Positioned for Her Hairbrush

His Naked FM Spanking

"Stand on the box and place your palms on the wall." Lina of Lina's House of Discipline demonstrates a unique spanking position that elevates the victim's bare backside up to chest level, while it uses his own body weight to keep his hands pressed flat and out of the way. Now Lina's free to whale away at his unprotected cheeks. And since dancing in place or shielding his … [Read more...]

Selina Spanks a Wanker

Miss Selina FM Spanking

As a Spanking Center Archon and fourth in command at the Board of Corrective Women, Miss Selina Rothchild is not a woman to be trifled with. So when she finds a male creature lounging in Grand Overseer Miss Amy’s bed, engaged in unauthorized self amusement, she puts a hairbrush to the poor bastard until he’s close to blubbering. Take free tour at the Institute of Feminine … [Read more...]

Video: Sadistic Nurse Spanks Him

Nurse Spanks

Nurse Talia relishes the opportunity to give David a good beating with the hairbrush and then tease him by stripping down to her underwear. Bottom exposed for intimate inspection, David cowers from his humiliating treatment. Click Here for free photos and video from this edgy F/M spanking fantasy. … [Read more...]

Video: F/M Hairbrush Spankings

More FM Hairbrush Spankings 2

We’ve hand-picked several of our favorite original hairbrush spanking scenes and compiled them into two hard-hitting videos, which both available at our new Clips Store. Each five-minute video is packed with wall-to-wall hairbrushings for all you traditional domestic discipline fans. Click Here for the free video preview or visit our store to see all the previews from … [Read more...]

Gallery: His Pleading Won’t Help

FM Spanking Nude

Once the male’s clothes are gone and the long-handled bath brush is in Miss Lina’s able hand, it’s a little late to babble out apologies and entreaties. No matter what he says, that heavy brush his going to rain furiously upon his bottom. (Like fire from heaven.) Click Here for a free photo gallery showing Miss Lina pulling down the sorry male’s pants for an OTK hand … [Read more...]

Gallery: F/M Hairbrush Discipline

Dana Kane Spanking

Her husband has been acting like a big baby lately, so Dana Kane decides he should be dressed as such. When he refuses to comply like a good boy, she has no choice but to bare his bottom for an old-fashioned hairbrush spanking. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a very naughty hubby getting the brush. … [Read more...]

Video: Her Ladyship’s Hairbrush

Spanking Her Manservant

Whether she’s grooming her lustrous blonde hair or punishing a naked manservant, Mistress Eleise de Lacy finds that her black hairbrush does the job quite nicely. Click Here for a free photos and video of this dominant lady spanking her attendant’s bare backside, as well as using his face for a chair seat. … [Read more...]