Naked Hairbrush Punishment

Strict Women has been delivering online F/M spanking content since 1999, and their web archives are simply packed with classic images and videos, like this hairbrush spanking photo featuring the lovely and uncompromising Miss Debbie. The stern Miss Debbie has long legs, a great figure and the disciplinary will to bend a naked man over … Continue reading “Naked Hairbrush Punishment”

Video: Her Blistering Hairbrush

Disciplinarian Irene Boss has a zero tolerance policy toward cigarettes. Light up in her school and she’ll smoke your butt soundly with her wooden hairbrush. This video also features face slapping, punishment lines, school paddling and appearances by guest spankers Lady Victoria and Miss Kat. Enjoy the free clip above and then Click Here if … Continue reading “Video: Her Blistering Hairbrush”

Cassie Hunter Strikes!

Long-limbed Cassie Hunter demonstrates her great prowess as a disciplinarian in one of the several F/M spanking scenes she appears in at Strict Women. Bent forward as he is to receive Miss Hunter’s paddle, this penitent fellow isn’t able to fully relish his spanker’s superior bone structure and toned physique, though he might catch a … Continue reading “Cassie Hunter Strikes!”

Gallery: Over Two Dominant Laps

It’s double jeopardy for a male scallywag as two PVC-clad disciplinarians join forces to tan his hide. This kinky collaboration offers several advantages. One shiny spanker can smack bottom while the other pins a flailing arm or slaps the backs of his kicking legs. Also, two pairs of shapely thighs create a wide and practical … Continue reading “Gallery: Over Two Dominant Laps”

Video: Cell Block Discipline

“You’ve been found guilty of two offences, which will be dealt with by means of severe corporal punishment,” the warden tells him, just before handing his ass over to disciplinarian Cassie Hunter. After securing her captive to the CP bench, Miss Hunter administers a merciless whipping with the heavy prison strap, followed by thirty strokes … Continue reading “Video: Cell Block Discipline”