Video: She Paddles Her Boyfriend

Pandora Blake plays a kinky college coed who offers her boyfriend a challenge: To prove his commitment, he must bend over for a fraternity-style paddling.

After firmly administering his swats, Pandora then hands her beau the paddle and presents her own bottom for chastisement. What a brave girl!

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Her Awful Loopy Cane

Like an artisan of pain, the matriarch of Women Spanking Men applies swirling welts to a humbly presented male bottom. (We wonder how long her living canvas will be able to hold the lunge position.)

Miss J’s implement of choice – the loopy cane — combines the narrow whippiness of the traditional cane with the looped head of a rug beater. As you can see, it’s very effective at embellishing a naked posterior.

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Video: Hard Bare Bottom Strapping

Depantsed and bent over the sofa, an underperforming male gets the motivation he needs, courtesy of his lady’s leather strap. This is no token beating either. She rears back her arm lays down the licks hard and fast. After all, if it doesn’t hurt, he won’t learn anything, will he?

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