Video: F/M Spanking by Proxy

Sweethearts Pandora and Jimmy are in detention again for canoodling at school. Since normal punishments have failed, their frustrated teacher tries a little aversion therapy, making the young lovers spank each other.

Jimmy and Pandora can’t bear to hurt one another — but it’s the only way to save themselves from worse suffering at the hands of their teacher. It’s a horrible dilemma, but totally hot!

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Dressed for Hairbrush Discipline

Miss Lina of Lina’s House of Discipline sets the tone for a structured and formal spanking session by donning a white blouse, black jacket and polished, high black boots. She also tortures the poor male psychologically by undoing a few buttons — letting him catch a glimpse of what he cannot have.

Or perhaps she is being merciful, presuming that hint of cleavage will give him something pleasant to focus on as her seasoned palm and wooden hairbrush bite into his naked cheeks.

Gallery: Billy’s Hairbrush Spanking

Femdom Hairbrush Spanking

Insolent houseboy Billy gets his face slapped by Eve’s beautiful new housemaid for being fresh. When Stevie reports the incident, Eve conducts a spanking tutorial wherein both ladies spank the impertinence out of the cheeky lad. Billy feels every swat keenly and yells his head off in distress from beginning to end.

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Shadow Lane

Gallery: Spanking Therapy

We don’t know if her duties include spanking aftercare, but Nurse Brandi is certainly practiced in the art of administering red-bottom therapy. Side effects of this controversial treatment may include pillow biting, restless legs, watery eyes and a persistent burning sensation in the sit spot.

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Miss Joanne: Hairbrush Punishment

After viewing several of her videos at Strict Women, we’ve become quite enamored with the forceful, clever, and strikingly beautiful British disciplinarian known as Miss Joanne.

This not-to-be-trifled-with lady knows how to scold and definitely knows how to apply hairbrush therapy to a quivering backside.

Miss Joanne’s considerable authority seems to flow naturally from within. Combine that with her perfectly groomed hair, the strict British accent (and the quick, biting wit) and you have a spanker that would be well worth crossing the Atlantic for.