Spanking Time with D and J

Not many guys can say they’ve received a tag-team spanking from Lady D and Miss J, especially outside of the Women Spanking Men studio.

In this photo, the two CP superstars tan some male hide while attending a Shadow Lane national spanking event. (We hope the buck-naked recipient of their attention was suitably grateful.)

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Thrashed with Your Own Belt

In her comprehensive Interview, professional disciplinarian Dana Specht says that if a naughty male is wearing a belt when he comes to visit her, “that means I have to take it out of your belt loop, because I’m going to take your very own belt to you.”

As anyone who’s received a thorough belt whipping from Dana knows, she is terrifyingly accurate, whether doubling up the leather and striking horizontally across your buttocks or wrapping the buckle end around her hand and vertically lashing a single cheek.

Either way, you’ll experience the ironic justice of having your own belt slipped from around your waist and applied soundly to your naked behind. It’s almost like making your own paddle or cutting your own switch. You deliver the instrument of your punishment into her waiting hands.

Gallery: Newlywed Male Spanked

Sexy amazon goddess Gigi Allens spanked this bad boy right before his wedding, then after his wedding and now she’s at it again, this time at his office where his co-workers can hear. She uses her hand and a mean wooden paddle that leaves his backside marked for days. No matter how long it takes, she’ll keep punishing this disobedient male until he behaves.

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Video: Summoned to Her Study

Nina Birch disciplines an errant academy man and woman in the privacy of her study. Since she’s dealing with a pair of repeat offenders, Miss Birch administers a generous helping of corporal punishment and humiliation – in hopes of setting both troublemakers on the right path.

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