April 19, 2014

Cassie Hunter’s Spanking Brush

Vintage ebony hairbrushes are among the most feared domestic discipline implements because their wood is so dense. We asked Cassie Hunter if errant men should fear her own ebony enforcer and she replied, “Yes, because it bloody well hurts.”

Click Here to read our full interview with Miss Hunter or Click Here to peruse the weekly updates on her most excellent website.

Miss Warner’s Wooden Hairbrush

Detention, writing lines, the dunce cap, loss of privileges and other non-physical forms of classroom discipline may be fine for teachers with soft hearts or weak wills.

However, Miss Warner of the St. Brackmere School believes there is simply no substitute for firm and frequent corporal punishment when it comes to dealing with unruly young men.

Act up in her class or forget your homework and you can expect your regulation school shorts and underpants to be shucked down to your ankles, so your boyish bottom may be properly introduced to Miss Warner’s wooden hairbrush.

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Training Her Loser Boyfriend

The brassy, busty Audrey Tate spanks her new beau with a wooden spatula, her hairbrush and a thick, dense rosewood paddle – administering a cumulative total of 500 swats!

“You know you deserve this,” Audrey reminds him during the beating. “If you want to be with me, and get these titties and this ass, then you’ll take your spankings. And you should thank me for them.”

Take the free tour at Clare Spanks Men for more photos of gorgeous, hard-hitting disciplinarians.

Putting Her Arm Into It

As Miss Joanne of Strict Women demonstrates, the traditional straight-backed chair allows for an excellent range of motion when applying her wooden hairbrush to a bare-bottomed male.

Not content with merely peppering his backside by flicking her wrist, Miss Joanne prefers to put her entire arm and shoulder into the blows, making this bad boy’s trip over her fishnet stockings… We’ll let’s just call it memorable.

Gallery: Severe Hairbrush Spanking

Insolent male creatures who dare to sass Cassie Hunter can expect to be spanked purple with one or more of her heavy hairbrushes. As she explains in her F/M Spanking World interview: “I’m not a fan of pat-a-cake spankings. To me, a spanking should be thorough!”

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Hunter administering relentless over-the-knee punishment.

Selina Spanks a Wanker

As a Spanking Center Archon and fourth in command at the Board of Corrective Women, Miss Selina Rothchild is not a woman to be trifled with.

So when she finds a male creature lounging in Grand Overseer Miss Amy’s bed, engaged in unauthorized self amusement, she puts a hairbrush to the poor bastard until he’s close to blubbering.

Take free tour at the Institute of Feminine Discipline to view a large collection of F/M spanking photos and video clips. Just remember that the ladies in charge have zero tolerance for unapproved wanking.

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