Miss Jessica

Miss Jessica is a strict and sometimes wickedly cruel disciplinarian, video producer and web mistress based in Watford, 20 minutes north from Euston, London.


Miss Jessica, you’re both a professional disciplinarian and a spanking video producer.  How did you get into this line of work?Jessica Wood-110

I’ve always had a dominant nature throughout my life, and have always been the boss in my relationships!

I started glamour and fetish modelling in 1999, then in 2003 Full Force Productions emailed me about doing a shoot for them and it seemed like a fantastic idea. They trained me in CP properly. Bizarrely, at the same time another website that specialised in femdom wrestling and face sitting asked me to appear on their websites. Again, I thought why not!

The final piece of the puzzle came when a sub emailed me, and after a bit of persuasion, I did my first 1-2-1 session. I haven’t looked back since as I love doing it all.

In regards to being a spanking video producer, I started doing my own films back in 2007 and then started my own members site at the end of 2008. I love doing my own videos as it allows me to do what I want and act out all my fantasy roles.

We understand that you have an extensive collection of outfits and uniforms that you wear for different spanking scenarios. Please tell us a little about that.

My main two role-play scenarios are either headmistress or office boss and therefore, I have a vast collection of knee-length skirts and blouses which I love wearing. They’re all so smart and classy.

In addition to this, I have many pairs of gorgeous high-heeled shoes. If people prefer something a little more formal I have quite a few suits as well.

As for more quirky outfits, I also have nurse, maid, beauty therapist, cheerleader, witch, bunny girl, schoolgirl and policewoman! Then apart from uniforms, I have lots and lots of other tops, skirts and dresses, oh, and a small collection of PVC and leather as well.

What sorts of corporal punishment scenarios do you especially enjoy and why?

I particularly enjoy role-play scenarios as they really use my imagination and bring out my creative side. It’s so hard to pick a favourite scenario, as I really can’t choose between being a strict headmistress or a stern office boss. I love them both!

On your site, you say the cane has become your favourite tool for punishing a naughty bottom. Why is that?

When I was first trained using a cane I found it incredibly hard to get a powerful, accurate stroke. But now after many years practice I can deliver repetitive, powerful strokes and a judicial caning is now my ultimate favourite punishment. Also, I just love the swish of a cane through the air. It makes the best noise!

How do you define judicial caning?

A judicial caning would be at least 50 strokes of a cane all in succession. This is only for the very brave and, of course, those who can be marked.

What sorts of canes do you like to use and how do they differ?

I have a selection of canes: A nursery rattan, a junior rattan, a dragon smoked, a carbon fibre and a classic hook-handled rattan cane.

The nursery cane is my favourite as it’s light and whippy. The junior rattan is a bit thicker and the dragon smoked rattan is the thickest of them all, just like an old fashioned school cane. The carbon fibre is medium thickness but not flexible in the slightest. Because of this, I don’t find it very satisfying or effective to use.

You say you’re also fond of using hairbrushes on a deserving backside. Why is that?

I like using hairbrushes because they give me very close contact with a naughty bottom so I can see the impact of my punishment instantly. Hairbrushes are excellent for reddening up bottoms very quickly.

We’ve read that you have a favourite tawse.  Please tell us about that. Jessica Wood-245

It’s a long, tanned, split tawse and the reason it’s my favourite is simply because it hurts the most out of everything in my tawse collection, especially over the hands.  It looks like a Lochgelly tawse as well, which I have unfortunately yet to obtain for my collection.

When new clients approach you for a CP session, what are they typically looking for?

Typically a CP role-play based scenario such as headmistress. Depending what implements and other activities they are into, I tailor the session according to their needs.

In your mind, what are the keys to a great spanking session?

From my side of things, a good role-play scenario which captivates my imagination and gives me enough reason to punish them throughout an hour’s session or more.

When it comes to the sub, good communication from them before the session and good responses during a session. I hate it when people are completely silent!

Please tell us a little about your website.  What will visitors find there?

You will be able to find out a lot more about me and my sessions, see lots of lovely photos and view my FAQ page. I even have a gift list for any subs who would like to get into my good books!  There is also a link to my forum, where you can chat with me and other like-minded people.

In my members area you will find full-length clips, a monthly drawing to win a free half-hour session and photographs of me at work.

I predominantly do CP videos, but every month I either have a ballbusting,or facesitting clip in my members area and then there are lots of individual clips of both in my Clips4Sale store.

What can subscribers expect to see in a Miss Jessica video?

I generally do two types of videos:

Role play based, like a strict boss telling off a naughty employee and inevitably punishing him for it.

The other videos are game based. For example, I used a magic ball and asked it whether the punishment I had pre-typed-out (12 cane strokes) should be applied to my sub.

In both types of films I use a variety of different implements, scenarios and wardrobe.

If someone is interested in booking a spanking session, is there anything they should know?

I have a dedicated room devoted to my punishment sessions, with a glorious old-fashioned English school desk and wooden chair with many implements close to hand!

I am always in demand and extremely busy with my sessions as I only work alternative Fridays and weekends. I generally need bookings to be made at least two weeks in advance, so if anyone’s interested in a session please email me at jessica@missjessicawood.co.uk, giving as much notice as possible.