Video: Housekeeper Birches Him

Housekeeper Birches His Butt

Spotted sneaking back below stairs after a night out drinking, a lowly gardener is taken to task by the stern housekeeper. He has disgraced the household and the punishment that follows is exactly what he deserves.

Braced against the trunk of a tree in the grounds where he works, Sebastian bares his bottom for 30 stinging strokes of the birch. By the end of this short, sharp film the lad’s bottom is striped with vivid welts.

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Video: Miss Hunter’s Wicked Birch

With cold efficiency, Cassie Hunter spanks a miscreant’s bottom, straps his palms and bends him over for a continuous two-minute paddling. But his worst penalty is yet to come.

“I’m going to give you a birching,” she says, brandishing a tangle of stout, unpruned branches. (Ouch! That’s definitely going to leave a mark!)

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Video: Bare Bottom Birching

Miss Aiden is a very creative marriage counselor with a sadistic side. She doesn’t believe in sparing the rod, strap, paddle, cane or hairbrush when dealing with male clients.

When an exasperated wife sends in her husband for behavior modification, Aiden delights in punishing the lout with a variety of implements, including her switchy birch bundle.

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Video: Cell Block Discipline

“You’ve been found guilty of two offences, which will be dealt with by means of severe corporal punishment,” the warden tells him, just before handing his ass over to disciplinarian Cassie Hunter.

After securing her captive to the CP bench, Miss Hunter administers a merciless whipping with the heavy prison strap, followed by thirty strokes with her gnarled and knobby birch rod.

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Gallery: Birching His Naughty Bottom

Nina Birch Corporal Punishment

In this elegant F/M corporal punishment scene, Femdom superstar Nina Birch summons an insubordinate male to her chambers for a bare-bottom thrashing. Using a whippy, multi-rod bundle to communicate her displeasure, Miss Birch reeducates her underling the old-fashioned way.

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