Gallery: Up the Creek

Here’s an extreme option for those instances when a fraternity paddle lacks the reach and heft to deal with a tough male bottom.

After shackling her sub in an upright position, the disciplinarian grabs a wooden oar and proceeds to paddle his backside like a canoe.

We can just imagine the resounding thwack — and considerable sting — created when that heavy blade lands flat across the recipient’s naked man hams.

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Flexing Her Weapon

When Strict Miss Zoe orders you to bare your bottom and drop to all fours, it’s obvious that she plans to thrash your exposed hindquarters. But how hard and with what?

Today the implement of choice is a whippy rattan cane — properly soaked for increased weight and flexibility. It’s just the tool for turning an ill-mannered male into a squealing little piglet!

Dana’s Hairbrush Punishments

A typical CP session with Dana Specht might begin with a brisk spanking from her seasoned hand, followed by smacks with a leather paddle and so forth, gradually building up to some of her more severe implements, like the legendary Nu-West hairbrush you see here.

The slow escalation of the spanking allows blood to flow to the buttocks, creating a cushion of fluid between the skin and the nerve endings beneath, and also allows the body’s own endorphins to reduce the actual pain experienced by the recipient.

The spanking still hurts, but it’s kept within the spankee’s level of tolerance — though that might be tested from time to time.

A punishment spanking is a different matter, though. There is no compassionate warm up, just a hard hairbrush — or some other unforgiving implement — expertly applied to cold, naked skin.

This bare-bottomed young man is about to get a hot seat he’ll never forget!

Dana Specht Spanks

Vibrant and Quite Painful

Professional disciplinarian Miss Jessica Wood has no qualms about giving men a good thwack (or 12) across the flanks with a riding crop if the situation calls for it.

“I’ve broken quite a few riding crops in my time,” Miss Jessica says. “They never seem to last that long around me!”

Her cheerful pink crop may seem less threatening than a traditional black one, but it’s just as effective at welting a defenseless male bottom.

Visit Miss Jessica’s website for more photos of her favorite CP implements, which include a variety of canes, paddles, hairbrushes, slippers and other tear-inducing toys.

Video: Wearing Out Her Paddle

Miss Persephone swats her favorite whipping boy so hard and so often with the paddleball paddle that the handle grip comes off. That doesn’t phase her one bit though. She simply flings away the broken piece and then continues his spanking with renewed vigor.

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