Miss Chris

Standing six feet tall in her bare feet, the big-handed and warm-hearted Miss Chris is a celebrated disciplinarian, life coach and web mistress based in Phoenix, Ariz. Miss Chris offers a variety of professional spanking sessions and has showcased her disciplinary talents in videos for Shadow Lane, Clare Fonda and Sarah Gregory.

Thank you for talking with us today, Miss Chris. How long have you been interested in spanking?

It started way back in Catholic school for me. I remember having somewhat unusual fantasies as a Catholic schoolgirl, mostly on the receiving end.

I had crush on my Catholic English teacher back in third and fourth grade. I would fantasize about running, trying to escape, then finally being captured and him flinging me over his knee, which was followed by a flurry of spanks over my uniform.

At about the same time, I had a Phys Ed teacher who carried a fairly large fraternity paddle that was wound with spongy, white athletic tape. Any time he paddled a student with it, he made that student sign on the tape. When the coach filled up the paddle with signatures, he wound a fresh layer of athletic tape around it. So essentially he had years and years of naughty student signatures buried under layers of athletic tape.

Even though he didn’t use the paddle all that frequently, he always brandished it. I was a very good Catholic schoolgirl and I almost never did anything wrong to warrant punishment, but I would always think about that paddle and how bad I would have to be to receive it.

When did you come out of the spanko closet and decide to become a professional disciplinarian?

I was very good at repression and denial throughout junior high, high school and even college. Subsequently I never talked about any of these things until I was in my thirties. That’s when I came out of the closet screaming, with my hair on fire, never to return.

I actually came into the lifestyle as a bottom. But soon after, I met a professional dominatrix who just assumed that I was a top. One day she asked if I would like to be the second dominant lady in a professional session. That about blew my head off, because I had only bottomed up to that point.

The client was a very large, tall man who wanted an OTK spanking. I had never spanked anyone in my life, but I figured I would watch the other lady and mirror whatever she did. Well, I arrived at the location and she tells me, “I’m feeling under the weather today, so I need you to take the reins of this scene.”

I didn’t know anything about warm up. I didn’t know anything about scolding. I didn’t know anything about building anticipation. I literally flung the client over my knee, yanked down his trousers and spanked him with my hand as hard and as fast as I possibly could.

The other woman just sat in the corner and watched the entire time. The scene ended, the fellow got up and left, and the woman looked at me and said, “You didn’t tell me you could spank like that.”

So basically the client received a punishment hand spanking.

Right out of the gate. After a couple of hours, my right hand was black and blue. There were red dots all up and down my entire forearm from broken capillaries – but it was a really good soreness.

I received a phone call from the fellow the next day telling me that that was the best spanking he had ever received in his entire life. Because of his size, disciplinarians frequently could not even put him over their laps, much less deliver an effective spanking in that position.

I was very pleased of course. And he went on to ask, “Have you thought about doing this professionally?” He eventually became my first professional client and the rest is history.

You entered the scene as a bottom. When you started topping, how did you feel about that?

To me it’s a totally different mindset. I get completely different things from topping than I do from bottoming. I don’t like to define topping as sadistic. I don’t like to call it pain for pain’s sake. I consider myself more of a service top, in that I like to take people on the journey that they’ve always wanted to go on, but couldn’t get there themselves.

I love to spank and I love to see the light go on in people’s eyes. And I love the chemistry, the intimacy and growing close to somebody through bare-bottom, over-the-knee contact.

I’ve always been very theatrical and the role plays I do really scratch that itch for me. I also release a tremendous amount of stress when I spank. So it’s very cathartic, both emotionally as well as physically.

As a top, how do you read a bottom and know how far to take them?

That’s a good question. Some bottoms are difficult to read, but I would say with at least 75 to 80 percent, whether they are vocal or not, their body language tells me how far I can go with them.

It’s the look in their eyes, the tone of the voice, the feel of their skin, whether they’re sweating and whether the sweat is cold and clammy or whether it’s warm. Also how shallow or how quick their breathing is.

In most of my sessions I will start out with my wimpiest implement, which is usually my hand. I start out slow and light and I keep ramping up until I start to get resistance. That resistance might be verbal or it could be their body tensing up, anticipating the stroke.

Once I get that resistance, I try to maintain the intensity for a little while, because once the body comes under a certain amount of physical stress, it will release endorphins and adrenaline which allow us to take more. So if I plateau off a little bit, I allow the endorphins to start circulating though the body. Then I can start to ramp up again.

It also depends on how far the bottom wants to go. For some people it’s about pushing their limits. For others it’s about the role play, or the forgiveness, or the cathartic release.

How would you describe what you do as a professional disciplinarian?

People tend to think of professional domination as the leather-clad dominatrix with whips and chains. I like to think of myself as domi-nurtrix. In other words, I provide professional domination, however it’s usually based on a desire for behavior modification and it is ultimately set up to assist the person. I feel that what I do helps to build people up, rather than debasing or humiliating them.

My desire is always to take that person on a journey, or to help them achieve their goals and objectives through discipline and through spanking. Whether that’s for real-life offences or whether it’s a made-up role play, it’s still the same dynamic.

Very frequently I play a mother, auntie, governess or babysitter — female authority figures that are maternal and nurturing. They’re not spanking you for some sadistic joy. Rather they’re doing it to make you a better person. That philosophy surrounds all of my professional discipline.

You describe yourself as a spanking traditionalist. What do you mean by that?

I’m not one of those whips and chains folks. I don’t use dungeon furniture. I’m not going to put you up on a St. Andrew’s cross. I’m probably not going to suspend you from the ceiling.

A spanking traditionalist is somebody who uses traditional implements like the hairbrush, the wooden spoon, the razor strop, or the birch or a cane if you’re in the English tradition. Also traditional positioning like over the knee or bent over a bed. Methods that school teachers, nurses, mothers, etc., used in days of old to correct people.

I understand that you’re six feet tall in your bare feet and have an athletic background, correct?

Very athletic. I was a volleyball player. I played basketball. I played tennis back in my childhood.

I’m not a skinny ninny. I’ve got some muscle tone, curves and a little bit of heft — all of which help me do what I do. A person can be comfortable over my lap while I’m making them very uncomfortable with my hand. And that’s good.

I also have particularly long limbs. A long arm provides added leverage and long legs are really great for leg pinning or leg locks. Usually I can get both of my legs around the whole trunk of somebody’s lower body to hold them in place if they’re particularly squirmy.

Let’s talk about your big hands. How do they enhance your ability to administer a spanking?

Well, my hand is my most versatile implement and it is my favorite implement. With just my hand I can create a great many different sensations. I can cup it, I can splay my hand, I can smack with the fingers, I can smack with the palm. It’s just really versatile.

Besides your mighty hand, what are some of your other favorite spanking implements?

I really love long, supple leather straps, particularly the London Tanner’s domestic discipline strap. I take that everywhere with me. It’s has a really nice bite to it.

As far as wooden implements, of course a hairbrush is critical to have. Looking at my toy chest here, I’m counting at least two dozen hairbrushes.

But my very favorite is a brush that I’ve nicknamed “Mother,” which is short for “Mother of all hairbrushes.” Mother is about the size and shape as one of the Nu-West/Leda hairbrushes, but it’s about five times heavier. The brush is made out of laminated bamboo and actually cut down from a long-handled bath brush. It is just absolutely wicked.

I bring Mother along with me virtually everywhere. People ask how Mother is doing, and I always reply that “She’s doing very well, but she’s hungry.”

Please tell us about Jenni Mack, the young lady who appears in some of your videos for Clare Fonda Productions and Shadow Lane.

Jenni is my submissive, she lives with me and we have a 24/7 disciplinary relationship. Basically she has entrusted me with her behavior.

Jenni is a very well-behaved person in general, but she doesn’t like to disappoint. So when she feels guilty about something, she will come and say “Ma’am I think I need to be corrected.”

She also receives maintenance spankings. Sometimes Jenni hasn’t done anything wrong but every Sunday she’s still going to get a spanking, which kind of sets her right for the week. People have different ideas about maintenance spankings, but for us it really works.

If someone is interested in booking a professional spanking session, what is the protocol?

People can contact me either via email or via the web-form application on my website. Frequently I’ll get an email first, asking some questions. After I answer those, if the person is interested in taking the next step, I will encourage them to complete an application via my web form. That gives me a lot of details and it’s a really good starting place to begin negotiating a scene.

If a client visits you for his or her first adult spanking, how do you ease any nervousness that person might have?

I love working with first timers, whether it’s their first time with me or if they’ve never been spanked as an adult before.

We’ll have lots of conversations beforehand, on the phone and in person the day of the session. They can ask any questions they want to, no matter how silly they might think they are. The ability to ask questions is vital.

When I talk to clients before a session, it’s as somebody who wants to introduce them to spanking, not as somebody who just wants to beat their ass. It’s important that they know that I’m just a regular person who wants to welcome them and make them feel comfortable.

When you first entered spanking scene, did you ever imagine you’d be performing in videos, spanking clients professionally and tending a live-in submissive?

Never in my wildest dreams. I can only thank the universe for that, because I would have never have thought of it myself.

I try to let go and let the universe decide the different routes for me. Sometimes I’m compelled to do something and I don’t know where the feeling comes from, but if I go ahead and do it, usually it’s made clear. I really try and have faith.

Nowadays, I wake up and I love what I do. I get to have fun and make money at the same time. I’m not going to get rich doing this, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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