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Gallery: Maid for Discipline

Sexy Maid FM Spanking

As a smoking-hot “fantasy” maid, Audrey Tate doesn’t actually clean the client’s home. Instead she employs her trusty spanking board to encourage the slob to pick up after himself. After all, why work when you can supervise? Click Here for a free photo gallery of a sexy chambermaid busting ass and taking charge. … [Read more...]

Video: Strapped by the Maid

His Maid Spanks Him

When a spoiled rich kid pushes his personal maid too far, he finally gets the beating his mother should have given him a long time ago. Over his angry maid’s lap, and then under her belt and hairbrush, the young man learns a long-overdue lesson in respect. Enjoy the free video clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of the movie. (New users can enjoy 20 free … [Read more...]

Video: Punished by Two Maids

His Spanking Maid

After his first maid quits in disgust, a spoiled playboy hires another housecleaner, only to infuriate her too with his dismissive attitude and bad habits. The two women have a plan to teach him a lesson, though. Joining forces, they spank and strap his backside until he shows them the proper respect. Enjoy the free video clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to … [Read more...]

Switched by the Maid


Lilith the Mistress Maid feels that spanking and scolding the boss are just another part of her housekeeping job. When the guy steps out of line, she sets him straight with a firm OTK spanking. Then she makes a switch and starts laying down stripes! Clare Fonda says, “Lilith is sexy and funny and has the perfect mean streak to keep a man in line.” Visit the free tour … [Read more...]

Gallery: Billy’s Hairbrush Spanking

FM Hairbrush Spanking

Insolent houseboy Billy gets his face slapped by Eve's beautiful new housemaid for being fresh. When Stevie reports the incident, Eve conducts a spanking tutorial wherein both ladies spank the impertinence out of the cheeky lad. Billy feels every swat keenly and yells his head off in distress from beginning to end. Click Here for the free photo gallery from this traditional … [Read more...]

Video: His Long-Overdue Punishment

Maid Spanks Him

This is the story of a wealthy boy who had no responsibilities and was spoiled rotten by his parents. Since they were too busy to punish him, he did whatever he wanted. One day however, the slacker pushes his personal maid too far, and she decides to administer the strict corporal discipline he should have received a long time ago. Since he’s never been spanked before, the … [Read more...]

Video: Double F/M Discipline

Irene Boss Femdom Spanking

Irene Boss and Miss Caitlin join forces to punish a male-chauvinist maid from Stud’s Cleaning Service. The ladies give the snarky smart-ass an ultimatum: Either he submits to strict corporal punishment or they report his unacceptable business practices. The discipline begins with an old-fashioned OTK spanking and verbal humiliation, but this simply lulls the masculine maid … [Read more...]