Video: His Dream Come True

Today we present an F/M spanking snippet from the video Dream Come True, in which Mistresses Kendra, Eden and Cleopatra subject a male slave to corporal punishment, weenie whipping and some major-league recreational sodomy.

As spanking traditionalists, we’re personally not into the leather hood or male pantyhose – but hey, who are we to judge? After some reflection, we decided we’d post the clip and let you choose whether you want to view it or not.

Click Here for free video of a consenting male doing what he enjoys. (And more power to him, even if it’s not exactly our cup of meat.)

Gallery: Keep them Doggies Movin’

When it comes to controlling male livestock, this curvy cowgirl believes that applying the stick is much more effective than dangling a carrot.

It’s a simple enough procedure. She just orders the offending man to drop to all fours and then beats him like a rented mule!

Click Here for more free photos of a beautiful, rough-riding lady who doesn’t spare the crop.

Swats for Teacher

Mr. Adams is seen smoking with his students, and when questioned about it, he decides to be very difficult and cheeky. That is until Miss Jessica says the infraction may cost him his job!

After some undignified pleading from their male colleague, Miss Jessica and Miss Hunter decide that old-fashioned corporal punishment might be a suitable alternative to sacking his sorry ass.

Visit the free samples in Miss Jessica’s Member’s Site for more photos from her weekly updates, as well as several complimentary video clips featuring this take-charge administrator.

OTK with Francesca Le

Adult film star and frequent spankee Francesca Le seems to be having a ball spanking blameworthy males for the website Women Who Punish.

In this free photo set, Francesca discovers that a man’s ponytail makes a dandy rein for controlling his empty head while she warms his naughty bottom.

We wonder if she’ll find some interesting way to use the poor fellow’s nipple rings too.

Tawsed by Two Women

In the grand finale of Caught in the Act, Miss Jessica Wood and Mistress Whiplash treat a naughty pervert to a double dose of the tawse – after he’s already been soundly spanked and flogged.

Bending their male victim over the desk, the strict ladies take turns lashing his sore bottom with especially nasty strokes, calling him a wimp when the dual punishment makes him cry for mercy.

Check out the free spanky samples in Miss Jessica’s Member’s Site for more photos from her weekly updates, as well as several complimentary video clips featuring this very thorough and sadistically creative disciplinarian.