Miss Shanelle


Miss Shanelle is a lifelong, real-world spanking enthusiast, a professional disciplinarian and a web mistress based in the U.K.

Shanelle, thank you very much for chatting with us. To begin, how long have you personally been interested in adult spanking play?

I have been playing in real life since I was 17. Obviously that was behind closed doors and no one knew of my interest except for my partner at the time. It was a part of me earlier than that, but not something I would have ever dared tell anyone.

Was the spanking scene much different when you were first getting into it?

Very much so. It was something you didn’t discuss with others for fear they would think you strange and weird. Books and magazines were the only outlet for it.

With the onset of the Internet it became much easier to meet like-minded people and go to events and parties. There were a select few who were really into the scene and it was great to chat to them.

What made you decide to become a professional disciplinarian?

Funnily enough, it was a lovely guy who used to visit us for play in the privacy of our home. He would say, “You ought to do this professionally, as you hate the job you are doing now. Why not do something you love as long as you’re still able to pay your bills?”

I told him “I couldn’t do that as I enjoy it and it wouldn’t seem right!”

However after three months of him repeating his suggestion and another good friend telling me the same, I had a particularly horrible day at work. I decided to bite the bullet and get someone to set up a website for me, as I didn’t have a clue at that stage.

Do you feel that having experience as a bottom is helpful when topping someone else?

This is definitely one of my biggest gripes about the scene. I feel that you cannot administer a spanking correctly unless you personally know what each and every implement feels like. First-hand experience allows you to explain the sensations to your bottoms beforehand and to know what effect each implement is having during a spanking.

From my own point of view, I never try anything on anyone unless I have experienced it myself. This tells me if I can use certain implements and if certain individuals will be able to take them or not. It also helps me understand how to use each implement to maximum effect. (Laughs)

What sorts of scenes or role plays are most popular with your clients?

As with fashion trends, this changes over time. Most of my clients now just want to be spanked, slippered, caned, etc. As adults they don’t need any role play. The fact they are over my knee being spanked is sufficient for their enjoyment.

When I do role plays, domestic scenes such as Aunty/Nephew seem to be the most popular at the moment. There is a certain closeness with these scenarios and once we both get our heads into it, I can really make the bottom feel like he let me down badly. (Grins)

Adult school is the next most popular, because a lot of my clients can still remember corporal punishment being used when they were at school. It could also be the fact that this scenario is a little harsher, since for any role play I tend to use authentic implements. So within a school role play the cane is usually at the top of the list for the bottom to receive at some point.

What is the key to a great spanking role play?

Firstly, a discussion about what you both would like to gain from the session, mutual enjoyment for sure, retorts back and forth — otherwise there is no role play. Also trust between both players and most of all an understanding that this is for adult consensual fun whatever your choice of role.

Please tell us about your collection of costumes and uniforms. Do you have any favorites?

(Laughs) It would be difficult to list them all, as I have three wardrobes just for different uniforms from military, police, WRAF, USAF, German, Naval, to name a few.

Then I have lots of 1950s dresses with a variety of petticoats; skirts and blouses in many colors and materials; three pairs of equestrian jodhpurs in different colors complete with riding boots; authentic nurse and matron outfits; school uniforms in various colors; headmistress gown and mortar board; leather outfits and PVC outfits. As I said, far too many to list!

I like to wear my 1950s dresses with petticoats as they make me feel very feminine, but then I don something else and I like that too. It depends on the role I am playing.

I tend to look for genuine clothing rather than the sexy, fancy-dress type of costumes though I do have a few of those as well. I prefer the authentic look as it works better when in role.

Oh, and don’t get me started on shoes!!!

We understand you have a school room on the premises. Will you please describe it for us?

It is a nice, relaxing room — considering what it is used for. (Laughs)

I have a desk in there which is a great height for bending over, my captain’s chair which can be utilized for the same purpose, and a wrought iron desk which is absolutely ideal for school-room punishment. Once bottoms are bent over correctly, it is quite comfortable for them to remain there for awhile.

I also have a double school desk, folding desks and a bookcase holding factual and text books. There is also a blackboard on an easel with an old board eraser that was actually shipped from the U.S. by a lovely friend.

Of course I have a straight-backed chair to use for over-the-knee spankings, as well as a spanking bench and a small padded bench which I sometimes use for OTK.

On the walls I have school posters and a periodic table. I also have an abacus for those who can’t keep count! Then there is a vase where I stand all my canes and other long implements, plus a coat hook where I hang the canes I wish to use that particular day. I like to rotate my implements so they don’t feel left out…

Please tell us about your extensive collection of spanking implements.

I made the mistake many, many years ago of buying some implements from a sex shop that were poorly made and quite frankly no use. I decided after that I would seek out only implements that were made to last.

I have lots of small, medium and large leather paddles; many straps in different sizes and thickness; wooden paddles, including my antique butter pat paddle; several hairbrushes of varying woods; quite a number of crops; and plimsolls both worn and unworn.

My collection also includes over 70 pairs of slippers, all of which have different soles so they vary in sting. There is also the carpet beater, martinet, rubber ferula, plastic paddles, Teflon paddles, switches, birches, rulers, many varieties of canes, and kitchen implements such as the wooden spoon, spatula and fish slice.

It has been a long time since I counted up exactly how many implements I have. The list could go on and on once I start opening boxes and cupboards.

That’s a lot of slippers! Why so many?

(Laughs) I wear slippers often and I suppose it stems back to years ago when that’s what all women wore most of the time. My mother imparted this to me.

Each slipper is individual, from the way it’s made, to the pattern, the top and naturally the sole. Playing with them is great as each one is so different to hold, to feel and to use. They vary from “touching like a duster” to “Yeowch! That one really stings!”

This is brilliant, as every person I see is an individual too and each one will have a totally different reaction to the slipper soles meeting with their bottoms. I know each slipper personally and they are like friends to me. It sounds silly I suppose, but if you care for them, they will work for you for years.

We know it’s difficult to pick favorites, but are there any particular toys that you often find yourself reaching for?

I have the ideal one with me all the time — my hand! Seriously, I love using my hand for spanking. The contact of my hand meeting bare flesh is great, the sound it makes is wonderful, and I just love to see the white canvas in front of me turn to red, knowing I did that with my hand.

Yes, it is very difficult to pick my favorites implements, but I have two red paddles that are lovely to use both OTK and bent over. One is shaped like a hairbrush and imparts a wonderful sting and the second has red PVC on one side and foam-rubber raised points on the other. I don’t use that side.

I also love using my full-collar slippers, especially when the soles are worn so they impart a nice sting. Then I would have to say the cane. I tend to go for lightweight ones which are not too thick, as they deliver the best sting and for me the best reaction from the person bent over. Plus they leave lovely lines!

If a gentleman wanted to contact you about a professional spanking session, how should he proceed?

He should visit my website — Miss Shanelle — first and foremost. That way he can read what I will and will not allow during a session, plus he can view my photographs and free clips to get an idea of whom he will be meeting and what will take place.

I also ask clients to contact me initially via email. I am usually not able to take phone calls during the day because I’m busy spanking some miscreant. Evenings and weekends I have my family around, so it’s not always convenient to talk on the phone.

Email also allows a prospective client to go into detail about what he wants from a session, without being as nervous.

Between your live sessions, websites and personal play, do you ever get tired of spanking?

This is a question I have been asked a few times and the answer is no. Spanking is a part of my being — always has been and always will be. I love it, therefore I have to do it. Fellow spankos will understand.

I am very fortunate in that I can play most days, be it in sessions, shoots or personal play. I never forget that and it’s just great that I have met so many lovely people with whom I can share my interest.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

I did go through a period in my life where I didn’t play for a time due to family commitments. I missed it terribly as it is always there, a fragment of who I am.

I stopped trying to delve into the psychology of it long ago as this wastes valuable time. I accept it now and completely enjoy and relish playing for real with like-minded adults whom have also learnt that there are others out there who feel the same way they do.

I have no wish to turn back the clock and I appreciate the two guys who gave me the courage to take the step forward and do something I love. I would also like to mention my husband who is my best friend, my tower of strength and has supported me no matter my choices. The good friends we have both made through the scene will be in our hearts forever.