Gallery: She Spanks Him Crimson

FM Spanking Red Buns

Ouch! You can almost feel the heat radiating from those well-roasted man cheeks. A lady’s hairbrush may be compact, but it still does a superb job of inflicting pain right where it does the most good. Click Here for the free F/M spanking photo gallery. … [Read more...]

Video: Under Pandora’s Hairbrush

Pandora Blake Spanks Him

When Sebastian arrives home and Pandora Blake smells smoke on his breath, it’s obvious he's broken their discipline agreement. That means the lad is in for a relentless hairbrush spanking over Pandora’s knee – one which will leave him kicking and struggling from the pain. Click Here for free photos and video of the no-nonsense F/M domestic discipline. … [Read more...]

Naked Hairbrush Punishment

Miss Debbie FM Hairbrush Spanking

Strict Women has been delivering online F/M spanking content since 1999, and their web archives are simply packed with classic images and videos, like this hairbrush spanking photo featuring the lovely and uncompromising Miss Debbie. The stern Miss Debbie has long legs, a great figure and the disciplinary will to bend a naked man over her lap and blister his bottom. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Vintage Hairbrush Spanking

Dana Kane Spanking

“I just wanted to give him a romantic spanking, but he keeps resisting - kicking his feet and squirming in my lap,” Dana Kane says. “He just won't hold still and take what's good for him.” Dana quells the defiance using her vintage resin hairbrush, while intermittently tickling his butt, back, and legs with the brush bristles. Click Here for a free photo gallery of this … [Read more...]

Video: Miss Gemini’s Hairbrush

Miss Gemini FM Spanking

“A good, sound spanking never hurt anyone,” Miss Gemini says, as she paddles a male library patron who failed to return several books on corporal punishment. But that’s not all this strict British librarian has planned for him. Soon he’ll be bent over for a good strapping on the bare and a dose of her whippy, biting cane. Enjoy the free video clip above and then Click … [Read more...]

Spanked Bare by Betty and Jade

Jade Spanks Him OTK

After Betty Blaze finishes spanking Dennis over her lap, Jade takes a turn and gives the naughty boy a taste of her wooden hairbrush. (That’s certainly going to leave a mark or two.) Visit the free Updates area at Women Spanking Men for more photos of Betty, Jade and many other discipline-minded ladies. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Spanking His Tender Welts

Jessica FM Spanking

What’s more painful than a bare-bottom hairbrush spanking? Having said brush applied vigorously to one’s new and vivid cane stripes. If Miss Jessica Wood has one ounce of sympathy for the poor supplicant she’s punishing, it certainly doesn’t show on her gorgeous face. If anything, she seems pleased to be maximizing his discomfort. Click Here for a free photo gallery from … [Read more...]