April 25, 2014

Video: Miss Gemini Canes Him

After binding him tightly to the spanking horse, Miss Gemini delights in punishing her tender, young piece of meat. A thorough hand spanking is followed by discipline with straps, paddles and finally a good caning that leaves the supplicant’s backside covered in painful stripes.

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Video: Punished for Tardiness

“I’m so, so sorry I’m late,” says Cassie Hunter’s male subordinate. As if a feeble apology will save his lazy, worthless hide.

Unfortunately for him, Miss Hunter has little patience for dawdlers. “Take down your trousers,” she says, before beating him soundly with paddle, tawse and cane.

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Judicial Caning Over the Bench

Strapped to the spanking bench with shrink wrap and nylon ties, a male penitent has no choice but to accept harsh punishment at the hands of his female custodian.

The lady in charge, Miss J,  is obviously serious about teaching him a memorable lesson, laying vivid parallel tracks across the man’s bare buttocks and all the way down his sensitive thighs.

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Video: Taste of His Own Medicine

Here’s a hard school spanking scene for every naughty boy who has dreamed of being punished alongside his female partner-in-crime.

Head Girl Zoe is shocked to discover that two school prefects, Jimmy Holloway and Pandora Blake, have been administering corporal punishment without authorization. Incensed, she strips both offenders of their prefect status and proceeds to tan their backsides with slipper, ruler and cane.

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Her Post-Caning Afterglow

A strange euphoria washes over Miss Bowden of the St. Brackmere Academy whenever she thrashes unruly lads on their brazen bare backsides.

After the final bell sounds and the school empties, the lithe, young teacher locks her classroom door and muses on the day’s punishments, like a feline savoring large quantities of catnip.

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Video: Severe Rear-End Damage

Molly Malone Canes Him

When the distinguished Sir John crashes his car into Molly Malone’s, she doesn’t let him off just because he’s on the Board of Governors. John is given a choice – Molly can call the police, or he can submit to a good, hard spanking.

Although he’s no naughty schoolboy, Molly also insists that he submit to the same bare bottom caning she’d use to discipline her unruly students. And as the crime is so severe, it warrants a severe caning to match.

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