November 23, 2014

Video: Pervert Paddled and Probed

Two sexy roommates catch a trespassing neighbor wearing undergarments from their panty drawer. Instead of reporting him to the authorities however, they decide to have some fun with his ass. Spanking, strapping, paddling and other bottom-related humiliations leave the brawny pervert extremely sore and sorry.

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The Agony of the Ebony

Cassie Hunter Ebony Hairbrush Spanking

Looking elegant as always, the fierce and lovely Cassie Hunter introduces another ill-prepared male to the flat of her ebony hairbrush.

As the unfortunate recipient of her wrath is no doubt discovering, Miss Hunter’s brush is extremely dense and heavy, allowing her to rain deep, penetrating blows down upon his naked backside. The soreness from this spanking will persist long after his bruises have faded.

Visit Cassie’s Weekly Updates page to enjoy more corporal punishment photos, courtesy of her website Captured by the Hunteress.

Her Very Domestic Implement

Inexpensive and always handy, wooden spoons and spatulas have been enforcing discipline within the home since the pioneer days.

Here Lady D from Women Spanking Men employs a stout kitchen utensil with a long handle for leverage and a flat striking surface on the business end. Just imagine how much that must sting!

Visit the free photo and video areas at Women Spanking Men to see strict ladies giving grown men something to cry about.

Video: Wooden Spoon Spankings

Wooden Spoon Spankings

Few spanking implements are as domestic as the humble wooden spoon — and this F/M discipline session features four of them! Enjoy six hot minutes of spoon-spanking action, administered both over-the-knee and with the recipient bent over while standing.

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FM Spanking Video Clips

Gallery: F/M Prison Strapping

Femdom Prison Strap

With a heavy and well-worn punishment strap dangling at her side, prison guard Jessica Wood prepares to dole out some harsh institutional discipline. There’s nothing quite like a severe ass whuppin’ to put a male inmate in his place.

Click Here for a free photo gallery from this F/M prison punishment scene.

English Mansion Femdom

Video: Miss Mya’s Heavy Paddle

Mya loves to administer intense corporal punishment, but unfortunately most of her slaves and submissives just can’t endure that level of pain. So when the opportunity arises to discipline a really naughty male bottom, Mya eagerly dusts off some of her most aggressive implements.

Click Here for free video clips of Miss Mya employing her magnum spanking board, as well as several other tools of correction.

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