one’s caboose a deep shade of crimson.

Case in point: This free spirit from Hard Spanking Vixens, bearing blond hair, world class tattoos and sexy glasses — which give the impression that she’s tough, individualistic and smart enough to know all of a man’s little tricks.

We’ve said before how much we love black skirts and smooth, stockinged thighs. In this case though, we’d have to forego them for awhile and take a hard ride over a rough, denim lap.

Video: Post-Caning Spanks

Girlfriend Spanks  Him

David Weston returns to his girlfriend Nimue Allen after receiving a firm caning. He willingly lies across her lap so she can inspect his cane marks and rub lotion onto his backside. In situations like these, a playful hand spanking is obviously called for.

Click Here for a free video clip of David lifting his bottom to meet Nimue’s firm hand.

Video: F/M Loopy Caning (on Thighs)

Miss Eden’s loopy cane is bad enough when applied to a bare male bottom, but then she decides to land some extra-painful strokes on her spankee’s upper thighs – and he has to request them to boot! The poor sod kicks so much that Eden chides him for wiggling. Let’s hope he doesn’t earn extra punishment for his lack of self control.

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