Video: Her Ladyship’s Hairbrush

Whether she’s grooming her lustrous blonde hair or punishing a naked manservant, Mistress Eleise de Lacy finds that her black hairbrush does the job quite nicely.

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Cassie Hunter’s Spanking Brush

Vintage ebony hairbrushes are among the most feared domestic discipline implements because their wood is so dense. We asked Cassie Hunter if errant men should fear her own ebony enforcer and she replied, “Yes, because it bloody well hurts.”

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Video: F/M Spanking by Proxy

Sweethearts Pandora and Jimmy are in detention again for canoodling at school. Since normal punishments have failed, their frustrated teacher tries a little aversion therapy, making the young lovers spank each other.

Jimmy and Pandora can’t bear to hurt one another — but it’s the only way to save themselves from worse suffering at the hands of their teacher. It’s a horrible dilemma, but totally hot!

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Dressed for Hairbrush Discipline

Miss Lina of Lina’s House of Discipline sets the tone for a structured and formal spanking session by donning a white blouse, black jacket and polished, high black boots. She also tortures the poor male psychologically by undoing a few buttons — letting him catch a glimpse of what he cannot have.

Or perhaps she is being merciful, presuming that hint of cleavage will give him something pleasant to focus on as her seasoned palm and wooden hairbrush bite into his naked cheeks.