F/M Spanking Duo

Candi and Morgan are two fresh-faced Strict Women who view spanking as a team endeavor. One girl enthusiastically assaults the male buttocks with a traditional lateral attack while the other assists with vertical slaps from the 6 o’clock position.

The coordinated punishment not only disorients the spankee, it also greatly magnifies his feelings of exposure and vulnerability. Plus he receives twice the number of slaps he’d get in a standard spanking — with greater than normal attention payed to the tender flesh of his gluteus minimus.

Gallery: Domestic Obedience

In the domestic-discipline household, the male demonstrates his adherence to the agreed-upon power structure by exposing his bottom on command and positioning it as his lady sees fit – with a minimum of complaint or delay.

Of course this exercise is somewhat easier for the male when he’s facing just a hand spanking. The next test of obedience comes when his disciplinarian tells him to fetch something a bit harsher, like her dragon cane or ebony hairbrush.

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Gallery: Landlady Spanks Him

If you’re constantly overdue with the rent, the uncompromising Lana of Clare Spanks Men is more than willing to extract her late fee out of your quivering hide.

Check out this Free Photo Set to see her play the strict landlady in a powder-blue suit, while one of her tenants receives a stinging penalty right where he sits.


Gallery: Mother Still Spanks Him

We’re pleased to update this earlier post with a link to a free spanking gallery.

Mother/son spanking is alive and well at Clare Fonda’s house, where Patrick learns that if he cannot act like a man, then Mama will discipline him like a little boy. And that means bare-bottom, over-the-knee corporal punishment!

Take the free tour at Clare Spanks Men for more preview photos of naughty males getting it in the end.

Four Women Spank Him

Candi and her friends at Strict Women consider spanking to be a full-contact team sport. They’ve pounced on this sorry male like a pack of she-lions sharing a gimpy gazelle.

With smiling faces they smack him on the gluteus minumus, on his bucking thighs and even on his upper back. No wonder this blotchy fellow is red faced and gripping the chair. Apparently his four-on-one fantasy is a bit more intense than he originally imagined.