Video: Her Houseboy’s Belt Spanking

Eve is generally satisfied with her new houseboy, Billy, but she finds the lad does benefit from a good hairbrush spanking now and then, or even a paddling.

After she catches the scamp smoking in the house however, she decides it’s time for more severe discipline. Eve instructs Billy to assume the face-down position on her sofa for an old-fashioned butt whipping with a thick leather belt. As Billy has never been strapped before, he feels every lick keenly, and is soon whimpering, whining and howling with pain.

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Video: Bound for Her Belt

Private investigator Kelly Payne and Nurse Sheree are putting a hurt on disability fraud, one ass at a time.

After giving their latest suspect an intrusive physical exam, they tie the swindler down and strap his backside until he tearfully confesses everything.

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Whipped with His Own Belt

Flexing her toned shoulders and arms as she applies the leather, Miss Allison of Strict Women demonstrates yet another variation on the bend over the chair whipping position.

First Miss Allison makes the young man undo his belt and place it obediently into her experienced hands. Then the male’s pants and shorts are stripped down to his calves and he is forced to kneel on a chair next to her bed, with his hands flat on the mattress.

This configuration accomplishes two objectives: It raises male bottom to the ideal height for punishment and it dramatically limits the recipient’s movement, by removing his feet from the floor and placing him in an unfamiliar all fours position.

The young man may swivel his buttocks slightly from side to side, but there’s little he can do to avoid the savage licks from his very own belt.

Writhing Naked Under Her Belt

Kicking his legs and howling for mercy, another errant male learns a harsh lesson beneath Miss Debbie’s leather belt. Notice how she pins his wrist with one hand, while she raises the belt high with the other.

Proving that Strict Women can be compassionate as well as harsh, Miss Debbie allows her ward to retain his socks during punishment, so that his feet won’t chill as they flail helplessly in the air.

Video: Zoe Beats Her Boss

Miss Zoe plays a dominant Girl Friday who uses her natural superiority and old-fashioned blackmail to get the upper hand on her crusty boss. Bending the codger over his own desk, she takes the belt from his pants and whips him soundly.

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