July 22, 2014

Gallery: Brush Spanking Before Bed

Here’s what being in bed with a Swedish blonde looks like at Lina’s House of Discipline.

Just in case he forgot, Miss Lina reminds her male bottom that she wears the tight jeans in their disciplinary relationship, while his naughty, naked ass is hers to punish.

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Miss Tibby’s CP Collection

Attentive, well-behaved students are rewarded with praise and privileges in Miss Tibby’s classroom. She has zero tolerance for troublemakers, however.

With a full arsenal of implements at her disposal, Miss Tibby punishes disruptive young men harshly and with great enthusiasm.

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Video: David’s Strict Governess

Governess Spanks Him

Naughty young man David Weston receives an OTK spanking from his stern governess, Pandora Blake. Miss Blake chastises the lad for his poor behavior while delivering firm smacks to his unprotected bottom.

Suitably punished, and with his aching bum bright red, David is forced to stand half-naked to show the results of his discipline.

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Punished for Bad Grades

Having had her own bottom blistered on numerous occasions, Jade understands the motivational power of a good ass whipping.

After bending underperforming Austin over her knee for a spanking, she orders him into the dreaded lunge position and tans his butt with her perforated leather strap.

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Gallery: Cheerleader Spanks Her Coach

Courtney Spanks Men Hard

The sleazy athletics coach has been hitting on Pom Pom girls again, so psycho cheerleader Courtney Shea decides to teach him a lesson. Putting the perv across her lap, she spanks and paddles his rump while lecturing him firmly about his abhorrent behavior.

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Video: Strapped by the Judge

At the urging of district attorney Grace Trummel, Judge Kelly Payne sentences a repeat offender to some old-fashioned corporal punishment. No more warnings for this wrongdoer. He gets his guilty ass spanked, strapped and paddled right in the Judge’s chambers.

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