Video: Amy Canes Her Servant

Before he takes his place among Amy Hunter’s stable of houseboys, a male applicant must submit to a variety of excruciating punishments, including spanking, hand strapping and caning. Only after he proves he can accept discipline without defiance, will he earn his leash.

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Video: Femdom Caning by Miss Eleise

The genetically blessed Miss Eleise de Lacy has shackled her male supplicant to the bed, leaving her free to cane his naked buttocks repeatedly and with force. “I don’t see you sweating yet,” she tells him, just before unleashing a rapid-fire volley of blows.

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Gallery: His Bedtime Beating

Based on his girlfriend’s revealing attire, this is probably not what he envisioned when she told him to drop his pants and get on the bed.

His dominant lady doesn’t plan to withhold sex – that would be cruel – but before she varnishes his cane, she’s going to give her own sticks a workout.

A stinging, welted tail should render her partner both stimulated and obedient during the evening’s romp.

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