Gallery: Detention Room Caning

Detention with Miss Hunter

We’re pleased to present an elegant photo set featuring the lovely and fierce Miss Cassie Hunter – scourge of naughty males everywhere! Hang your head low and drag your feet if you’ve been summoned to Miss Hunter’s Detention Room. No amount of boyish pleading or tears will prevent her from whipping the heavy rattan cane across your bottom with great force and … [Read more...]

Gallery: Caned at the Office

Nina Birch FM Spanker

HR director Nina Birch uses her own aggressive form of “sensitivity training” to squelch any chauvinistic behavior within the ranks of the male employees. Sexist male colleagues are summoned individually to Miss Birch’s office over the public address system. There each man is lectured, de-pantsed and bent over Nina’s lap for a stout spanking. Once chastised with hand and … [Read more...]

Gallery: Elegant Office Disciplinarian

She Canes

Which would grab your attention first? The HR director’s sheer blouse; the hint of bottom showing between her skirt and stockings; or the wicked cane she’ll soon be using on your bared behind? Click Here for a free photo gallery of this sexy office enforcer and her implement of choice. … [Read more...]

Miss Jessica Loves Her Canes

Miss Jessica Canes Naughty Males

“Caning is, I think, my favorite way of punishing naughty bottoms,” says professional disciplinarian Jessica Wood. “I have become quite good at caning and can make your bottom very stripy.” Miss Jessica says she loves the opportunity to play the strict headmistress and give naughty males six of the best (or more) with one of the several canes in her collection. “Hearing the … [Read more...]

Video: Dressed to Thrash

FM Caning Topless

While most disciplinarians tend to favor domestic or professional attire over dungeon wear, there is certainly something enticing about a confident lady in black. “It’s been brought to my attention that there are some very, very naughty boys out there,” Sammy says, looking quite smashing in her leather pants and gloves. Click Here for free video clips of this curvaceous … [Read more...]

Headmistress After Class

Jessica Wood Strict Headmistress

Miss Jessica Wood gives us a peek at what a prim headmistress might very well be wearing beneath her conservative blouse and skirt. “Headmistress is my favorite role play,” Jessica says. “Hearing the cane swish in the air before landing on a bottom fills me with glee!” Visit Miss Wood’s Website to see more tantalizing portraits of her dressed to administer school discipline, … [Read more...]

Gallery: Her Favorite Cane

Deputy Headmistress Canes Her Students

Deputy Headmistress Elise admits that she may have developed an unnatural fondness for her heaviest dragon cane. She finds herself becoming strangely flushed whenever she imagines that dense, lacquered rattan cutting loudly through the air before biting deeply into some poor student’s naked buttocks. Click Here for a free photo gallery of this academy enforcer enjoying … [Read more...]