Video: Corporal Punishment Challenge

Corporal Punishment Challenge

Five submissive males foolishly accept the CP challenge presented by Mistresses Anuska and Athena. Shacked to the punishment bench, each naked inferior receives a cold, hard thrashing with little or no warm-up. The path to victory – if you can call it that – involves tremendous pain and a well-marked backside.

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Video: Miss Gemini Canes Him

After binding him tightly to the spanking horse, Miss Gemini delights in punishing her tender, young piece of meat. A thorough hand spanking is followed by discipline with straps, paddles and finally a good caning that leaves the supplicant’s backside covered in painful stripes.

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Video: Vigorous Femdom Caning

“I feel I need to change your state of mind,” says Mistress Eleise de Lacy to her masked male subordinate, shortly before bending him over for discipline.

As the rattan cuts through the air and snaps across his naked cheeks, all the poor supplicant can do is grip the bench legs and wail in despair.

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Her Awful Loopy Cane

Like an artisan of pain, the matriarch of Women Spanking Men applies swirling welts to a humbly presented male bottom. (We wonder how long her living canvas will be able to hold the lunge position.)

Miss J’s implement of choice – the loopy cane — combines the narrow whippiness of the traditional cane with the looped head of a rug beater. As you can see, it’s very effective at embellishing a naked posterior.

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Gallery: His Caning Interrogation

“We have ways of making you talk!” And apparently all of them involve forcing the detainee into humiliating positions and beating his naked butt.

It’s three-on-one at Hard Spanking Vixens as a luckless male finds himself at the mercy of a sadistic interrogator and two uniformed female officers.

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