Gallery: Spanking Her Stepbrother

Sister Spanks Him

Alex Reynolds visits her step-brother Tai Crimson as he’s about to have a job interview. Noting the lad’s inappropriate attire, Alex puts Tai over her knee and spanks and paddles his naughty bottom. No doubt everyone in the office can hear the unmistakable sound of old-fashioned discipline being administered!

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Video: Her Ladyship’s Hairbrush

Whether she’s grooming her lustrous blonde hair or punishing a naked manservant, Mistress Eleise de Lacy finds that her black hairbrush does the job quite nicely.

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Her Very Domestic Implement

Inexpensive and always handy, wooden spoons and spatulas have been enforcing discipline within the home since the pioneer days.

Here Lady D from Women Spanking Men employs a stout kitchen utensil with a long handle for leverage and a flat striking surface on the business end. Just imagine how much that must sting!

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Video: Six Birthday Beatings

To observe Bart’s birthday, Miss Mallory decides to give him a good beating every afternoon for six days straight. Each celebratory thrashing gets progressively harder as Mallory employs paddles, hairbrushes, switches, straps, belts and even a bullwhip to make Bart’s special day as memorable as possible.

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