October 2, 2014

Video: CFNM Clone Caning

Clone Caning

After a lifetime of preparation, clone Number Eight is nearly ready to fulfil his destiny. His instructor Pandora Blake puts him through his paces, ensuring that every bruise and cane mark matches that of his progenitor, the Crown Prince.

Click Here for free photos and video of an obedient clone submitting to a six-stroke judicial caning.

Painful Price of Failure

Miss Shuttle of School Mistress Fantasy has been reviewing your dismal scores for the last term, and she has concluded that you are simply NOT living up to your academic potential. Since her job is to motivate as well as instruct, she feels that a dozen red marks across your backside now might lead to fewer red marks on your test papers in the future.

Please lower your trousers and place your forearms on the desk.

Video: Stern Ladies with Canes

Strict Teachers Cane

When Miss Toyne has catches you spying on her from under the desk, she uses the opportunity to practice her caning technique, while Miss Drogan observes with approval. The two lusty teachers become so excited during the process, they begin stripping off their tight outfits right there in the classroom.

Click Here for free video clips from this sexy POV school caning fantasy.

Video: Severe Lady Boss

Ms. Selene portrays a fuming lady manager who is fed up with her assistant constantly neglecting his responsibilities. Dragging Steven in by his ear, she shows him what happens to lazy subordinates.

Click Here for free video clips of Steven being strapped, caned, whipped and verbally chastised by his stern and authoritative boss.

Interview: Miss Jessica Wood


We’ve proud to showcase a number of top F/M spankers in our extensive Interviews area, including the spanking model, video producer and professional disciplinarian known as Miss Jessica Wood.

Click Here to learn a bit more about this raven-haired enforcer and why she favors certain CP implements over others.

(Here’s a hint: They hurt more.)

Video: Four F/M Caning Clips

Mistresses Pandora, Persephone, Mallory, Omega and other gorgeous rattan-wielding women present caning scenes from nine different movies in this welt-raising compilation video.

Fair warning: These scenes lean more toward the BDSM-end of the corporal-punishment spectrum and some of the sessions are quite severe.

However, if you’re a fan of hard caning and aren’t squeamish about the end results, Click Here to enjoy four free video clips and a host of sample photos.

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