July 29, 2014

She’s Going to Enjoy This

A lovely lady at Hard Spanking Vixens has her male companion exactly where she wants him.

After stripping the lad for punishment, she pulls him into a comfortable but secure position over her lap, then rests the thick, wooden paddle on his naked cheeks, savoring the moment.

Observing how she grips the paddle, her careful selection of the point of impact, and the peaceful look of concentration on her face, we’d guess she plans to apply that wood with some conviction.

Kailee Straps Him Good

Kailee Robinson lends a hand — or in this case an experienced feminine arm — to help teach Steve a lesson about the dishonorable act of cheating. And a memorable lesson it is, based on the mottled color of Steve’s bottom and thighs. This is one deceitful man who won’t be sitting comfortably for a long while.

Visit the free Picture and Video area at Women Spanking Men for other serious examples of F/M behavior modification.

Gallery: Strapped Soaking Wet

Some punishments are spontaneous, while others are carefully and sadistically engineered to maximize both pain and humiliation.

In this photo set from the Boys Boarding School, an angry disciplinarian makes her ward stand naked in the tub while she sprays him with water. Then while he’s drenched and shivering, she straps him without mercy.

Confined within the tub, the male rocks his bottom back and forth, covers his backside with his hand and even dances to avoid the strap. Unfortunately, none of these efforts prevent the cruel leather from connecting with his wet bottom flesh.

Click Here for the free photo gallery of one very sorry sod taking his licks.

Gallery: His Very Strict Tutor

Concerned that her son might not pass his graduate exam, Kade’s mom hires a dominant lady tutor to help improve his study habits.

Kade may think he’s too cool for school, but Snow Mercy quickly breaks his bad-boy attitude, using her strong hand and hard, wooden hairbrush.

Click Here for the free photo gallery of Kade’s private instruction, courtesy of Clare Spanks Men.

Cassie Hunter Smacks His Hiney

Few forms of domestic discipline put an uppity man in his place faster than an old-fashioned, bare-bottom, over-the-knee spanking.

Even if open-handed smacks aren’t as potent as the brush or slipper, the humiliation of being de-pantsed, upended and slapped across the biscuits is often enough to squelch any unacceptable male behavior.

Of course, if Miss Cassie Hunter is doing the hand spanking, we expect the high-handed swats will hurt quite a lot – and she’ll always have a hairbrush, tawse or cane within easy reach if she chooses to escalate the punishment.

Visit the Spotlight Page on Miss Hunter’s excellent website for more photos of this fearsome disciplinarian in action.

Video: More F/M Hairbrush Spankings

“How are you going to explain this red, bruised ass at the pool? I bet they’re all going to laugh at you,” she taunts, while vigorously smacking his bottom with her wooden hairbrush.

That’s just one of the tannings showcased in Syren Hairbrush Scenes, a compilation video of hard F/M spankings administered by a host of gorgeous and strict disciplinarians, including Miss Mallory, Taylor St. Clair and Miss Persephone.

Enjoy the free preview clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of this F/M spanking movie. (New users can enjoy 20 free minutes of online viewing.)

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