March 27, 2015

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The Three-Point Pin


Miss Lina of Lina’s House of Discipline demonstrates how to use gravity, physics and geometry to keep a naked backside squarely in the cross hairs.

Notice how Miss Lina’s bodyweight pins the condemned’s chest to the mattress, while the tops of her feet trap his upper arms. His legs may flutter and his body may writhe, but none of it will prevent Lina’s brush from reaching its target.

Photo Galleries

Enjoy these FREE photos and videos of serious, sexy women tanning the hides of disobedient men.

Strapped and caned nude at the office.

Barely-clad Miss Cherry punishes him in bed.

Paddled in front of the whole class.

Mean ebony vixen spanks skinny white guy.

Video: Caning scenes with four disciplinarians.

Court-ordered discipline: Stripped and spanked.

Audrey takes the paddle and hairbrush to poor Tom.

Straddled and strapped for messing up the bed.

Video: Women Who Spank Men II

Peeping tom gets a bare-butt thrashing.

Nina Birch strikes with hand, paddle and cane.

Video: Pretty gal straps him over the bed.

Naked redhead paddles him in the diaper position.

Caned all the way down his thighs!

Video: Hairbrushed by the Boss.

Dreamy Miss Lina wields the cruel bath brush.

Clare plays an angry mom with a hairbrush.

Topless cutie paddles him hard in the bathtub.

Bad lad is strapped on his bare butt.

Curvy Nurse Brandi spanks him with the brush.

Video: Spanked and paddled by young girlfriend.

Straddled and paddled with two hairbrushes.

Sexy goth goddess paddles and teases him.

Brutally caned by two young women.

Video: A CP Session with Pandora

Chesty blonde in lingerie spanks him good.

Betty and Kailee paddle him raw.

Caned by female airforce officer.

Video: Audrey Knight paddles him bare.

Sexy Kay spanks and straps Anthony.

Lacy underwear for her. Bare skin for him.

Blistered by pretty blonde disciplinarian.

Long legs, short skirt and a wicked, biting cane.

Video: Jason is spanked bare for downloading porn.

She straps his pale bottom hard.

Two men punished by sexy scout.

Kailee spanks in a slinky purple slip.

Pants down and bent over the caning box.

Lady boss gives him a good, hard spanking.

Paddled soundly by three pretty girls.

Clare smacks him with her black hairbrush.

Blonde vixen paddles his rear.

Punished outside by hard-hitting schoolgirl.

Mario bends over Rosario’s waiting lap.

Guy is strapped by the blonde.

Do you know what time it is, young man?

Lana strips down Ace’s boxers.

Paddled and caned for coming home late.

Video: Eric is paddled by his sexy boss.

Stunning vixen straps bare-bottomed man.

A really weird redheaded spanking witch.

She flashes her panties and canes him hard. 

Nurse Clare spanks her unruly male patient.



Repentance Is Guaranteed

Miss Catalina of Strict Women administers a legendary over-the-knee paddling that the sorry recipient will never forget. His unprotected bottom cheeks are simply no match for the firm and repeated application of her heavy wooden implement.

And as you can tell from Miss Catalina’s stoic expression, she doesn’t have an ounce of reluctance about laying the paddle on hard.

Gallery: Cassie Hunter Spanks

Long, strong limbs, a naturally dominant personality and plenty of practice make Cassie Hunter a disciplinarian to be feared, especially if you’re the poor sod bent over her desk.

With an eye on her subordinate’s trembling buttocks and her arm raised high, the Hunteress prepares to deliver a hiding he’ll never forget.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Hunter dispensing justice with her hand, slipper paddle and biting leather tawse.

Video: Her Blistering Hairbrush

Disciplinarian Irene Boss has a zero tolerance policy toward cigarettes. Light up in her school and she’ll smoke your butt soundly with her wooden hairbrush.

This video also features face slapping, punishment lines, school paddling and appearances by guest spankers Lady Victoria and Miss Kat.

Enjoy the free clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of the movie. (New users can enjoy 10 free minutes of online viewing.)

Video: Bare Bottom Switching

Bare Butt Switching

Predatory disciplinarian Miss Eleise stalks a male jogger on his daily run through the woods. Deciding he’s easy prey, she captures the young man and drags him off. He awakes blindfolded and tied to a tree, while Miss Eleise prepares to thrash his naked butt with a switch.

Click Here for free photos and video from this edgy Femdom punishment scene.

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