Video: Double Judicial Caning

Looking chic and efficient in her stylish uniform, Miss Eleise de Lacy sentences an uncooperative male to an extended judicial caning. “One hundred strokes!” With that many blows to administer, it’s good that she’s assisted by her partner, the equally beautiful and proficient Miss Leia-Ann Woods. Between the two of them, they teach the condemned … Continue reading “Video: Double Judicial Caning”

Video: F/M Hairbrush Punishment

Renowned disciplinarian Irene Boss and her 19-year-old intern Missy put an uppity houseboy in his place with the hard and repeated application of the wooden hairbrush. Click Here to enjoy three free video clips of the Boss and Missy busting impudent male bottom, as well as an additional clip featuring an enthusiastic oral shoeshine.

Video: F/M Spanking Tube Updates

We’re pleased to announce that a host of additional F/M spanking previews have been added to our sister site F/M Spanking Tube. These video clips showcase some of the greatest disciplinary divas of all time, including Kelly Payne, Miss Mallory, Miss Gemini and many other strict ladies. So cover your butts and watch these premier … Continue reading “Video: F/M Spanking Tube Updates”