November 22, 2014

The Agony of the Ebony

Cassie Hunter Ebony Hairbrush Spanking

Looking elegant as always, the fierce and lovely Cassie Hunter introduces another ill-prepared male to the flat of her ebony hairbrush.

As the unfortunate recipient of her wrath is no doubt discovering, Miss Hunter’s brush is extremely dense and heavy, allowing her to rain deep, penetrating blows down upon his naked backside. The soreness from this spanking will persist long after his bruises have faded.

Visit Cassie’s Weekly Updates page to enjoy more corporal punishment photos, courtesy of her website Captured by the Hunteress.

Gallery: F/M Retro Spanking

When an adult male gets too big for his britches, Miss Lina cuts him down to size with a little trip down memory lane – and over her lap. Just like Mom used to do it!

Dressed like a retro-housewife from the 1950s, Lina gives her ward a good smacking with the flat of her sandal, before moving on to more painful implements.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of the old-fashioned domestic discipline.

Gallery: F/M Spanking Therapy

Nurse Lina demonstrates how to adjust a male’s attitude through vigorous percussion therapy. This holistic technique dramatically increases circulation in the patient’s lower hemispheres, which somehow makes him much more polite and cooperative.

If hand slaps don’t achieve the desired result, this treatment can be escalated with either a slipper or the hospital’s leather punishment strap.

Click Here for a free gallery of Nurse Lina’s cure for male crankiness, courtesy of Vixen Ladies.

Gallery: Peeping Nephew Spanked

Aunt Spanks Him

Strict aunt Dana Kane catches her nephew peeking while she’s changing clothes. Her heavy wooden hairbrush teaches the young man that it’s very naughty to spy on Auntie. For added humiliation, the lad receives his punishment totally naked.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of a very stern lady spanking her curious nephew.

Dana Kane

Video: No Nunsense Spankings

After misbehaving at home, a rebellious 19-year-old male is sent to a strict boarding house for young adults in need of discipline. When he decides defy the house rules, the resident Mother Superior corrects his behavior the old-fashioned way. This is one uncompromising nun who knows the meaning of the words “corporal punishment.”

Enjoy the free preview clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of this F/M spanking movie. (New users can enjoy 20 free minutes of online viewing.)

Gallery: Audrey Knight Is Displeased

Clare Spanks Men presents a Free Photo Gallery featuring the beautiful and strict Audrey Knight — another example of a true switch who takes a heck of a spanking when she’s bottoming and then becomes a legendary disciplinarian when she’s on the other side of the paddle.

The photo set has some very nice portraits of an irritated Miss Audrey, as well as shots of her reddening an unfortunate fellow’s backside with both her seasoned hand and a hairbrush-shaped wooden paddle. (We bet that gets his attention.)

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