Gallery: CFNM Houseboy Spanking

CFNM Spanking

The Baroness is expanding her household staff and brings in her girls to help initiate the new male servant. The women inspect the lad’s physique and test his capacity for discipline. After Amelia uses her skill with rope to bind his loins, both Caroline and the Baroness spank and strap the newbie’s bare buns. Click Here for a free photo gallery of three kinky ladies … [Read more...]

Miss Lina Spanks His Welts

Spanking His Welts

Here’s a little trick that Miss Lina uses when she wants to administer an especially memorable hand spanking. After caning her male inferior and allowing sufficient time for any numbness in his cheeks to subside, she turns the miscreant over her lap and smacks his fresh and tender weals. Take the free tour at Lina’s House of Discipline for more shots of this seasoned … [Read more...]

Video: Gretta Punishes Joey

Gretta Spanks Men

After Gretta's hapless boy toy gambles away a large sum, the busty blonde is forced to fire the domestic staff and cancel her cable television. So of course she expects Joey to assume the household chores, as well as provide her with stimulating entertainment. Click Here for free photos and video of Gretta giving Joey’s backside a good spanking. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Nurse Portia Canes Him

Nurse Canes Men

The junior doctor is forced to bend over so that strict Nurse Portia can set about swishing his bare backside with her thin and whippy cane. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a dominant nurse administering pain therapy. … [Read more...]

Video: Well-Punished Husband

CFNM Domestic Discipline

Daisa is fed up with her inconsiderate and irresponsible husband, so she calls in her real-life mother do help administer some long-overdue CFNM discipline. Together the dominant ladies spank, strap and paddle Daisa’s humiliated hubby, even employing the razor strap that Mama used on Daisa’s father! Enjoy the free preview clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to … [Read more...]

Gallery: Caned at the Office

Nina Birch FM Spanker

HR director Nina Birch uses her own aggressive form of “sensitivity training” to squelch any chauvinistic behavior within the ranks of the male employees. Sexist male colleagues are summoned individually to Miss Birch’s office over the public address system. There each man is lectured, de-pantsed and bent over Nina’s lap for a stout spanking. Once chastised with hand and … [Read more...]

Gallery: She Spanks Him Crimson

FM Spanking Red Buns

Ouch! You can almost feel the heat radiating from those well-roasted man cheeks. A lady’s hairbrush may be compact, but it still does a superb job of inflicting pain right where it does the most good. Click Here for the free F/M spanking photo gallery. … [Read more...]