July 30, 2014

Video: Bare Bottom Belting

Strict wife Kelly Payne is the breadwinner of her household, paying the bills, taking care of the responsibilities and dishing out the money. When she learns that her good-for-nothing husband has maxed out the credit cards on unnecessary luxuries, she decides to take payment out of his hide.

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Video: More F/M Hairbrush Spankings

“How are you going to explain this red, bruised ass at the pool? I bet they’re all going to laugh at you,” she taunts, while vigorously smacking his bottom with her wooden hairbrush.

That’s just one of the tannings showcased in Syren Hairbrush Scenes, a compilation video of hard F/M spankings administered by a host of gorgeous and strict disciplinarians, including Miss Mallory, Taylor St. Clair and Miss Persephone.

Enjoy the free preview clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of this F/M spanking movie. (New users can enjoy 20 free minutes of online viewing.)

Miss Tibby’s CP Collection

Attentive, well-behaved students are rewarded with praise and privileges in Miss Tibby’s classroom. She has zero tolerance for troublemakers, however.

With a full arsenal of implements at her disposal, Miss Tibby punishes disruptive young men harshly and with great enthusiasm.

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Video: Kitchen Spoon Spanking

Femdom Spoon Spanking

Celebrity cook Severity Myers was about to present a bakery lesson to her television audience when she discovered that her hapless assistant helped himself to her perfect cupcakes. What ensues is a humiliating lesson for the underdressed underling, who ends up being punished on live TV.

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Gallery: Birching His Naughty Bottom

Nina Birch Corporal Punishment

In this elegant F/M corporal punishment scene, Femdom superstar Nina Birch summons an insubordinate male to her chambers for a bare-bottom thrashing. Using a whippy, multi-rod bundle to communicate her displeasure, Miss Birch reeducates her underling the old-fashioned way.

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English Mansion Femdom

Princess Kali Hits the Spot

When Princess Kali of Strict Women pulls the beechwood spoon out of her kitchen drawer, you’d better believe she intends to fry a couple of deserving male hams. Here she applies the spoon’s business end to the center of her naughty man’s sweet spot, sending a white hot message directly to his brain. This is one cooking lesson he’ll remember for awhile.

We have to commend Princess Kali on her attention to the spanking ritual. Not only has the misbehaving male been forced to strip for his punishment, but Miss Kali has her spanking chair positioned on a non-slip rug, to prevent any skidding as her man-brat kicks and squirms. Also, is that a corner we see behind her? How convenient…

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