Gallery: Bad Lad Spanked in Class

Kade gets a mega-dose of pain and humiliation at school when Miss Fonda pulls down his pants and spanks him — right in front of the female students!

Then Principal Lana gets in on the action, paddling Kade over the desk before taking him across her lap for a good blistering with her hairbrush.

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Video: Hairbrushed and Tawsed

Amy Hunter FM Hairbrush Spanking

Amy Hunter grants a lazy office boy one final reprieve, on the condition that he submits to several rounds of traditional corporal punishment, as well as male obedience training. After a firm spanking with Miss Hunter’s hairbrush and feeling the wrath of her tawse across his palms and buttocks, the lad’s attitude is markedly improved.

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Video: Hairbrushing the Harasser

A male chauvinist pig faces his worst nightmare, stripped naked and at the mercy of four hairbrush-wielding ladies — lead by ferocious man beater Kelly Payne!

Since his uncle is the boss, this punk thought he could pinch and harass any female employee he wanted to. Big mistake. Now Kelly and her compatriots are going to spank, brush and cane his naked butt until he squeals for mercy.

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