Video: Cell Block Discipline

“You’ve been found guilty of two offences, which will be dealt with by means of severe corporal punishment,” the warden tells him, just before handing his ass over to disciplinarian Cassie Hunter.

After securing her captive to the CP bench, Miss Hunter administers a merciless whipping with the heavy prison strap, followed by thirty strokes with her gnarled and knobby birch rod.

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Miss Jessica Loves Her Canes

“Caning is, I think, my favorite way of punishing naughty bottoms,” says professional disciplinarian Jessica Wood. “I have become quite good at caning and can make your bottom very stripy.”

Miss Jessica says she loves the opportunity to play the strict headmistress and give naughty males six of the best (or more) with one of the several canes in her collection.

“Hearing the cane swish in the air before landing on a bottom fills me with glee,” she says.

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Video: Sable Picks a Paddle

In the F/M spanking video A Session with Sable, Bart gets a good tanning across Miss Sable’s lap before bending over her couch for more punishment. Sable lights up Bart’s naughty bottom with a variety of straps, then saunters over to her implement collection to grab the heavy Spencer paddle. Now poor Bart is really in for it.

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