December 18, 2014

Cassie Hunter’s Perforated Strap

The beautiful, toned and excruciatingly strict Miss Cassie demonstrates her idea of a goodnight kiss in Their First Date, one of several scenes she appears in at Strict Women.

Little does she know that for some fellows, bent and bare in front of her heavy strap is exactly where they dream to be. (Though they may have second thoughts once the first strike lands.)

Video: Bare Bottom Birching

Miss Aiden is a very creative marriage counselor with a sadistic side. She doesn’t believe in sparing the rod, strap, paddle, cane or hairbrush when dealing with male clients.

When an exasperated wife sends in her husband for behavior modification, Aiden delights in punishing the lout with a variety of implements, including her switchy birch bundle.

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Gallery: Eight Cane Thrashing

Dana Kane Femdom Caning

“I instruct him to hand me a cane from the basket and assume the position. Three strokes, each harder than the one before, sting his misbehaving behind, leaving pink welts in their wake.

“Somewhere along the way I decide that he will receive strokes from every single cane in that basket, plus extra strokes for not maintaining position and his failure to make eye contact.”

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Dana Kane

Video: Well-Spanked Husband

After just three months of marriage, Kat’s husband Timmy has morphed into a boozing boor who’s more interested in watching sports than in pleasing his wife.

Kat’s sorority sister Natasha suggests that the same disciplinary methods used at Lambda Sigma Zeta might also be used to motivate an underperforming male.

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Gallery: Platinum Blonde Paddles Him

A wooden paddle is just the tool for tenderizing a male posterior. It’s even more effective when a cluster of holes is drilled in the business end.

This sexy disciplinarian spanks with her hand at first, but quickly breaks out the big gun to escalate the punishment. We’re sure the unlucky sod over her knee noticed the difference!

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Strop Therapy with Miss James

Maintaining order in the classroom and absolute compliance from students is part of every instructor’s duties at the hallowed St. Brackmere School.

For instance, when her male pupils show any hint of insolence, Miss James quashes it immediately her heavy school strop.

Applied vigorously to a young man’s bare backside, the leather converts even the most willful whelp into an obedient and attentive learner.

Take the free tour at School Mistress Fantasy for more photos of beautiful, strict teachers who never spare the rod, or the strap!

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