September 30, 2014

Video: Bear Market Belting

Taylor St. Claire is a rich, beautiful and very dominant lady who just lost a small fortune thanks to her bumbling stockbroker.

If the incompetent trader wants to keep his job, he’ll have to accept the many painful and humiliating punishments that Taylor has in store for him.

Enjoy the free video clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of the movie. (New users can enjoy 10 free minutes of online viewing.)

Gallery: F/M Sneaker Spanking

If Gwen Stefani decided to punish an unruly fan or an unproductive roadie, the dressing down might look something like this.

No paddles or straps for this toned, California siren. She’s just slip off her trendy sneakers and start pounding out discipline to her own musical beat.

Click Here for a free photo gallery that we should call, “These shoes were made for spanking!”

Are You Ready, Little Man?

Miss Shuttle has selected her thinnest, whippiest classroom cane – almost a switch really — to deal with a young male malcontent.

Before the physical discipline begins though, she bends forward to look the naughty lad straight in the eye while she flexes her narrow implement. This simple technique helps put the formally arrogant scamp in the right frame of mind for punishment.

Take the free Guided Tour at School Mistress Fantasy for more photos of strict, stunning teachers who know that effective corporal punishment is both physical and psychological.

Gallery: Alexis Spanks Her Boyfriend

Alexis Grace Spanks

Amazon beauty Alexis Grace has a new boyfriend, but unfortunately he’s unemployed, lazy and in need of some motivation. When he doesn’t clean the house like he’s told, Alexis decides to bend him over and spank him like a child.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Grace handing out old-fashioned discipline.

Video: CFNM Clone Caning

Clone Caning

After a lifetime of preparation, clone Number Eight is nearly ready to fulfil his destiny. His instructor Pandora Blake puts him through his paces, ensuring that every bruise and cane mark matches that of his progenitor, the Crown Prince.

Click Here for free photos and video of an obedient clone submitting to a six-stroke judicial caning.

Video: F/M Military Discipline

Cassie Hunter uses a combination of forced exercise and corporal punishment to whip a lackluster cadet into shape. By the time she’s finished applying paddle, strap and cane, his butt is a red as her cap.

Click Here for free photos and video of the Hunteress barking out orders and busting ass.

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