January 31, 2015

Gallery: Governess Birches His Bottom

CFNM Femdom Birching

After gathering fresh birches just that morning, Parker reports to the Governess, knowing full well that she’ll use the terrible implements without mercy. Naked and bent over the punishment stool, he awaits the first lash from his disciplinarian.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of a strict Governess administering a sound CFNM birching.

Sarah Spanks Men

Video: Spanked, Brushed and Tawsed

Cassie Hunter Hairbrush Spanking

Cassie Hunter prefers that her domestic servants work unsupervised, but with this useless specimen some harsh lessons had to be drummed in. First the Hunteress employs OTK spankings to humiliate him into submission, followed by a hairbrushing and hand tawsing to make a lasting impression.

Click Here for free photos and video from this CFNM corporal punishment scene.

Tigress and Her Tawse

Combining the beauty of a fashion model with the physicality of a varsity athlete, Cassie Hunter is a disciplinarian to be both worshipped and feared. Woe be to the pathetic male creatures who find themselves on the wrong end of her strap.

Visit Cassie’s Weekly Updates page to enjoy more corporal punishment photos, courtesy of her website Captured by the Hunteress.

Video: Spanked by Both Women

Morgana and Anastasia put a very naughty – but oh so fortunate – young man over their laps for a double hand spanking. He squirms underneath their stinging palms, not suspecting the pain he’ll endure when the ladies break out their wooden implements.

Enjoy the free video clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of the movie. (New users can enjoy 20 free minutes of online viewing.)

Miss Gia’s Nuclear Option

Miss Gia of Strict Women doesn’t mess around when it comes to kitchen discipline. Not content with simply using the palm of her hand or spanking with a readily available spatula or wooden spoon, she goes right for the heavy, wooden cutting board, raising it high to deliver a mighty wallop.

Whatever the male’s transgression, it looks like he’s about to regret it. Plus Miss Gia will probably make him give the cutting board a good scrubbing after she beats him, so it’s squeaky clean when he begins preparing her dinner. (Which better not be late.)

Video: Bare Bottom Switching

Bare Butt Switching

Predatory disciplinarian Miss Eleise stalks a male jogger on his daily run through the woods. Deciding he’s easy prey, she captures the young man and drags him off. He awakes blindfolded and tied to a tree, while Miss Eleise prepares to thrash his naked butt with a switch.

Click Here for free photos and video from this edgy Femdom punishment scene.

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