Video: Turning the Other Cheek

Sick of her husband’s road rage, a dominant wife invites three of her girlfriends over to teach the lout a lesson in anger management.

After being stripped naked and spanked by all four ladies, in a variety of positions, the humbled hubby promises to behave better in public.

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Dana’s Hairbrush Punishments

A typical CP session with Dana Specht might begin with a brisk spanking from her seasoned hand, followed by smacks with a leather paddle and so forth, gradually building up to some of her more severe implements, like the legendary Nu-West hairbrush you see here.

The slow escalation of the spanking allows blood to flow to the buttocks, creating a cushion of fluid between the skin and the nerve endings beneath, and also allows the body’s own endorphins to reduce the actual pain experienced by the recipient.

The spanking still hurts, but it’s kept within the spankee’s level of tolerance — though that might be tested from time to time.

A punishment spanking is a different matter, though. There is no compassionate warm up, just a hard hairbrush — or some other unforgiving implement — expertly applied to cold, naked skin.

This bare-bottomed young man is about to get a hot seat he’ll never forget!

Dana Specht Spanks

F/M Spanking Duo

Candi and Morgan are two fresh-faced Strict Women who view spanking as a team endeavor. One girl enthusiastically assaults the male buttocks with a traditional lateral attack while the other assists with vertical slaps from the 6 o’clock position.

The coordinated punishment not only disorients the spankee, it also greatly magnifies his feelings of exposure and vulnerability. Plus he receives twice the number of slaps he’d get in a standard spanking — with greater than normal attention payed to the tender flesh of his gluteus minimus.

Miss Dana’s OTK Spencer Paddle

Anyone who’s seen the videos of Dana Specht applying her short Spencer paddle to an unprotected backside, or who has personally been on the receiving end of that fearsome implement, knows just how efficient it is at turning the most defiant scamp into a kicking, yelping supplicant.

Spencer paddles are rightly feared because of their devilish engineering. Thanks to several strategically placed holes, which decrease air resistance as the implement travels to its waiting target, each dreadful smack of the Spencer paddle feels like a burning ember.

And when Dana believes someone has been especially naughty, those smacks fall fast and hard.

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Dana Specht Spanks

F/M Spanking in 2051

Welcome to the year 2051, where England is ruled by a powerful matriarchy and ill-behaved males are incarcerated within very special correctional facilities.

Based upon the principles of female superiority and domestic discipline, these institutes use time-honored methods to turn rambunctious men into responsible, obedient citizens.

Take the extensive free tour at the Institute of Feminine Discipline for a large collection of F/M spanking photos and video clips.