Video: Summoned to Her Study

Nina Birch disciplines an errant academy man and woman in the privacy of her study. Since she’s dealing with a pair of repeat offenders, Miss Birch administers a generous helping of corporal punishment and humiliation – in hopes of setting both troublemakers on the right path.

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Video: Corporal Punishment Officer

Before dealing with the convicted prisoner before her, Miss Eleise de Lacy reads the following statement:

“It is the punishment officer’s legal duty to inflict each and every stroke of the sentence consistently, with maximum force and with the express intention of causing the offender the maximum amount of pain.”

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Gallery: Disciplinary Medicine

Dana Kane Femdom Spanking

A troublesome male patient incurs Dr. Kane’s wrath by refusing to comply with his physical therapy. After checking his vitals to ensure he’s healthy enough for corporal punishment, the good doctor spanks him soundly in several positions and with several implements.

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Dana Kane

Gallery: Double Office Discipline

Office Girls Femdom Spanking

Two beautiful and dominant lady executives decide to take sexy, painful revenge upon their male coworker. Using whippy canes and hard wooden paddles, the lingerie-clad mangers make very sure their underling will be sitting gingerly when he returns to his cubical.

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English Mansion Femdom