March 31, 2015

Gallery: Double Domestic Discipline

Two Strict Ladies

Snow Mercy and her friend Madison bend Tom over the kitchen table for a generous helping of corporal punishment. Employing a variety of leather and wooden implements, the gorgeous ladies beat the naughty prankster until his bottom glows with remorse.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of two strict ladies putting their paddles to good use.

Shadow Lane

Gallery: Nude Spanking Yoga

We’re not exactly sure how to describe this spanking technique, except maybe as a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Though it might be a good idea to close the blinds, unless you want to provide a kinky show for the neighbors – or end up as the next viral Internet cell-phone video.

Anyway, Click Here for the free, extremely naughty photo gallery, courtesy of the generous, body-twisting perverts at Hard Spanking Vixens.

Hairbrush Spanking from Miss Hunter

We’re pleased to present this stunning photo from Captured by the Huntress, an elegant website showcasing Miss Cassie Hunter’s special brand of corporal punishment and femdom content.

If you’ve watched any of Miss Hunter’s caning or spanking videos, then you know she is a virtuoso when administering male butt pain. Her mere gaze can make even hardened men weak in the knees.

Gallery: Come Get Your Spanking

It would be difficult to resist Kay Richards when she curls her index finger, even if you knew complying would result in a humiliating, pants-down spanking.

Clare Spanks Men describes Kay as an “ass-beating hellcat.” We can’t confirm or deny that, but Miss Richards certainly fills out a party dress and apparently has no problem turning a guy over her knee.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of sexy Kay giving lucky Anthony the flat of her hand.

Video: Corporal Punishment Session

Disciplinarian Kelly Payne is a firm believer in tough love. If your boyfriend, lover or husband irritates or disrespects you in any way, she recommends that you assert your natural feminine authority over him.

Simply put that chauvinistic male over your knee and spank his ass until it’s beet red and stinging! Scold, spank and slap to your heart’s content. And if you’re not sure how, Kelly has no problem showing you how it’s done.

Enjoy the free preview clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of this F/M spanking movie. (New users can enjoy 10 free minutes of online viewing.)

Gallery: The Ice Queen Spanketh

Cold and beautiful as an icicle, the Teutonic matron orders her male subordinate to drop to all fours and present his arse for her heavy Spencer paddle.

Again and again, she smacks the perforated board against his backside, until his fleshy orbs are deep crimson and mottled with painful contusions.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this efficient and merciless F/M discipline session.

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