Video: Heavy Brush Spanking

Erika Kole plays a no-nonsense exotic dancer who’s not taking any disrespect from the club’s sleazy manager. When the lout tries to hit on her, Erkia puts him over her knee for a spanking. Then she calls the club owner, Kelly Payne, who beats the humiliated, red-bottomed manager even harder.

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Executive’s Strict Daughter

The stunning and cruel Miss Zoe makes another guest appearance at Strict Women as the strong-willed daughter of a successful businessman.

When Daddy takes a sick day, Zoe charges down to his company, seizes the reins and proceeds to whip any under-performing workers into shape.

As you can see, this princess of industry has a very traditional attitude toward employee discipline.

Hairbrush Spanking from Miss Hunter

We’re pleased to present this stunning photo from Captured by the Huntress, an elegant website showcasing Miss Cassie Hunter’s special brand of corporal punishment and femdom content.

If you’ve watched any of Miss Hunter’s caning or spanking videos, then you know she is a virtuoso when administering male butt pain. Her mere gaze can make even hardened men weak in the knees.

Selina Spanks a Wanker

As a Spanking Center Archon and fourth in command at the Board of Corrective Women, Miss Selina Rothchild is not a woman to be trifled with.

So when she finds a male creature lounging in Grand Overseer Miss Amy’s bed, engaged in unauthorized self amusement, she puts a hairbrush to the poor bastard until he’s close to blubbering.

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