July 24, 2014

Miss Tibby’s CP Collection

Attentive, well-behaved students are rewarded with praise and privileges in Miss Tibby’s classroom. She has zero tolerance for troublemakers, however.

With a full arsenal of implements at her disposal, Miss Tibby punishes disruptive young men harshly and with great enthusiasm.

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Beautiful Teachers Who Cane

St Brackmere instructors Miss Marks and Miss McLain have been known to break the occasional rattan cane across a young man’s butt, so they like to have spare rods on hand.

New classroom canes are inspected carefully to ensure they have the proper combination of length, diameter, density and flexibility – allowing them to slice through the air and deliver a dreadful impact on the target area.

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Video: Ladies’ Caning Night

Michael's FM Caning

Pandora brings her partner Michael over to Nimue’s for an intimate evening with the rod. The ladies team up to give poor Michael over 60 cane strokes, including a double caning from both of them at once. Before they’re finished, his bottom is glowing red and tracked with vivid welts.

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Caned After School by Miss Bailey

As part of her commitment to academic excellence, Miss Bailey will often single out a mediocre male student for some personal attention after class. She finds that bending an underachieving young man over his own school desk for a stout caning has a profound effect on his future study habits.

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Deciding His Punishment

Miss Bowden contemplates the fate of one of her male students. The lad is normally very obedient and well-behaved, but his voice carried a hint of sarcasm when addressing her in class this morning.

Should she show leniency on a first-time offender, or nip his disrespect in the bud with a savage thrashing? Hmmm, perhaps it’s best to error on the side of discipline.

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Gallery: Detention Room Caning

We’re pleased to present an elegant photo set featuring the lovely and fierce Miss Cassie Hunter – scourge of naughty males everywhere!

Hang your head low and drag your feet if you’ve been summoned to Miss Hunter’s Detention Room.

No amount of boyish pleading or tears will prevent her from whipping the heavy rattan cane across your bottom with great force and conviction.

The ordeal will leave lasting, painful welts, which will make you squirm when you return to the hard wooden seat at your school desk.

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