November 1, 2014

Gallery: Your Imminent Tawsing

Headmistress Leather Tawse

It’s no wonder naughty lads tremble when they’re told to visit the Headmistress. Leaning imposingly against her wooden desk in a tight grey skirt and shirt, Pandora Blake looks like she’ll deal swiftly with any wrongdoing.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Blake flexing her fearsome leather tawse.

Video: Firm Domestic Discipline

Irene Boss Spanking

Irene Boss assumes the role of a strict American governess who promotes male “life improvement” through strapping, paddling, tawsing and spanking. With her current ward perched high on the punishment bench, Ms. Boss gives his bottom 100 strokes each with a variety of painful implements.

Click Here for free video clips of a strong, resolute woman enforcing discipline.

Gallery: Classroom Supremacy

Dominant Coed

A dominant coed uses her natural superiority and feminine charms to completely enslave her male classmate. Will the sexual subjugation end with some old-fashioned corporal punishment?

Click Here for a free photo gallery of an authoritative blonde taking charge in the schoolroom.

English Mansion Femdom

Video: Caned Cold and Hard

Miss Suki Femdom Caning

Miss Suki is in the mood to administer a good, hard thrashing, so she summons her loyal manservant to the punishment room. Giving him no warm up at all, she lets rip with her assortment of CP implements. A cold, fierce and thorough beating is all the naked recipient has to look forward to.

Click Here for free photos and video of Miss Suki caning her male supplicant.

Gallery: Girlfriend Taught to Spank

Lovely Brynn Tyler is so fed up with her boyfriend Patrick that she complains to Clare Fonda, his strict mother. Momma Clare suggests that what Patrick needs is a good, hard spanking.

When Patrick walks in the room, he knows he is in for it. His sexy girlfriend puts him over her knee and spanks him like a little boy.

Maybe now Patrick will study harder, aim for a better job and – as Brynn says – “man up in the bedroom!”

Click Here for a free photo gallery of these two young lovers taking their F/M DD relationship to the next level, courtesy of Clare Spanks Men.

Two Types of Female Dominance

Miss Bailey of School Mistress Fantasy has many tools for training and controlling her male students. Her manner of dress, her demeanor and her strict application of the rod are used both singly and in conjunction to keep young men off balance and supple to her will.

Here she reveals a hint of skin above her stockings while flexing the cane over her thigh, simultaneously projecting both her sexual power and her institutional authority. It’s a two-prong technique that’s guaranteed to have even the stoutest lad fumbling nervously as he lowers his trousers for punishment.

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