Gallery: Caning in the Attic

She Canes Him

When a faculty member at the Boys Boarding School wishes to take her sweet, sadistic time punishing a disrespectful male, in private and without interruption, she need only haul the young man up to the institution’s dusty attic. This bleak room is especially ideal if the disciplinarian, for her own reasons, wishes to exceed the school’s recommended guidelines for corporal … [Read more...]

Video: Punished by His Headmistress

Headmistress Spanks Him

It seems this incorrigible lad has been doodling in class again. Since writing lines hasn’t broken him of the habit, the scamp is sent to the Headmistress for a good spanking and a caning on his virgin bottom. “Is this the first time you’ve been called in to see the headmistress?” Miss Eleise de Lacy asks him, just before the corporal punishment begins. “You’ll find that I’m … [Read more...]

Gallery: Femdom CFNM Caning


Bent over the punishment stool without a stitch of clothing, a humiliated and repentant male gets the thrashing he so richly deserves. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a lovely disciplinarian applying cane stripes to her supplicant’s naughty bottom. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Nurse Portia Canes Him

Nurse Canes Men

The junior doctor is forced to bend over so that strict Nurse Portia can set about swishing his bare backside with her thin and whippy cane. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a dominant nurse administering pain therapy. … [Read more...]

Video: Corporal Punishment Challenge

Caning Challenge

Five submissive males foolishly accept the CP challenge presented by Mistresses Anuska and Athena. Shacked to the punishment bench, each naked inferior receives a cold, hard thrashing with little or no warm-up. The path to victory – if you can call it that – involves tremendous pain and a well-marked backside. Click Here for free photos and video from this hard-hitting … [Read more...]

Video: Ms. Nikki’s Caning Test

Ms Nikki Canes

A truly rich reward awaits Ms. Nikki’s male plaything, if and only if he can endure a heavy beating with the cane. Either way, she’ll ensure that he has a very well-marked backside before his ordeal concludes. Click Here for free photos and video of Ms. Nikki spanking, caning and teasing her supplicant. … [Read more...]

Gallery: His Bedtime Beating

FM Spanking at Bedtime

Based on his girlfriend's revealing attire, this is probably not what he envisioned when she told him to drop his pants and get on the bed. His dominant lady doesn’t plan to withhold sex – that would be cruel – but before she varnishes his cane, she’s going to give her own sticks a workout. A stinging, welted tail should render her partner both stimulated and obedient … [Read more...]