January 26, 2015

Miss Frampton’s Ultimate Weapon

Miss Frampton flexes her extra-heavy, smoked dragon cane, as she envisions whipping the dense rattan full-force across a cheeky lad’s naked posterior.

Some have speculated that this zealous disciplinarian actually enjoys caning her male students. That’s impossible to prove, of course, but Miss Frampton’s methods certainly do get results.

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Headmistress After Class

Miss Jessica Wood gives us a peek at what a prim headmistress might very well be wearing beneath her conservative blouse and skirt. “Headmistress is my favorite role play,” Jessica says. “Hearing the cane swish in the air before landing on a bottom fills me with glee!”

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Bewitching Disciplinarian

The instructors at School Mistress Fantasy have an insidious plan to ensure that their male students receive frequent, painful thrashings.

They purposely flaunt their beauty — dressing provocatively in shimmering, sheer blouses and short, fluttery skirts — and then beat their charges without mercy when they catch them leering.

Did Miss James just see you staring at her stockinged legs? That will mean six of the best with your trousers down!

Gallery: Her Favorite Cane

Deputy Headmistress Elise admits that she may have developed an unnatural fondness for her heaviest dragon cane.

She finds herself becoming strangely flushed whenever she imagines that dense, lacquered rattan cutting loudly through the air before biting deeply into some poor student’s naked buttocks.

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Are You Ready, Little Man?

Miss Shuttle has selected her thinnest, whippiest classroom cane – almost a switch really — to deal with a young male malcontent.

Before the physical discipline begins though, she bends forward to look the naughty lad straight in the eye while she flexes her narrow implement. This simple technique helps put the formally arrogant scamp in the right frame of mind for punishment.

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Miss Mason’s Punishment Chair

In keeping with her traditional ways, Miss Mason substituted the modern desk chair supplied to her by the academy with a simple, scarlet seat.

Her rustic yet sturdy chair has no arms or casters, which makes it much more practical when Miss Mason spanks a naughty scamp over her knee or bends him over the chair back for a caning.

Take the free Guided Tour at School Mistress Fantasy for more photos of strict and beautiful educators who believe that frequent corporal punishment does a lad good.

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