Video: Headmistress Straps Him Hard

School punishment aficionados rejoice! The English Governess presents a free nine-minute F/M corporal punishment movie, featuring a strict headmistress, her extra-thick punishment strap, a heavy leather tawse and a very unfortunate male offender, who is about to be severely thrashed for his misdeeds.

Click Here to enjoy this complete institutional punishment scene, featuring hard-hitting bare-bottom discipline with both strap and tawse.

Gallery: His Smiling Spankers

Don’t let the angelic faces and pearly-white smiles lull you into thinking that this will be one of those fun, sexy spankings. However pleasant their appearance, the disciplinarians at Women Spanking Men have both the skills and inclination to paddle the skin off of a defenseless behind.

Perhaps it’s because all of these particular ladies — Betty Blaze, Jasmine and Claire — have been on the receiving end of so many painful spankings themselves, they have little sympathy for the men they punish. Whatever the reason, they are deaf to crocodile tears and continue tanning hide until the message is fully delivered.

Click Here for a free spanking gallery showcasing these lovely women and their handiwork.

Gallery: Punished by Kailee and Betty

Some say that switches make the most thorough Tops, because they’ve been on the receiving end so many times they know how to fully maximize the discipline without crossing the line into abuse. Or maybe they’re just out for a little payback wherever they can get it.

The expressions on these two switchable CP stars from Women Spanking Men tell quite a story. Kailee has her lips pursed with concentration as the applies the teardrop paddle. Betty seems to be quite amused by the young man’s plight. It doesn’t look like there’s an ounce of hesitation or reluctance between the two of them.

Click Here for a free photo gallery featuring two hardcore spankophiles who can really dish it out.

Gallery: Snow Mercy Paddles Tom

Snow Mercy Spanks Tom

Don’t you hate it when this happens? Tom catches Snow sleepwalking and uses the opportunity to spank her luscious bottom. However, when the dominant woman awakes the next morning, she quickly unravels the mystery of her sore behind.

Determined not to be the only one going to work with a tender backside, Snow takes Tom across her lap for a long, hard revenge spanking.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of Tom getting the paddle applied firmly to his bare butt.

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