Dana’s Arsenal, Part I

Professional disciplinarian and web mistress Dana Specht displays just a few of the implements she uses to administer bottom-burning, tear-inducing, over-the-knee spankings that regress grown men back to remorseful little boys.

In the collection on the floor we spy a Shadow Lane hairbrush; its bigger, nastier cousin, the Nu-West hairbrush; and of course the long-handled Vermont Country Store bath brush. (Spankos bought so many of the VCS brushes, we wonder if any were actually used for their intended purpose.)

And lastly, we see Dana holding her infamous short Spencer paddle, filled with awful, stinging holes. We can tell you from observation and personal experience, if Miss Dana decides to paddle your bottom with this weapon, you’ll likely be singing out any confessions, apologies or promises she asks of you. Toot sweet…

Miss Jessica Wood in Blue

“A naughty little scamp deserves to go over my knee and have his bottom smacked with a hairbrush,” proclaims professional disciplinarian and web mistress Jessica Wood.

Visit Miss Wood’s free Video Preview page to watch her administer a traditional OTK spanking, and then team up with another gorgeous disciplinarian to give an adult schoolboy a double dose of the cane.

Her Cure for a Dirty Mouth

Disciplinarian Dana Specht often uses a proven two-prong approach for dealing with foul language.

First the naughty male is forced to open wide while his offending orifice is scrubbed with Ivory soap.

Then Dana upends the miscreant and applies the heavy bath brush hard to his naked seat, until he’s kicking, bawling and promising to never, ever use profanity in her presence, or anywhere else!

The combination of a soapy mouth and a paddled rear is amazingly effective at driving the message home from both ends.

Gallery: Two-Fisted Hairbrush Spanking

We don’t know what this poor fellow did, but Miss Lina is going to extraordinary lengths to make his bottom pay for it. With a heavy hairbrush in each hand, she beats his butt like it’s the drum on a Roman slave galley — and the captain has just called for ramming speed!

We suspect there’s going to be serious wailing and kicking in this young man’s future. But at least he’ll have a definitive answer to the question: Which hurts more in a direct comparison, ebony or oak?

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