November 1, 2014

Video: Caned Cold and Hard

Miss Suki Femdom Caning

Miss Suki is in the mood to administer a good, hard thrashing, so she summons her loyal manservant to the punishment room. Giving him no warm up at all, she lets rip with her assortment of CP implements. A cold, fierce and thorough beating is all the naked recipient has to look forward to.

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Video: F/M Workplace Discipline

Ms. Krush Corporal Punishment

Corporate disciplinarian Ms. Krush has zero tolerance for her lowly male employees who engage in sexual harassment. Consequences for such behavior include verbal chastisement, corporal punishment and a healthy dose of bare-bottomed humiliation.

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Video: F/M Loopy Caning (on Thighs)

Miss Eden’s loopy cane is bad enough when applied to a bare male bottom, but then she decides to land some extra-painful strokes on her spankee’s upper thighs – and he has to request them to boot! The poor sod kicks so much that Eden chides him for wiggling. Let’s hope he doesn’t earn extra punishment for his lack of self control.

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Bend It Like Rebekah

When there are welts to be raised on a naked male backside, Miss Rebekah of Strict Women gets right to it, no matter what her state of dress or undress. But first she tests the flexibility of her whippy rattan cane to make sure it’s up to the task.

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Video: Amy Canes Her Servant

Before he takes his place among Amy Hunter’s stable of houseboys, a male applicant must submit to a variety of excruciating punishments, including spanking, hand strapping and caning. Only after he proves he can accept discipline without defiance, will he earn his leash.

Click Here to watch Miss Hunter gleefully and thoroughly testing her new thrall’s limits.

Her Awful Loopy Cane

Like an artisan of pain, the matriarch of Women Spanking Men applies swirling welts to a humbly presented male bottom. (We wonder how long her living canvas will be able to hold the lunge position.)

Miss J’s implement of choice – the loopy cane — combines the narrow whippiness of the traditional cane with the looped head of a rug beater. As you can see, it’s very effective at embellishing a naked posterior.

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