Gallery: Naked Nurse Canes Him

Nurse Canes Him

Nurse Jess is shocked to discover that the “doctor” who stripped and spanked her is actually just a lowly porter at the hospital. With the help of Sister Stern, the sexy young nurse joins in giving the hapless porter a very hard thrashing for his deception. Click Here for a free photo gallery of two angry healthcare professionals administering a merciless bare-bottom caning. … [Read more...]

Video: Princess of Corporal Punishment

Princess Kali Femdom Spanking

We’re pleased to present several free video clips featuring Princess Kali, a young disciplinarian who is as gleeful as she is sadistic. Wearing a dainty, glittery crown atop her royal head, the Princess stings one subby’s bottom with a wooden ruler and a carpet beater. Another male cries, “Thank you Princess!” as she flicks the cane across his naked sit spot. A third … [Read more...]

Judicial Caning Over the Bench

Severe Judicial Caning

Strapped to the spanking bench with shrink wrap and nylon ties, a male penitent has no choice but to accept harsh punishment at the hands of his female custodian. The lady in charge, Miss J,  is obviously serious about teaching him a memorable lesson, laying vivid parallel tracks across the man’s bare buttocks and all the way down his sensitive thighs. Visit the free … [Read more...]

Video: No Escape from Miss Suki

Suki Femdom Spanking

Showing a complete lack of compassion for the unfortunate man in her trap, Miss Suki demonstrates the meaning of the words “corporal punishment.” She relishes in his discomfort, answering his pathetic cries with additional strokes of her cane. He’s not going anywhere. Click Here for free photos and video from this Femdom bondage and discipline scene. … [Read more...]

Video: Their Stern Governess

Governess Canes Him

Mike and Pandora are siblings united in their rejection of traditional gender roles. Unfortunately for them, their disapproving parents have hired a strict governess for the summer to set them “straight.” Ms. Dana Kane makes the gender-bending siblings change into more conservative clothing, and then tries to spank and cane their non-conformist tendencies out of them. Click … [Read more...]

Video: Double Judicial Caning

Caned by Two Women

Looking chic and efficient in her stylish uniform, Miss Eleise de Lacy sentences an uncooperative male to an extended judicial caning. “One hundred strokes!” With that many blows to administer, it’s good that she’s assisted by her partner, the equally beautiful and proficient Miss Leia-Ann Woods. Between the two of them, they teach the condemned a harsh lesson.  Click … [Read more...]

Video: Governess Canes Him Bare

Governess Canes Him

Amelia's father is hosting a dinner party, and she and Caroline have hatched a plan to swap the invited guests from boring bachelors to interesting young men. They enlist Will, one of the footmen, to deliver the new counterfeit invitations. Unfortunately Will is intercepted by Miss Blake, the governess, before he can complete his errand. Click Here for free photos and video … [Read more...]