Gallery: Mother Still Spanks Him

We’re pleased to update this earlier post with a link to a free spanking gallery.

Mother/son spanking is alive and well at Clare Fonda’s house, where Patrick learns that if he cannot act like a man, then Mama will discipline him like a little boy. And that means bare-bottom, over-the-knee corporal punishment!

Take the free tour at Clare Spanks Men for more preview photos of naughty males getting it in the end.

Four Women Spank Him

Candi and her friends at Strict Women consider spanking to be a full-contact team sport. They’ve pounced on this sorry male like a pack of she-lions sharing a gimpy gazelle.

With smiling faces they smack him on the gluteus minumus, on his bucking thighs and even on his upper back. No wonder this blotchy fellow is red faced and gripping the chair. Apparently his four-on-one fantasy is a bit more intense than he originally imagined.

Naked Hairbrush Punishment

Strict Women has been delivering online F/M spanking content since 1999, and their web archives are simply packed with classic images and videos, like this hairbrush spanking photo featuring the lovely and uncompromising Miss Debbie.

The stern Miss Debbie has long legs, a great figure and the disciplinary will to bend a naked man over her lap and blister his bottom.

Spanked OTK by Miss J

The face, the figure, the glorious hair and a hardwired understanding of the corporal punishment fetish make Miss J of Women Spanking Men one of the most revered disciplinarians in the F/M spanking scene.

As Miss J explains in her biography, “Most men fantasize about receiving a hard disciplinary punishment but aren’t quite prepared for what it involves. A true punishment spanking is exactly like what young boys and teens received. It is a tremendous amount of pain applied in a manner that is beyond their limits in order to teach them a proper lesson.”

Visit the Free Pictures section at Women Spanking Men to see this cultural treasure making grown men cry, for real.