Video: Miss Zoe Disciplines Him

The foolish gardener thought he could get away with peeping through the window as his stunning and dominant employer, Miss Zoe, adjusts her stockings. No chance! Dragging him by his ear into the living room, Miss Zoe thoroughly humiliates her hapless subordinate with a hard over-the-knee spanking, as well as other punishments.

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Gallery: Bad Performance Review

In Miss Tara’s sales office, under-performing males employees aren’t just “dressed down,” they are summarily stripped and spanked.

Take this lackluster sales associate. First Miss Tara orders him to shed his clothes, leaving his trousers and underpants down around his ankles to restrain any needless kicking. Then she takes the slouch over her knee for a humiliating hand spanking, reminding him exactly who’s in charge.

To ensure he’s sufficiently motivated to improve his pathetic sales numbers, Miss Tara makes her underling kneel on an office chair to receive her leather paddle. For the coup de grace, her naked subordinate must grovel on the floor while she gives him the board.

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Gallery: Domestic Obedience

In the domestic-discipline household, the male demonstrates his adherence to the agreed-upon power structure by exposing his bottom on command and positioning it as his lady sees fit – with a minimum of complaint or delay.

Of course this exercise is somewhat easier for the male when he’s facing just a hand spanking. The next test of obedience comes when his disciplinarian tells him to fetch something a bit harsher, like her dragon cane or ebony hairbrush.

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Gallery: Landlady Spanks Him

If you’re constantly overdue with the rent, the uncompromising Lana of Clare Spanks Men is more than willing to extract her late fee out of your quivering hide.

Check out this Free Photo Set to see her play the strict landlady in a powder-blue suit, while one of her tenants receives a stinging penalty right where he sits.