March 3, 2015

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Naked and Leg-Locked

Miss Lina uses the tried-and-true leg-lock method to pin down an idle male – who is also restrained by her arm about his hip — while she administers some old-fashioned, bare-bottom motivation with the flat of her hand.

Nudity is part of the punishment here. The rough abrasion of Miss Lina’s denim and leather against the male’s unclothed skin, not to mention the sting of her hand upon his upturned backside, greatly reinforces his feelings of exposure and vulnerability.

There’s little doubt who’s wearing the jeans during this encounter at Lina’s House of Discipline.

Video: Leg Locked and Hairbrushed

Miss Lina knows that applying a stout wooden hairbrush to a bare backside often succeeds where verbal warnings have failed.

“You are going to learn to behave yourself, in one way or another. And since talking to you doesn’t seem to do the trick, we’re going to try this instead!”

Take the free tour at Lina’s House of Discipline for photos and video of this hard-spanking Swede getting her point across.

Gallery: Under Two Hairbrushes

We posted a single image from this excellent photo set last year and now we’re very happy to present you with the complete free gallery, courtesy of Lina’s House of Discipline.

If a single wooden hairbrush can spank even pigheaded males into submission, then two hairbrushes must mean it’s time for scorched-earth punishment.

Seated comfortably upon his back and armed with a heavy brush in each hand, Miss Lina is well positioned to smack some lasting obedience into her male charge.

At least the young man has a pillow to cry on while the domestic She-Viking blisters his bottom.

New Galleries Posted!

We’re pleased to announce that our free F/M spanking Galleries page has been significantly expanded, thanks to generous submissions from Hard Spanking Vixens, Lina’s House of Discipline and Vixen Ladies.

Here’s just one example of the new photo sets: The strict and striking Miss Lina, in sexy office attire, makes her male coworker kneel naked on the desk so she can punish him with her hand and leather strap. Then his feet return to the floor and he bends forward to feel the sting of Miss Lina’s cane.

As you can tell from the end results, Miss Lina did a spectacular job of roasting the sorry sod’s bare behind. Click Here to see other free photos from this heavy corporal punishment scene.

Laughing at His Pain

Miss Lina (left) and friend are finding great amusement in this male’s bare-bottomed suffering, over at Lina’s House of Discipline. The crack of the tawse against his naked, rosy flesh (and the man’s vocal and physical response) bring wide smiles to their faces.

This is another example of how a discipline assistant can be useful in holding a transgressor in position for punishment. On a brighter note for the man, perhaps he’ll find a bit of loose change while he’s pressed down into the chair cushion.

The Three-Point Pin


Miss Lina of Lina’s House of Discipline demonstrates how to use gravity, physics and geometry to keep a naked backside squarely in the cross hairs.

Notice how Miss Lina’s bodyweight pins the condemned’s chest to the mattress, while the tops of her feet trap his upper arms. His legs may flutter and his body may writhe, but none of it will prevent Lina’s brush from reaching its target.

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