September 15, 2014

Video: Stern Ladies with Canes

Strict Teachers Cane

When Miss Toyne has catches you spying on her from under the desk, she uses the opportunity to practice her caning technique, while Miss Drogan observes with approval. The two lusty teachers become so excited during the process, they begin stripping off their tight outfits right there in the classroom.

Click Here for free video clips from this sexy POV school caning fantasy.

Gallery: Kitchen Spoon Spanking

Femdom Domestic Discipline

Give this elegant domestic goddess any lip and you may find yourself bent over the stove, getting your buns toasted with her long-handled wooden spoon. If that doesn’t do the trick, she has other kitchen utensils close at hand which can deliver even more severe punishment.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of a stylish, strict lady administering traditional domestic discipline.

English Mansion Femdom

Video: Headmistress Slippers Him

Headmistress Slippers His Bum

Why won’t David Weston behave? Strict headmistress Pandora Blake is exasperated by the lad’s continual cheek and his refusal to accept discipline. Tough measures are clearly called for, in the form of old-fashioned corporal punishment.

Click Here for free photos and video of a defiant young man getting the slipper.

Video: Four F/M Caning Clips

Mistresses Pandora, Persephone, Mallory, Omega and other gorgeous rattan-wielding women present caning scenes from nine different movies in this welt-raising compilation video.

Fair warning: These scenes lean more toward the BDSM-end of the corporal-punishment spectrum and some of the sessions are quite severe.

However, if you’re a fan of hard caning and aren’t squeamish about the end results, Click Here to enjoy four free video clips and a host of sample photos.

Soundly Strapped by Miss Hunter

Call it a spanking paradox. The more worn and supple a veteran punishment strap becomes, the more effective it is at delivering pain. However, that same broken-in strap is also more likely to twist in flight, requiring additional skill to wield effectively.

In her recent interview with us, internationally renowned disciplinarian Cassie Hunter attributes her accuracy with straps and canes to excellent hand-eye coordination. (Honed, no doubt, by her interest in racket sports.)

Miss Hunter’s regular workout regimen of weights and cardio also keeps her upper body in top form, allowing her to land strikes that are both precise and quite severe!

Miss Hunter’s Three-Tailed Tawse

In the year 2051, fearsome implements of correction like the Glasgow tawse are widely used by agents of the dominant matriarchy, who are charged with keeping the male population in line.

As a Supreme Behavior Therapist, Amy Hunter is well versed in applying her tawse to both upturned male palms and bared male bottoms. Some sorry wrongdoers may even receive both treatments in the same punishment session.

For detailed look at this dystopian future, take the free tour at the Institute of Feminine Discipline. Just remember that the ladies in charge have zero tolerance for unapproved wanking.

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