Dana Specht

Professional disciplinarian Dana Specht, of Carmel, Calif., is well known in the adult CP community. In addition to administering spankings of all intensity levels to deserving men and women, Dana also hosts a popular website featuring an extensive collection of picture sets, audio files and video clips.

dana6Dana, thanks very much for taking part in this interview. Would you please explain what you do for a living?

I administer domestic-style discipline to naughty boys and girls. I like to consider myself a therapist, because a lot of people come to me for real life issues. Others just want to regress back to being a naughty little boy or girl.

The sessions are done here in my own home in a private bedroom. I love role-playing, where I’m a mother or an aunt or a teacher. Or if it’s a real life issue, then we take it from there.

I have to say that your telephone voice is much less intimidating than the audio clips posted on your website.

Oh, I know. Some of those audio scoldings even scare me sometimes.

 Many ProDoms include spanking on their list of services, but professionals who actually specialize in domestic discipline are rare. Is there a lot of demand for what you do?

Yes there is, because there aren’t too many of us out there. I think age has a lot to do with it. I’m 50 and I deal with a lot of naughty boys who are my age or older, and a lot of younger ones too.

I’m from an era where spanking was a normal part of growing up. It was a form of punishment in my family, and for all the neighborhood kids. I think this is why people who are into spanking like to come and see me, because I really understand domestic discipline. I grew up surrounded by it, I raised my own boys with it, and I still believe in it today.

On your website, you mention that authority comes naturally to you, perhaps because you had to assume a lot of responsibility at an early age.

My mom died when I was 11 and my sister was only five. I remember my father saying “I’m going to have to depend on you now to help raise your sister.” So even though I was just 11 years old, that forced me to grow up in a hurry.

My sister could be a little brat – hair-washing time was always terrible – and I pretty much disciplined her around the house. I always won out in the end.

Then I married quite young, at 17, and I had my two boys. Being a young mother I just jumped in with both hands and feet, and I did a good job of raising them.

Is it safe to say that you were and are a strong-willed individual?

I like to be in charge. At the other jobs I’ve had I always hated taking orders. I vowed that one day I would have my own business, never dreaming that it would be this type of a thing. But this is perfect because I am always in charge and I call the shots. I love it.

I understand you are a former competitive body builder. Is a certain amount of strength an asset in this line of work?

I get big naughty boys and girls across my lap, and it’s pretty hard to hang onto them with my left hand and whale away while they’re squirming and wiggling. I don’t tie them down. I don’t use any restraints at all. It’s just my body weight, my muscle, my strong will, and my voice keeping them in place.

But after the sessions are over, the whole right side of my body is pretty sore from doing all that. I’m sure it’s because of my age.

So when some men – and not too many of them do this – act surprised when they hear what I charge for a session, I tell them, “With the wear and tear that I put on my body to put you across my lap give you the spanking you deserve, I don’t mind at all charging what I charge.”

It must be particularly hard on your right hand.

No. Everybody asks me that and I do spank very hard with my hand, as you can see in my video clips.

For some reason, my hand never gets red, sore or bruised. It must be the way I hold it. I kind of make it like a little tent. And then that sweet spot — the round, fleshy part of the bottom — is where I land it, and the impact is evenly distributed throughout my whole hand.

I’ve seen some men who turned the pads of their fingers purple while spanking a naughty girl. And I tell them, “Well, you’re holding your hand wrong. It’s not supposed to be all on the pads of your fingers; it’s supposed to be on your whole hand.”

You have a reputation for being hard handed, correct? 

Some of my clients have said that I spank harder with my hand than some people do with a strap or a paddle.

Now I always start off with my hand, but if I get a heavy player, I’ll work from my hand to leather straps, then wooden hairbrushes and wooden paddles. When I get a client to the point where he can take a good paddling with the wood, then I’ll drop the paddle and go right back to my hand, and it’s still pretty effective.

How did you first become interested in this line of work? 

My husband showed me some magazines and videos. In the magazines I saw ads for ladies offering spanking services and thought, I can do that. I can do that, because I’ve done that. I know exactly where it’s coming from, because I’m a mother. I know how to put somebody across my lap, I know the proper ritual and I know the scolding.

My age is my asset here. I’m fortunate to have all these memories of the different mothers on the block yelling at their kids. “You get in here or you’re going to get a licking. Just wait until I get my hands on you.” You know. When I was raising my own boys, it just came naturally.

The verbal part is 98 percent of the spanking session as far as I’m concerned. And also the forgiveness and the caring afterwards. That’s so important.

Did you jump in right away?

Like I said, when I saw the magazines and the advertisements, I thought, gee, I want to work for myself, I want to be my own boss, and this is exactly my calling. I didn’t have to go to school to learn how to do this because it’s natural for me. All I’m doing is doing exactly what I did with my boys when they were teenagers, only the boys who see me now are a little older.

I’m the type, that if I’m into something, and I enjoy it, then I am going to be the best at it. The same goes with being a disciplinarian. As soon as I did it, I knew I liked this.

It made me feel so good knowing that that first naughty boy left having received exactly what he wanted and needed. As I watched him walk, it was like he was walking on air, with his head held up again and feeling so good. It was almost like a little Catholic boy leaving confession.

Most people in the scene have had CP fantasies from a very young age. What is your personal interest in spanking?

With me there’s never anything erotic about spanking a client. It’s a personal satisfaction in my heart knowing that I am going to get as deep into his head and come as close to his fantasy as I can. I know I always do this. I’ve never had a dissatisfied naughty boy, and that just makes me feel so good.

Who comes to you for a session? What are they looking for? 

As you said, most people have had this fantasy for as far back as they can remember. I have some clients as young as their early 20s right up to those in their 70s.

The types of people vary. Some of them want to be little boys again. Some of them are in high-profile positions themselves, where they are in charge all the time, and they just want me to be the boss for a little while.

Sometimes new clients will ask, “What’s it going to be like when I come to see you and you open the door?” I have no idea. It all depends on the mood, on the dialogue that we’re using and on the feedback that I’m getting from the client.

When I have a client and the session is going along so nicely for the both of us, I’m reading his body language and he’s reading mine, it’s almost like a dance. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to do next. I don’t have to plan ahead. It just comes naturally.

Ceremony and dialogue are important elements in CP role-play. Can you explain how you create the right atmosphere for a spanking scene? 

What I do first, it doesn’t matter if it’s his first time or his 100th time, is take the client into the living room where we sit and chat for a little bit. Sometimes my clients are nervous. Also many of the people who come to see me travel from San Francisco, San Jose or L.A. So they’ve had a little road trip and I like to get them to come in and relax.

Once I see the client start to relax a little bit, then I’ll pounce on him and get down to business. I’ll hike my skirt up and say, “Now, tell me what you’re here to see me for.” And all of a sudden I see the change in his face. Once again he’s nervous and jittery, and his fingers are shaking.

If he’s sent me an email or we’ve discussed what the scenario is going to be over the phone, and I already know what implements he prefers, then I have that all behind me. I tell him it’s time to go to the spanking room, and I lead the way. Then I open the spanking room door and in he goes.

In the spanking room I have a dresser with a mirror above it and all of my implements are all lined up on the dresser, and my spanking chair is in the corner. I tell him to take a seat on the chair. Then I strut around in front of him and tell him why he’s here and what’s going to happen to him, and I give him a little orientation on all of my implements, which scares the hell out of him. And I tell him what positions he’s going to be in.

Now when I’m going through this, chances are I might not use all of those implements that I’ve warned him about. But so much of this talk is very important to the session, because for so many of these naughty boys, certain words are a turn-on, like spank, bare bottom, I’ll take your pants down, and red, and blistered, things like this. So I watch the reaction that I’m getting from the client, just to know what key words I’ll use later on to get his attention.

Then I tell him to get up off the chair and get ready for his spanking. I tell him to remove his shoes and his socks, and while he’s doing that I’m saying, “You are in big trouble now. Tell me why you’re here.” And I make him tell me why he’s going to get a spanking.

Meanwhile he’s trying to undo the laces of his shoes, and they’re knotted up, and he’s shaking, and I’m just loving it. Then I tell him to take his shirt off and put it over the back of the chair over by my other dresser. Then sometimes he’ll go for his pants, and I’ll tell him “No, that’s my job. I’ll remove your pants.”

Then I’ll tell him to take the chair that he’s been sitting on – my spanking chair – and put it in the center of the room, with the back of the chair toward the wall. He’ll usually get this mixed up because he’s so nervous and he’ll put the chair around the wrong way and it’s all crooked, and I tell him to do it again.

So then I take my seat in the spanking chair and I practically have to haul him over to me a little closer, and his hands are at his waistband because he knows I’m going to undo his pants. I like to be very dramatic about this, especially if he’s wearing a belt. I’ll tell him, “When a naughty boy comes to visit me and he’s wearing a belt, that means I have to take that belt out of your belt loop,” – and as I’m saying it I’m doing it – “because I’m going to take your very own belt to you.” Then I take his belt off and throw it on the bed.

Next I undo the buttons on his pants and tug them all the way down to his ankles. Then I tell him to step out of his pants, fold them up neatly and put them with his shirt over the back of the chair, and then come back over to me. He’s in his underwear at this point and I put my fingers under the waistband and I slowly tug his underwear down, make him step out of them, and have him put the underwear over with his shirt and pants. Then as he turns around I’ll say to him, “Look at you, naked and vulnerable here in my room with me, getting ready to go across my lap for a spanking!”

Then I make him turn around and look at his naked bottom in the mirror and I tell him how lily white it is. Not a mark on it. I ask him what color he thinks that bare bottom of his is going to be when I’m through spanking him. And he tells me, “Red.”

I always have my red leather paddle on the dresser, and I point to that red leather paddle and tell him, “This is the color I’ll compare your bottom with. And if your bottom is not as red as this paddle, then I’m going to have to do something a lot more severe.”

Then I bring him over to my right side and I tell him to keep his hands at his sides. I cross my legs with my skirt hiked up and look up at him, shake my finger and scold him.

Then I tell him to bend over my lap. Most of the time, my naughty boys are bent over like a tee-pee, they’re so nervous. And I start patting him on his bottom, and I rub and I say, “You just settle yourself right down here. You can’t hurt me. I’ve had bigger and heavier naughty boys across my lap.” Then I feel his body relax a little bit, because I’m still rubbing and gently patting, just getting used to his bare bottom, this target that I have. And I continue to rub and pat and scold him, reminding him why he’s here and why I’m about to spank him.

I also tell him that I’m going to spank him because I care about him. And I ask him, “You understand this now, don’t you?” It’s not because you’re a bad boy, because I don’t deal with bad boys. I deal with naughty boys.”

Do most clients understand your distinction between bad and naughty? 

I had one naughty boy, we were halfway through a pretty heavy session, and I said to him, “Tell me again why you are being spanked so hard.”

He said, “Because I’m horrible!”

And I stopped and I said, “You look at me. You are not horrible. And you’re not bad. You’re naughty, but you’re not horrible.”

Then I spanked him harder for that.

Going back to something we touched on earlier, lots of ProDoms spank, but few really understand the CP mindset. 

That’s true. I’ve heard stories of women chewing gum during a session, or smoking a cigarette, or eating half a sandwich, with a very lackadaisical, come on let’s get this over with attitude. Can you imagine how the client feels in a situation like that? You can’t treat this like a production line.

After all, the client who comes to see me had to get up enough courage to actually make the phone call, and then book the appointment, and then he realizes, “Oh my God, this is really going to happen. I’m finally going to get a spanking after all these years.” Then to actually go through with it. It’s very courageous to go to a complete stranger’s house and expose your deepest, darkest secret.

If my client goes through all that, I want the experience to be as close to the fantasy in his head as possible.

If someone is interested in visiting a professional disciplinarian, how should he or she proceed? 

What gets me is a nice, polite letter. I hate these emails where somebody just says, “I need a spanking.” Not even a hello. I don’t even bother answering them.

Send a nice, polite letter telling me about yourself. I don’t want pages and pages of “this is what I want it to be like.” I just scroll past all of that.

Ask what days and times I’m available, and ask when I’m available to talk on the phone. That’s something I insist on, rather than just booking an appointment on the Internet. I like to talk to clients on the phone, so I can get a better feel for what they need.

And please, if you can’t make it to an appointment, an email or a phone call would be nice. I’ve been around the block enough now that I don’t bother getting myself all ready for a session until I’m pretty sure the naughty boy is going to show up.

If somebody makes an appointment for next week, and then calls me the night before the session, and then calls when he’s on his way, if he follows these steps, then I know it’s worth it for me to put $2 worth of makeup on my face, and get my hair done up, and get my room set up, and sit there and wait for him. If a client doesn’t do that, then chances are that he’s not going to show up. And I can understand somebody having cold feet. I’m not going to yell at you, but I would appreciate a call.

It’s worth mentioning that while there are some harsh scenes on your website, your actual sessions vary widely in intensity, according to what each particular client is looking for. 

There are some scary pictures and video clips on my website, and they might make some people think that I’m brutal. But I’m not. I can give a very light, erotic spanking, on up to a medium or heavy session.

If marks are a problem, I certainly will honor that, because I don’t want a naughty boy to go home and get into trouble. Of course, I can’t absolutely guarantee that I won’t accidentally leave a red mark or a bruise because of differing skin types and skin tones.

Safe words are fine. If a client wants to use a safe word, I will certainly honor that too. It’s your session. You tell me where you want to take it to.

Sometimes naughty boys and girls just need a good tongue lashing, and sometimes they need a hard spanking. Either way, I want to give my clients exactly what they’re looking for. That’s my job.