Tawsed by Two Women

In the grand finale of Caught in the Act, Miss Jessica Wood and Mistress Whiplash treat a naughty pervert to a double dose of the tawse – after he’s already been soundly spanked and flogged.

Bending their male victim over the desk, the strict ladies take turns lashing his sore bottom with especially nasty strokes, calling him a wimp when the dual punishment makes him cry for mercy.

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Athena’s Pool Boy

Just in time for the Labor Day weekend, we present Athena’s Pool Boy, a tender tale of poolside recreation and domestic dominance.

Mistress Athena is relaxing on the beach when her submissive, Arthur, shows up drinking a beer. She quickly reprimands him, slapping his face and putting him over her knee for a hard spanking.

Athena then hustles Arthur to the pool and spanks him again over the bar. Next, she drapes him over a pool float with his blushing butt in the air, beating his rear while he paddles them through the water.

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Clean Up Your Act!

Surfer girl Hollie Stevens believes that part of a man’s responsibilities is taking care of the home. How can she bring a woman’s touch to a place that’s cluttered with man junk?

Fortunately, one touch Hollie can deliver is a good, hard spanking. At five-foot-nine, with long legs and a build that’s both lanky and curvy, this confident blonde can definitely make her feelings known.

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Trousers-Down Penalty for a Thief

Adam is a car thief facing a two-year prison sentence. Fearing incarceration, he begs Miss Jessica Wood for any alternative. The lady enforcement officer has just the ticket: Hard corporal punishment!

Desperate to stay out of jail, Adam reluctantly bends over a chair to receive his sentence. He is right to be scared. Miss Wood uses a variety of painful implements to make sure Adam gets a bruised, crimson bottom by the end of his ordeal.

Check out the free samples in Miss Jessica’s Member’s Site for more photos from her weekly updates as well as several complimentary video clips of this tough enforcer of justice.