February 1, 2015

Gallery: Audrey Paddles Him Good

Audrey Knight doesn’t want to hear any excuses from her slacker boy. The buxom brunette pummels his bare bottom with an experienced right hand, wooden hairbrush and monstrous, double-cheek paddle.

Click Here for more free photos of Audrey in her retro polka-dot dress, administering a heavy spanking and restoring order to the universe.

Video: Femdom CFNM Punishment

Femdom Caning

Mistress R’eal clearly enjoys her role as a relentless disciplinarian and administers her manservant’s beating with great enthusiasm. To his credit, he takes blow after blow without question.

Click Here for free photos and video of a very strict lady dishing out corporal punishment with paddle, birch, whip and cane.

Video: F/M OTK Paddling Scenes

FM OTK Paddlings

Naughty male butts ripple and redden under an arsenal of hard wooden paddles. See implements ranging from hairbrush-sized stingers all the way up to heavy, double-cheek whackers in these F/M domestic paddling compilations.

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FM Spanking Video Clips

Gallery: Choir Boy Caning

Choir Boy Caned

The naughty lad reluctantly bares his backside, assumes the position, and prepares to be soundly thrashed by Ms. Sarah’s rattan cane.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of a very naughty choir boy being disciplined.

Sarah Spanks Men

Gallery: Miss Jane’s Lap of Pain

Mary Jane is a tall and beautiful ash-blond with a no-nonsense attitude, a heavy hand and a deep running sadistic streak. All of which make her a perfect addition to Clare Fonda’s court of man-spanking disciplinarians.

When a foolish male tries to grope Mary Jane during choir practice, this take-charge lady wastes no time putting him across her lap for a good, hard butt blistering.

Click Here for a free point-of-view photo gallery of the stern, corporal correction.

Gallery: Post-Shower Spanking

It’s extremely unwise to waste hot water at Lina’s House of Discipline. When the mistress of the estate finds a male guest dawdling in the shower, she yanks the laggard out of the stall and takes a paddle to his dripping-wet posterior.

Click Here for free photos of a very strict lady spanking a pair of tender, moist cheeks.

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