Gallery: Governess Birches His Bottom

CFNM Femdom Birching

After gathering fresh birches just that morning, Parker reports to the Governess, knowing full well that she’ll use the terrible implements without mercy. Naked and bent over the punishment stool, he awaits the first lash from his disciplinarian.

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Sarah Spanks Men

Gallery: Eight Cane Thrashing

Dana Kane Femdom Caning

“I instruct him to hand me a cane from the basket and assume the position. Three strokes, each harder than the one before, sting his misbehaving behind, leaving pink welts in their wake.

“Somewhere along the way I decide that he will receive strokes from every single cane in that basket, plus extra strokes for not maintaining position and his failure to make eye contact.”

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Dana Kane

Gallery: Beating His Bottom

Miss Cherry may be a diminutive disciplinarian, but she makes up for it with sadistic enthusiasm and an arsenal of hard wooden implements.

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Be warned though, this session is a bit on the severe side, especially when Miss Cherry breaks out the giant Spencer paddle.

School Days with Jessica Wood

Parliament banned corporal punishment in British state schools in 1987, but the thunderous crack of the Board of Education still echos through school halls in many parts of the United States.

Though her English countrymen are much more familiar with the sting of the cane, Miss Jessica Wood is quite capable of administering some American-style discipline with the flat of her heavy school paddle. Just imagine bending over her authentic school desk and waiting for the first explosive swat.

If you’d like to read more about Miss Jessica, we’ve posted a nice interview with her here.