Gallery: Spanking Therapy

We don’t know if her duties include spanking aftercare, but Nurse Brandi is certainly practiced in the art of administering red-bottom therapy. Side effects of this controversial treatment may include pillow biting, restless legs, watery eyes and a persistent burning sensation in the sit spot.

Click Here to view the free photo gallery of Nurse Brandi’s patient taking his bitter medicine.

Miss Joanne: Hairbrush Punishment

After viewing several of her videos at Strict Women, we’ve become quite enamored with the forceful, clever, and strikingly beautiful British disciplinarian known as Miss Joanne.

This not-to-be-trifled-with lady knows how to scold and definitely knows how to apply hairbrush therapy to a quivering backside.

Miss Joanne’s considerable authority seems to flow naturally from within. Combine that with her perfectly groomed hair, the strict British accent (and the quick, biting wit) and you have a spanker that would be well worth crossing the Atlantic for.

Gallery: Spanked for Tardiness

It’s best to be punctual if you’re a male employee under the management of Miss Nina Birch. Saunter into work even one minute late and she’ll dock your pay, strip you naked and blister your lazy bottom.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Birch reprimanding one of her errant office boys. Her methods may seem harsh and unorthodox, but they do keep the men in line.