August 27, 2014

Gallery: Maid for Discipline

As a smoking-hot “fantasy” maid, Audrey Tate doesn’t actually clean the client’s home. Instead she employs her trusty spanking board to encourage the slob to pick up after himself. After all, why work when you can supervise?

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Video: Spanking Her Boyfriend

After watching her boyfriend take a humiliating and painful spanking at the hands of Kelly Payne, this kinky young woman decides to get in on the action too. Taking her red-bottomed beau over her lap, she paddles his already sore hindquarters until he’s pleading and squirming.

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Spanking Time with D and J

Not many guys can say they’ve received a tag-team spanking from Lady D and Miss J, especially outside of the Women Spanking Men studio.

In this photo, the two CP superstars tan some male hide while attending a Shadow Lane national spanking event. (We hope the buck-naked recipient of their attention was suitably grateful.)

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Gallery: Double PVC Spanking

Forgoing traditional garb, Miss Lina and Miss Nikki shimmy into shiny, form-fitting bodysuits for a tag-team discipline session.

We don’t know what crime the unclad male committed, but we hope he’s suitably grateful about being punished by these vinyl-clad bombshells.

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Gallery: Strong Arm of the Law

Miss Chris is a heavy-handed policewoman who knows that old-fashioned corporal punishment works wonders on young punks like Kade.

Applying her hairbrush firmly to his bare backside, she makes the little hooligan moan, whine and ultimately promise to turn his life around.

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Video: Painful Price of Rebellion

Tom makes an unbelievably risky move, catching dominant Snow Mercy in an unguarded moment and spanking her lovely bottom.

Alas, his triumph is all too brief. Soon Tom finds himself bare-assed over Miss Mercy’s lap, paying dearly for his inexcusable breach of protocol.

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