July 23, 2014

Video: Long Punishment Session

Caning Her Slave

Using paddle, whip and cane, Miss Eleise de Lacy makes a new male toy prove that he’s worthy of her chastisements. Will the initiate endure his Lady’s severe corporal discipline like a good boy, or will he fail miserably?

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Gallery: His Caning Interrogation

“We have ways of making you talk!” And apparently all of them involve forcing the detainee into humiliating positions and beating his naked butt.

It’s three-on-one at Hard Spanking Vixens as a luckless male finds himself at the mercy of a sadistic interrogator and two uniformed female officers.

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Video: Summoned to Her Study

Nina Birch disciplines an errant academy man and woman in the privacy of her study. Since she’s dealing with a pair of repeat offenders, Miss Birch administers a generous helping of corporal punishment and humiliation – in hopes of setting both troublemakers on the right path.

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Don’t Keep Her Waiting

If you don’t comply willingly when Miss Shilling calls you to the front of the class for punishment, this hard-nosed teacher will seize your impertinent, young ear and drag you there herself.

Once you’re bent over her desk with your trousers down around your ankles, you can expect Miss Shilling to cane your bottom with extra enthusiasm, as a penalty for your defiance.

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Video: Molly Canes Him Hard

Molly Canes Him Hard

Molly Malone blackmails her sadistic old headmaster, seeking sweet revenge for the many punishments he administered years ago. Forcing him to dress in white gym knickers and a school skirt, she bends her tormentor over the spanking bench to receive the slipper, belt and cane.

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Video: Correction Academy Caning

“You’re very lucky that your mistress cares enough to see whether I can do anything with you,” Miss Heather tells the selfish manservant.

Using an arduous regimen of face slapping, spanking and caning, she trains him to be much more generous and attentive when serving his lady.

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