Clare Fonda

It’s no exaggeration to say that Clare Fonda is one of the biggest names in adult spanking content. In addition to being a well-known spanking model, Clare is also a video producer, web mistress, stand-up comedian and the headliner for her own F/M corporal punishment site, Clare Spanks Men.

Clare, thanks so much for chatting with us. To begin, we understand that you survived a year of Catholic high school. Did any of that experience seep into your spanking videos?

I would say that Catholic high school sent me kicking and screaming into a wild public high school where my deviant side was nurtured. I don’t know how spending the whole four years at Pope John Paul II High would have affected me.

You’ve also performed stand-up comedy. Does it help to have a sense of humor about the whole spanking thing?

I think a sense of humor helps everything and it comes out a lot. I have to consciously reel it in or channel it. I do tend to laugh when I am being spanked though, and that is an honest reaction.

What’s your favorite spanking-related or kink-related joke?

“Jesus. He forgot the safe word.” I guess that one year in Catholic School did make an impression.

You worked as a bottom in a North Hollywood dungeon for a time. What made you interested in that profession?

I always had fantasies about being a stripper, but I can’t dance. In a dungeon you are often tied up so there was no chance of me falling on anyone, although I found plenty of ways to embarrass myself!

We understand that you also worked as a professional Top. How does that experience factor into your website content?

I have worked as a Pro Top and the whole attitude is helpful no matter what kind of spanking you are giving, whether it’s mother/daughter or scenes for my F/M site.

When you decided to get into the spanking video business, what are some of the things you wanted to do differently to make your videos stand out?

When I first started the videos, I wanted to use my friends who worked in dungeons and really understood the lifestyle. As time went on, I learned more and more about the product, and now we can use a first-time spanking model and have it come out very well.

You operate several websites that are mostly F/F – Girl Spanks Girl, My Spanking Roommate, Spanked Call Girls and Spanked Sweeties. What made you interested in launching the F/M site Clare Spanks Men?

There were so many men writing in, needing to be spanked, and just not enough good sites out there for F/M. Plus there were a lot of great female Tops who were being underused.

You’ve recruited some outstanding Tops to be part of Clare Spanks Men. In particular, please tell us about Lana.

Lana really entertains me when she thoroughly beats the crap out of a poor S.O.B.

Who are some of the other spankers that your subscribers really seem to enjoy?

Audrey Knight has been great on Clare Spanks Men. On my other sites, Snow Mercy has been my go-to-girl as a sexy spanking auntie this year, so it’s great to finally have her on CSM too! Newcomer Mary Jane has also been very popular.

You’ve also had some real-life male bottoms and even real-life spanking couples participate in shoots. How do real players contribute to the success of your videos?

Well, it seems when the girl is the Top, the guy gets roughed up, whereas when he tops her, he is kinder and doesn’t want to cross her limits too much. But overall, they do well. I have to say Mario and Rosario were great on Clare Spanks Men.

Clare Spanks Men also offers a lot of POV videos. Please tell us about those, since they’re a bit different from what people might see elsewhere.

The Point-of-View videos offer a great chance for the girl to talk a lot of smack. Kay Richards, for example, is great verbally and can really taunt and tease a guy with her body while she punishes him.

And finally, please tell us about the Clare Fonda Pass.

The Clare Fonda Pass can set you up with three, four or five site packages for a great rate. I would say the four-site package is the most popular as it has Spanked Sweeties, Girl Spanks Girl (with the Exclusive Education series), My Spanking Roommate and Spanked Call Girls. People tend to get on that one and stay.

Thanks so much for your time today Clare. Any parting words?

We really covered a lot. Thanks for the interview!