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Gallery: Young Wife Taught to Spank

FM Spanking Training

Special marriage counselor Jessica Wood teaches a young wife how to manage her husband, and cultivate marital bliss, with the time-honored practice of spanking. After watching Miss Wood’s corporal punishment techniques, the dominant bride is soon unleashing her own inner disciplinarian. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a new husband submitting to his wife’s paddle. … [Read more...]

Cassie Hunter Smacks His Hiney

Cassie Hunter Spanks Him Bare

Few forms of domestic discipline put an uppity man in his place faster than an old-fashioned, bare-bottom, over-the-knee spanking. Even if open-handed smacks aren’t as potent as the brush or slipper, the humiliation of being de-pantsed, upended and slapped across the biscuits is often enough to squelch any unacceptable male behavior. Of course, if Miss Cassie Hunter is … [Read more...]

Video: More F/M Hairbrush Spankings

Femdom Hairbrush Spanking

“How are you going to explain this red, bruised ass at the pool? I bet they’re all going to laugh at you,” she taunts, while vigorously smacking his bottom with her wooden hairbrush. That’s just one of the tannings showcased in Syren Hairbrush Scenes, a compilation video of hard F/M spankings administered by a host of gorgeous and strict disciplinarians, including Miss … [Read more...]

Video: Long Punishment Session

Spanking Her Slave

Using paddle, whip and cane, Miss Eleise de Lacy makes a new male toy prove that he’s worthy of her chastisements. Will the initiate endure his Lady’s severe corporal discipline like a good boy, or will he fail miserably? Click Here for free photos and video of a beautiful blonde disciplinarian laying it on hard. … [Read more...]

Gallery: Boss Lady Paddles Him

Gigi Spanks

Amazonian blonde Gigi Allens gives her shorter male underling a red-hot butt for failing to meet her expectations. After spanking him soundly with her hand, Miss Allens drives the message home with her hairbrush and a wooden OTK paddle. Click Here for a free photo gallery of this gorgeous disciplinarian busting ass in the workplace. … [Read more...]

Gallery: She’ll Slap You Silly

Cassie Hunter Slaps Him

While she’s known more for administering truly fearsome canings, strappings and over-the-knee spankings, Miss Cassie Hunter has no compunction about forcefully slapping a miscreant’s face if the situation warrants. (Her seasoned hand is guaranteed to wipe the smarmy smirk off of any man’s kisser.) Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Hunter confronting an … [Read more...]

Video: Cell Block Discipline

Cassie Hunter Institutional Birching

“You’ve been found guilty of two offences, which will be dealt with by means of severe corporal punishment,” the warden tells him, just before handing his ass over to disciplinarian Cassie Hunter. After securing her captive to the CP bench, Miss Hunter administers a merciless whipping with the heavy prison strap, followed by thirty strokes with her gnarled and knobby birch … [Read more...]