Miss Jessica Wood in Blue

Jessica Wood Spanks Men

“A naughty little scamp deserves to go over my knee and have his bottom smacked with a hairbrush,” proclaims professional disciplinarian and web mistress Jessica Wood. Visit Miss Wood’s free Video Preview page to watch her administer a traditional OTK spanking, and then team up with another gorgeous disciplinarian to give an adult schoolboy a double dose of the cane. … [Read more...]

Video: Hairbrushed by Four Women

She Spanks Him with a Brush

A lazy houseboy is stripped of his clothes (and his dignity) before being summarily spanked by all four ladies of the manor. Their punishing palms are bad enough, but when his employers break out the wooden brushes, then the sluggard really starts to kick and squirm! Enjoy the free video clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of the movie. (New users can … [Read more...]

Garters, Pearls and a Hairbrush

Dressed for Spanking Him

For generations, household matriarchs have summoned naughty young men to the bedroom for traditional domestic discipline. Since such punishment is usually a family affair and can occur at any time of day, the lady’s attire may vary widely, from office clothes, to casual garments, to sleepwear. Here Dana Specht appears to be in the midst of dressing for an evening out. But … [Read more...]

Gallery: Computer Nerd Spanked

FM Spanking

Clare uses the flat of her hand and a wooden hairbrush to discipline a rude computer tech. Squirming over her lap with his pants down and his bottom on fire, the young man learns a memorable lesson about customer service. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a strict woman administering OTK punishment. … [Read more...]

Video: Hairbrushed on Butt and Thighs

Femdom Spanking Butt and Thighs

A male escort is thrilled to discover that his client is a painfully beautiful French-Canadian businesswoman. Unfortunately, she’s not paying him for sex. She intends to beat his rear end with a variety of paddles and switches. “This is a hairbrush,” Miss Mallory informs him during an all-too-brief break in the action. “I love the sound of it on a raw bottom, such as yours. … [Read more...]

Dana’s Real Discipline Q&A

Dana Specht Real FM Discipline

As a world-renowned professional disciplinarian, Dana Specht assists clients who wish to act out their deepest spanking fantasies, as well as those who see corporal punishment as an effective way of dealing with real-life issues. We recently asked Dana to explain the difference between a fantasy spanking scene and a real punishment session. Here's what she told us. When a … [Read more...]

Warm, Wet F/M Spanking

Miss Debbie FM Spanking

If you should be fortunate enough to find yourself in a whirlpool spa with Strict Women's buxom Miss Debbie, remember to mind your manners and keep your hands to yourself. Unwanted advances are dealt with harshly, and you may find yourself draped over the lip of the tub with your trunks down around your knees. Even under normal spanking conditions, Miss Debbie's plastic … [Read more...]