September 1, 2014

Gallery: Schoolgirl’s CP Vengeance

To paraphrase Shakespeare, Miss Cherry of Vixen Ladies may be small, but she is fierce.

Here she plays a rebellious student with a hairbrush, taking public revenge on what might be a grabby teacher or a neighborhood perv.

Click Here for more free photos of this sadistic, ruby-haired pixie lighting up a wide male bottom with brush, paddle and strap.

Gallery: Disciplinarian Within?

The glamour aficionados at Body in Mind claim that Playboy cover girl and Naked News anchor Rachelle Wilde is simply brushing her hair in this fabulous photo set. We’re not buying it though.

Is it a mere coincidence that Rachelle is seated in a straight-back chair, holding a hairbrush, with a rather predatory expression on her face? Whether it’s intentional or not, we think we’re getting a glimpse of Miss Wilde’s dominant side.

Click Here to view her free photo gallery and draw your own conclusions. Or see much more of Rachelle at our sister site, Spankable Babes.

Gallery: Strong Arm of the Law

Miss Chris is a heavy-handed policewoman who knows that old-fashioned corporal punishment works wonders on young punks like Kade.

Applying her hairbrush firmly to his bare backside, she makes the little hooligan moan, whine and ultimately promise to turn his life around.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Officer Chris taking names and busting ass.

Miss Joanne: Hairbrush Punishment

After viewing several of her videos at Strict Women, we’ve become quite enamored with the forceful, clever, and strikingly beautiful British disciplinarian known as Miss Joanne.

This not-to-be-trifled-with lady knows how to scold and definitely knows how to apply hairbrush therapy to a quivering backside.

Miss Joanne’s considerable authority seems to flow naturally from within. Combine that with her perfectly groomed hair, the strict British accent (and the quick, biting wit) and you have a spanker that would be well worth crossing the Atlantic for.

Gallery: Bad Lad Spanked in Class

Kade gets a mega-dose of pain and humiliation at school when Miss Fonda pulls down his pants and spanks him — right in front of the female students!

Then Principal Lana gets in on the action, paddling Kade over the desk before taking him across her lap for a good blistering with her hairbrush.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Kade’s severe school punishment.

Gallery: His Very Strict Tutor

Concerned that her son might not pass his graduate exam, Kade’s mom hires a dominant lady tutor to help improve his study habits.

Kade may think he’s too cool for school, but Snow Mercy quickly breaks his bad-boy attitude, using her strong hand and hard, wooden hairbrush.

Click Here for the free photo gallery of Kade’s private instruction, courtesy of Clare Spanks Men.

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