Gallery: Kitchen Domestic Discipline

Gigi Allens Spanks

The amazing Gigi Allens is back again, this time berating her husband in the kitchen for not heeding her wishes. A stern, strong woman like Gigi doesn’t tolerate disobedience, so she puts her shamed hubby OTK for a hard spanking he’ll never forget!

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Gigi administering old-fashioned punishment with a wooden spatula.


Dana’s Arsenal, Part I

Professional disciplinarian and web mistress Dana Specht displays just a few of the implements she uses to administer bottom-burning, tear-inducing, over-the-knee spankings that regress grown men back to remorseful little boys.

In the collection on the floor we spy a Shadow Lane hairbrush; its bigger, nastier cousin, the Nu-West hairbrush; and of course the long-handled Vermont Country Store bath brush. (Spankos bought so many of the VCS brushes, we wonder if any were actually used for their intended purpose.)

And lastly, we see Dana holding her infamous short Spencer paddle, filled with awful, stinging holes. We can tell you from observation and personal experience, if Miss Dana decides to paddle your bottom with this weapon, you’ll likely be singing out any confessions, apologies or promises she asks of you. Toot sweet…

Headmistress After Class

Miss Jessica Wood gives us a peek at what a prim headmistress might very well be wearing beneath her conservative blouse and skirt. “Headmistress is my favorite role play,” Jessica says. “Hearing the cane swish in the air before landing on a bottom fills me with glee!”

Visit Miss Wood’s Website to see more tantalizing portraits of her dressed to administer school discipline, maternal spankings and other forms of F/M corporal punishment.

Gallery: His Smiling Spankers

Don’t let the angelic faces and pearly-white smiles lull you into thinking that this will be one of those fun, sexy spankings. However pleasant their appearance, the disciplinarians at Women Spanking Men have both the skills and inclination to paddle the skin off of a defenseless behind.

Perhaps it’s because all of these particular ladies — Betty Blaze, Jasmine and Claire — have been on the receiving end of so many painful spankings themselves, they have little sympathy for the men they punish. Whatever the reason, they are deaf to crocodile tears and continue tanning hide until the message is fully delivered.

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