April 18, 2014

Gallery: Caned at the Office

HR director Nina Birch uses her own aggressive form of “sensitivity training” to squelch any chauvinistic behavior within the ranks of the male employees.

Sexist male colleagues are summoned individually to Miss Birch’s office over the public address system. There each man is lectured, de-pantsed and bent over Nina’s lap for a stout spanking.

Once chastised with hand and paddle, any repeat offenders are made to stand perfectly still, hands on their heads, while Nina strikes their naked bums with her rattan cane.

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Miss Parker’s Disciplinary Methods

When freshly-minted teacher Miss Parker joined the faculty at St. Brackmere’s, the academy’s Headmistress cautioned that certain male students might seek to exploit their new instructor’s youth and inexperience and run amok.

To help her maintain order, the Headmistress issued Miss Parker an institutional-grade cane and a heavy punishment strap, and suggested that the young teacher “make an example of a few lads” right away to establish her authority in the classroom.

After caning three boisterous scamps that first morning and strapping several laggards before lunch, Miss Parker was pleased to find her entire class very well-behaved and attentive by the afternoon session.

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Ensnared by Miss Mason

Let’s call it like it is: The faculty members at School Mistress Fantasy are a manipulative lot.

First they intentionally torment their male students with provocative attire – curve-hugging skirts, lacy stockings and frilly blouses — and then they thrash the stupefied lads without mercy for gawking.

Miss Mason has this form of entrapment down to a science. Notice how she opens her skirt slightly with a raised leg, so when a male’s gaze flicks to that shadowy area, she can penalize him with a lengthy – and exceedingly harsh — dose of her cane.

After Class with Miss Azzie

If serious and stern Miss Azzie should ever summon you for a “little discussion,” consider your biscuits to be pretty much baked.

When it comes to correcting unacceptable student behavior, this old-fashioned instructor prefers to let her cane do most of the talking. She is a firm believer in the motivational powers of “the stick.”

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Miss Warner Dressed to Discipline

Like many dominant young teachers at the St Brackmere Academy, Miss Warner has a fondness for shimmering blouses, tight skirts and lacy stockings. She also frequently accessorizes her attire with either a spanking strop or a rattan cane.

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She-Wolf with a Cane

It appears as though a professional disciplinarian (who shall remain nameless) has infiltrated the faculty at St Brackmere’s Academy, where she teaches under the name of Miss Smith.

We don’t know if Miss Smith’s male students have any inkling of other career, but if they value their butts, they’ll show their new teacher the utmost respect!

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