August 27, 2014

Interview: Miss Jessica Wood


We’ve proud to showcase a number of top F/M spankers in our extensive Interviews area, including the spanking model, video producer and professional disciplinarian known as Miss Jessica Wood.

Click Here to learn a bit more about this raven-haired enforcer and why she favors certain CP implements over others.

(Here’s a hint: They hurt more.)

Video: Four F/M Caning Clips

Mistresses Pandora, Persephone, Mallory, Omega and other gorgeous rattan-wielding women present caning scenes from nine different movies in this welt-raising compilation video.

Fair warning: These scenes lean more toward the BDSM-end of the corporal-punishment spectrum and some of the sessions are quite severe.

However, if you’re a fan of hard caning and aren’t squeamish about the end results, Click Here to enjoy four free video clips and a host of sample photos.

Strict, Mysterious Miss DuBois

We don’t blame Amelia-Jane Rutherford for assuming the identity of “Miss DuBois” when she teaches at the St. Brackmere Academy. Less-enlightened outsiders might raise their eyebrows if they knew a famous spanking model was part of the teaching staff.

However, as St. Brackmere’s staunchly supports corporal punishment in the classroom, Miss Rutherford’s experience with canes and straps makes her a very useful member of the faculty – especially when dealing with unruly young men.

Take the free Guided Tour at School Mistress Fantasy for more photos of strict female instructors who know how warm a naughty male bottom.

Video: Beating the Recession

She Canes Her Boyfriend

When Sebastian finally gets a job, he and his girlfriend Nimue decide to celebrate with an evening of spanking play. It’s the perfect low-budget entertainment — and Nimue thoroughly enjoys spanking, strapping and caning her lover’s bare buns.

Click Here for free photos and video from this light-hearted F/M spanking scene.

Video: Myers Academy Discipline

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such disgraceful behavior,” Miss Severity Myers tells a young reprobate, before stripping him naked for her hairbrush, slipper and cane.

Humiliating as it is, the old-fashioned thrashing seems to work wonders on the lad’s attitude and desire to please. Afterwards Miss Myers remarks, “See. You do know how to behave yourself.”

Click Here for free photos and video of this intense F/M corporal punishment session at the venerable Myers Academy.

Video: Femdom Caning by Miss Eleise

The genetically blessed Miss Eleise de Lacy has shackled her male supplicant to the bed, leaving her free to cane his naked buttocks repeatedly and with force. “I don’t see you sweating yet,” she tells him, just before unleashing a rapid-fire volley of blows.

Click Here for free photos and a video clip of this blonde, soft-spoken goddess administering the rod.

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