March 28, 2015

Her Cure for a Dirty Mouth

Disciplinarian Dana Specht often uses a proven two-prong approach for dealing with foul language.

First the naughty male is forced to open wide while his offending orifice is scrubbed with Ivory soap.

Then Dana upends the miscreant and applies the heavy bath brush hard to his naked seat, until he’s kicking, bawling and promising to never, ever use profanity in her presence, or anywhere else!

The combination of a soapy mouth and a paddled rear is amazingly effective at driving the message home from both ends.

Dirty Mouth?

Miss Jessica marches a foul-mouthed husband into the kitchen, bends him over the counter and peppers his bottom good with her trusty wooden spoon.

Then to ensure the lout never swears again, she pulls him to the sink for a thorough mouth soaping — even using a brush to scrub away the profanity!

Visit the free samples in Miss Jessica’s Member’s Site for more photos from her weekly updates, as well as several complimentary video clips featuring this zealous proponent of polite language.

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