Gallery: Eight Cane Thrashing

Dana Kane Femdom Caning

“I instruct him to hand me a cane from the basket and assume the position. Three strokes, each harder than the one before, sting his misbehaving behind, leaving pink welts in their wake.

“Somewhere along the way I decide that he will receive strokes from every single cane in that basket, plus extra strokes for not maintaining position and his failure to make eye contact.”

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Dana Kane

Video: Myers Academy Discipline

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such disgraceful behavior,” Miss Severity Myers tells a young reprobate, before stripping him naked for her hairbrush, slipper and cane.

Humiliating as it is, the old-fashioned thrashing seems to work wonders on the lad’s attitude and desire to please. Afterwards Miss Myers remarks, “See. You do know how to behave yourself.”

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Gallery: Caning Her Butler

Lady Adele harbors carnal appetites for her handsome new butler. Seeking an excuse to bare his bottom, she sets Jimmy up for punishment while he serves her at breakfast. After administering a brisk spanking and several strokes of the cane, she learns that her dutiful servant is quite receptive to her desires.

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