Gallery: Matron’s Spencer Paddle

She Paddles His Bottom

After spanking her ward briskly with the flat of her hand, Madam orders him to strip naked and present his stinging buns for the paddle. She finds that the heavy, perforated board is an excellent tool for driving her lessons home. Click Here for a free photo gallery of this escalating F/M spanking. … [Read more...]

Gallery: CFNM Cold Caning

Cold Caning

Naked and draped over the stool for discipline, a sorry male gets his bottom thrashed without mercy and without any sort of warmup beforehand. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a very strict woman administering severe corporal punishment. … [Read more...]

Miss Jessica Wood in Blue

Jessica Wood Spanks Men

“A naughty little scamp deserves to go over my knee and have his bottom smacked with a hairbrush,” proclaims professional disciplinarian and web mistress Jessica Wood. Visit Miss Wood’s free Video Preview page to watch her administer a traditional OTK spanking, and then team up with another gorgeous disciplinarian to give an adult schoolboy a double dose of the cane. … [Read more...]

Miss Hunter’s Three-Tailed Tawse

Amy Hunter Tawse Spanking

In the year 2051, fearsome implements of correction like the Glasgow tawse are widely used by agents of the dominant matriarchy, who are charged with keeping the male population in line. As a Supreme Behavior Therapist, Amy Hunter is well versed in applying her tawse to both upturned male palms and bared male bottoms. Some sorry wrongdoers may even receive both treatments in … [Read more...]

Gallery: Birching His Naughty Bottom

Nina Birch Femdom Spanking

In this elegant F/M corporal punishment scene, Femdom superstar Nina Birch summons an insubordinate male to her chambers for a bare-bottom thrashing. Using a whippy, multi-rod bundle to communicate her displeasure, Miss Birch reeducates her underling the old-fashioned way. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a stern, sophisticated lady administering discipline. … [Read more...]

Judicial Caning Over the Bench

Severe Judicial Caning

Strapped to the spanking bench with shrink wrap and nylon ties, a male penitent has no choice but to accept harsh punishment at the hands of his female custodian. The lady in charge, Miss J,  is obviously serious about teaching him a memorable lesson, laying vivid parallel tracks across the man’s bare buttocks and all the way down his sensitive thighs. Visit the free … [Read more...]

Video: Bedroom Belt Whipping

Bedroom Belt Spanking

When Kelly Payne’s adult stepson loses his job, wrecks his car and gets evicted, she sends his lazy ass to her bedroom for a hard strapping with the leather belt, followed by an excruciating hairbrush spanking. Enjoy the free preview clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of this F/M spanking movie. (New users can enjoy 10 free minutes of online viewing.) … [Read more...]