Gallery: Paddled by Alexis Grace

Standing just an inch under six feet tall, Alexis Grace is a hard-spanking, raven-haired amazon who knows how to deal with half-assed handymen.

When a plumber’s work falls far short of Alexis’ expectations, she paddles his bottom with a wooden spatula and a thick cutting board.

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Video: Painful Price of Rebellion

Tom makes an unbelievably risky move, catching dominant Snow Mercy in an unguarded moment and spanking her lovely bottom.

Alas, his triumph is all too brief. Soon Tom finds himself bare-assed over Miss Mercy’s lap, paying dearly for his inexcusable breach of protocol.

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Gallery: Waiting for Their Swats

The psychological impact of making a disobedient male bare his bottom and submissively bend forward to receive punishment is almost as powerful as the actual beating itself.

But when two conspriators are forced to bend over simultaneously, their dreadful anticipation becomes greatly compounded, as each must listen to the horrid thwack of the wood and pitiful cry of anguish each time the other receives the paddle.

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Brush Spanking His Wet Bottom

Miss Michelle of Vixen Ladies seems quite determined to make an impression here, applying her long-handled wooden bath brush to a poor fellow’s wet bottom.

(It looks like she has plenty of room to swing, too.)

Being confined to the tub doesn’t give the male recipient much wiggle room, but at least he can dip his swollen cheeks in the water after Miss Michelle is through tenderizing them.

Writhing Naked Under Her Belt

Kicking his legs and howling for mercy, another errant male learns a harsh lesson beneath Miss Debbie’s leather belt. Notice how she pins his wrist with one hand, while she raises the belt high with the other.

Proving that Strict Women can be compassionate as well as harsh, Miss Debbie allows her ward to retain his socks during punishment, so that his feet won’t chill as they flail helplessly in the air.