Gallery: F/M Spanker for Hire

In this amazing free photo gallery, the fierce and lovely Audrey Knight plays a “spanking mercenary hired to take care of family freeloader Tom Byron with her hand, hairbrush, strap and sexy little accent.”

Miss Knight is another example of how Switches often make the strictest Tops. Maybe it’s because Switches fully understand the Bottom’s need to relinquish control. Maybe it’s because Switches have been on the receiving end of most implements, so they’re confident in spanking hard without fearing that it’s too hard.

Or maybe it’s just because Switches are familiar with all the tricks and crocodile tears Bottoms use to minimize punishment — and they’re not swayed by any of them.

Double Hairbrush Spanking Trouble

Women Spanking Men has re-mastered their classic video and photo shoot accurately entitled A Spanked Ass. As you can see, the unfortunate CP recipient finds himself cornered before the hairbrushes of bothMiss J and Lady D — two of the hardest man spankers around.

Visit the free Updates section at Women Spanking Men for other detailed and colorful images of the studio’s hard-hitting ladies making their marks on defenseless male bottoms.

Gallery: Vintage Hairbrush Spanking

Dana Kane Hairbrush Spanking

“I just wanted to give him a romantic spanking, but he keeps resisting – kicking his feet and squirming in my lap,” Dana Kane says. “He just won’t hold still and take what’s good for him.”

Dana quells the defiance using her vintage resin hairbrush, while intermittently tickling his butt, back, and legs with the brush bristles.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this sexy and firm domestic discipline scene.

Dana Kane

Video: Miss Strictland Punishes Men

Professional disciplinarian Miss Strictland has a fearsome reputation when it comes to raining punishment down upon bare male bottoms. Many a poor lad has mournfully bent over her spanking bench to feel the wrath of her tawse and cane. And when OTK chastisement is called for, Miss Strictland wields her hairbrush with grim conviction, as is demonstrated here.

Enjoy the free preview clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of this F/M spanking movie. (New users can enjoy 10 free minutes of online viewing.)

Miss Jessica’s Heavy Hairbrush

Miss Jessica has two hairbrushes that she frequently uses for tanning bare male butts: A small, mean red brush and a larger one with an evil grooved surface.

“I’ve had that second brush for years and it’s been in several videos,” Miss Jessica tells us. “It’s really quite vicious. It stings tremendously and if someone has been very naughty, it can leave dark, purple bruises. Especially if I deliver a fast burst of rapid spanks!”

Visit Miss Jessica’s website for more photos of this strict disciplinarian brandishing her hairbrushes, straps, paddles, canes and many other implements of male correction.