Writhing Naked Under Her Belt

Kicking his legs and howling for mercy, another errant male learns a harsh lesson beneath Miss Debbie’s leather belt. Notice how she pins his wrist with one hand, while she raises the belt high with the other.

Proving that Strict Women can be compassionate as well as harsh, Miss Debbie allows her ward to retain his socks during punishment, so that his feet won’t chill as they flail helplessly in the air.

Video: Zoe Beats Her Boss

Miss Zoe plays a dominant Girl Friday who uses her natural superiority and old-fashioned blackmail to get the upper hand on her crusty boss. Bending the codger over his own desk, she takes the belt from his pants and whips him soundly.

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You’re Getting the Belt!

Dana Specht has a frightening assortment of spanking implements to choose from, but today she’s going to administer a very traditional, bare-bottom whipping using a common, everyday man’s belt.

As Dane reveals in her F/M Spanking World interview, if you visit her punishment room wearing a belt, it’s very likely that she’s going to slip it from your pants and use it on your backside sometime during the session. (Maybe you should consider suspenders.)

Of course if you’re not wearing a belt, or if the belt you have is just not substantial enough, Miss Dana has plenty of heavy, leather straps to beat you with.

Video: Bear Market Belting

Taylor St. Claire is a rich, beautiful and very dominant lady who just lost a small fortune thanks to her bumbling stockbroker.

If the incompetent trader wants to keep his job, he’ll have to accept the many painful and humiliating punishments that Taylor has in store for him.

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Video: Wrath of His Governess

Lounging on his bed, Tony doesn’t show Governess Persephone the proper respect when she tells him to clean his pigsty of a room.

Persephone responds quickly to Tony’s insubordination, slapping his sassy face, spanking his bottom and finally draping him over the bed for a belt whipping.

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