Video: Strapped by the Maid

When a spoiled rich kid pushes his personal maid too far, he finally gets the beating his mother should have given him a long time ago. Over his angry maid’s lap, and then under her belt and hairbrush, the young man learns a long-overdue lesson in respect. Enjoy the free video clip above and then … Continue reading “Video: Strapped by the Maid”

Video: Punished by Two Maids

After his first maid quits in disgust, a spoiled playboy hires another housecleaner, only to infuriate her too with his dismissive attitude and bad habits. The two women have a plan to teach him a lesson, though. Joining forces, they spank and strap his backside until he shows them the proper respect. Enjoy the free … Continue reading “Video: Punished by Two Maids”

Video: Double F/M Discipline

Irene Boss and Miss Caitlin join forces to punish a male-chauvinist maid from Stud’s Cleaning Service. The ladies give the snarky smart-ass an ultimatum: Either he submits to strict corporal punishment or they report his unacceptable business practices. The discipline begins with an old-fashioned OTK spanking and verbal humiliation, but this simply lulls the masculine … Continue reading “Video: Double F/M Discipline”