September 30, 2014

Are You Ready, Little Man?

Miss Shuttle has selected her thinnest, whippiest classroom cane – almost a switch really — to deal with a young male malcontent.

Before the physical discipline begins though, she bends forward to look the naughty lad straight in the eye while she flexes her narrow implement. This simple technique helps put the formally arrogant scamp in the right frame of mind for punishment.

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Miss Mason’s Punishment Chair

In keeping with her traditional ways, Miss Mason substituted the modern desk chair supplied to her by the academy with a simple, scarlet seat.

Her rustic yet sturdy chair has no arms or casters, which makes it much more practical when Miss Mason spanks a naughty scamp over her knee or bends him over the chair back for a caning.

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Video: Corporal Punishment Officer

Before dealing with the convicted prisoner before her, Miss Eleise de Lacy reads the following statement:

“It is the punishment officer’s legal duty to inflict each and every stroke of the sentence consistently, with maximum force and with the express intention of causing the offender the maximum amount of pain.”

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Miss Tibby’s CP Collection

Attentive, well-behaved students are rewarded with praise and privileges in Miss Tibby’s classroom. She has zero tolerance for troublemakers, however.

With a full arsenal of implements at her disposal, Miss Tibby punishes disruptive young men harshly and with great enthusiasm.

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Beautiful Teachers Who Cane

St Brackmere instructors Miss Marks and Miss McLain have been known to break the occasional rattan cane across a young man’s butt, so they like to have spare rods on hand.

New classroom canes are inspected carefully to ensure they have the proper combination of length, diameter, density and flexibility – allowing them to slice through the air and deliver a dreadful impact on the target area.

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Video: Ladies’ Caning Night

Michael's FM Caning

Pandora brings her partner Michael over to Nimue’s for an intimate evening with the rod. The ladies team up to give poor Michael over 60 cane strokes, including a double caning from both of them at once. Before they’re finished, his bottom is glowing red and tracked with vivid welts.

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