April 1, 2015

Gallery: Cookie Thief Slippered

Femdom Slipper Spanking

The sneaky lout thinks he can steal Sarah’s charity event cookies and get away without consequences. Foolish male. After slapping his face, Sarah warms the thief’s backside with a wooden spoon and her trusty slipper.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of a domestic criminal being duly punished.

Sarah Spanks Men

Miss Jessica: Hairbrush Punishments

Miss Jessica Wood, an accomplished spanking model and professional disciplinarian based in Watford, England, hosts a personal website with both session information and a members area with videos and photographs.

As she explains in the free area of her site, Miss Jessica believes that naughty little backsides deserve to go over her knee for a thorough smacking with one of her hairbrushes.

“The hairbrush is my second favourite way of punishing,” she says. ”I love the way you can make a bottom red all over by hitting different areas each time. I especially love very fast hairbrushing, which can really give you a sore bottom.”

Gallery: Severe Hairbrush Spanking

Insolent male creatures who dare to sass Cassie Hunter can expect to be spanked purple with one or more of her heavy hairbrushes. As she explains in her F/M Spanking World interview: “I’m not a fan of pat-a-cake spankings. To me, a spanking should be thorough!”

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Miss Hunter administering relentless over-the-knee punishment.

Miss Jessica Loves Her Canes

“Caning is, I think, my favorite way of punishing naughty bottoms,” says professional disciplinarian Jessica Wood. “I have become quite good at caning and can make your bottom very stripy.”

Miss Jessica says she loves the opportunity to play the strict headmistress and give naughty males six of the best (or more) with one of the several canes in her collection.

“Hearing the cane swish in the air before landing on a bottom fills me with glee,” she says.

Visit Miss Jessica’s website for more free photos of this strict lady and her many implements of corporal correction, including canes, paddles, hairbrushes, slippers and more.

Gallery: Mom’s Spanking Spoon

Spoon Spanking

Mom is fed up with Kade’s misbehavior, so she puts the lad across over her knee for a good, hard spanking, even using a wooden spoon to drive the lesson home. Maybe now Kade will remember to do the dishes.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of the traditional F/M domestic discipline.

Gallery: Clothes Brush Spanking

FM Brush Spanking

For the crime of stealing charity cookies, the unlucky sod gets a very hard spanking with Sarah’s wooden brush. It’s excruciatingly painful discipline and he doesn’t like it one bit!

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Sarah spanking a cookie thief raw.

Sarah Spanks Men

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