Brush Spanking His Wet Bottom

Miss Michelle of Vixen Ladies seems quite determined to make an impression here, applying her long-handled wooden bath brush to a poor fellow’s wet bottom.

(It looks like she has plenty of room to swing, too.)

Being confined to the tub doesn’t give the male recipient much wiggle room, but at least he can dip his swollen cheeks in the water after Miss Michelle is through tenderizing them.

Old-Fashioned Hairbrush Spanking

It doesn’t get much more traditional than this. A misbehaving scamp is scolded, stripped naked and bent over his disciplinarian’s soft, stockinged lap for a harsh lesson under her hairbrush. (If it wasn’t so excruciatingly painful and humiliating, the experience would almost be sensual.)

Few ladies perform this time-honored ceremony with the same level of skill and grace as Miss Lina of Lina’s House of Discipline. Plus Miss Lina’s Swedish accent seems to give her an extra level of authority when ordering a male to lower his pants and assume the position.

Perhaps she’s channeling her inner Viking.

Gallery: Strict Swedish Discipline

We’ve posted individual stills from this elegant domestic spanking scene before, but today we’re pleased to present the entire sample gallery, courtesy of Lina’s House of Discipline.

From the lighting, to the composition, to Miss Lina’s filmy, fluttery blouse and skirt, this is a stylized CP session that should both please spankos and voyeurs alike.

Click Here to see the lovely Miss Lina take this bare-bottomed young fellow over her lap for a good hand spanking, before bending him forward for further punishment from her leather strap and wooden bath brush. (Lucky sod.)

Dana’s Real Discipline Q&A

As a world-renowned professional disciplinarian, Dana Specht assists clients who wish to act out their deepest spanking fantasies, as well as those who see corporal punishment as an effective way of dealing with real-life issues.

We recently asked Dana to explain the difference between a fantasy spanking scene and a real punishment session. Here’s what she told us.

When a male client asks to be disciplined for a real-life offense, how does this differ from your typical spanking sessions?

First of all, I want to know if he is sincere and truly sorry for his behavior. Once I establish that he is committed to wanting to change, then I tell him my rules. I inform him that I take my job seriously and that I intend to administer punishment for his past misdeeds.

I let him know that when he is over my knee getting spanked that I will extract a promise from him that he will do better and not make me repeat what I’m doing to him today. I look at his behavior and offences the same way a mother would react to an errant child. I am serious. I want what’s best for him and I intend to make him a better man.

After the spanking is over, I tell him that I expect him to check in with me on a weekly basis so I can monitor his behavior. I remind him that I take my role as a disciplinarian seriously and if he has fallen behind or is not meeting my behavior requirements, I will summon him to see me again.

My “typical spanking sessions” are usually pretend scenarios where the client wants to regress to being a young boy again. A scenario where he got in trouble at school, with the babysitter, the next-door neighbor, or whoever, and he’s going to get spanked by Miss Specht.

I love all these roles and when I do these scenes, I think back to the days when I was dealing with my own young lads. Of course they didn’t get smacked like my clients or with any of the implements I have in my spanking room, but they did feel the palm of my hand many times.

How do you determine the proper penalty for the client’s misbehavior?

I ask what he’s looking for in the session in regards to implements, severity, and experience with other Doms. This gives me the basis for how the session will unfold.

Many times, a client will bite off more than he can chew when he sends me an email or we chat on the phone, and he’s telling me to use whatever I have and not hold back no matter how hard he protests.

But in the real flesh, when strap or wood lands on his bare bottom, reality is often a lot more painful and unbearable than his fantasies. So I make the decisions as I go along as to how hard, how long, and what implements he’s ready for by watching his body language and monitoring his skin tone.

If I’m dealing with a heavy player, and I usually know this after the first few minutes over my knee, then I bring out my full arsenal right down to my canes and give him all I’ve got.

What physical or emotional cues tell you that the punishment has been effective?

I don’t like to cut the skin or leave black and blue bruises. Sometimes this happens and it occurs with men who have been playing for a long time. Their bottoms have been beaten and battered so much that the skin breaks and/or bruises easily. I watch for this and avoid the areas on the cheeks that look like they might have been over-spanked.

I do like to create an overall red bottom and sometimes I can achieve this with just a hand spanking, depending on skin tone. But red and hot doesn’t mean my spankings have been effective.

I like it when a naughty boy gives up and I know when he’s reached his peak when I feel his body slump and relax and not struggle any more. The fight is out of him and I have won. His punishment is now over.

Is there an example of a punishment session where a naughty male really learned his lesson — and changed his behavior — that stands out in your mind?

My naughty boy Bill comes to mind for this question. He came to me for a weight problem and asked for my help. I told him, like I tell the rest of my heavy boys who need my help in losing weight, that I take my role as a disciplinarian seriously and you will not break your promise to me. If you do, I will dismiss you and you are on your own.

Well, Bill did as he was told and successfully lost his excess weight! He came to see me once a month and in the interim sent me weekly reports on his diet and exercise program, which I analyzed to determined his punishment. If he met my expectations, he got a maintenance spanking, which was just as hard as a punishment spanking only without the harsh scolding. If he slipped or cheated, he got punished severely.

After several months of seeing me, he met his weight-loss goal and to this day he is still fit and trim and feels 100 percent better. His blood pressure went down and his doctor is amazed at what he’s accomplished.

He emails me from time to time and lets me know he’s still thin and trim and feeling great. It makes me feel wonderful when I can help someone improve the quality of their life. And I did this by turning them over my knee and spanking them. Imagine that.

Dana Specht Spanks

Video: Turning the Other Cheek

Sick of her husband’s road rage, a dominant wife invites three of her girlfriends over to teach the lout a lesson in anger management.

After being stripped naked and spanked by all four ladies, in a variety of positions, the humbled hubby promises to behave better in public.

Enjoy the free video clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of the movie. (New users can enjoy 20 free minutes of online viewing.)