March 31, 2015

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Gallery: Elegant Office Disciplinarian

She Canes Men

Which would grab your attention first? The HR director’s sheer blouse; the hint of bottom showing between her skirt and stockings; or the wicked cane she’ll soon be using on your bared behind?

Click Here for a free photo gallery of this sexy office enforcer and her implement of choice.

English Mansion Femdom

Gallery: Disciplinary Medicine

Dana Kane Femdom Spanking

A troublesome male patient incurs Dr. Kane’s wrath by refusing to comply with his physical therapy. After checking his vitals to ensure he’s healthy enough for corporal punishment, the good doctor spanks him soundly in several positions and with several implements.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of a strict healer administering bare-bottom therapy.

Dana Kane

Gallery: Domestic Disciplinarian

We’re honored to present another F/M spanking gallery featuring the exquisite Cassie Hunter.

Looking very domestic in her pearls and polka-dot dress, Miss Hunter catches a luckless male drooling over some filthy femdom pornography.

She quickly orders the pervert to drop his pants and bend over for punishment, tanning his bottom with both her hard hand and harder wooden hairbrush.

Click Here for free photos from this traditional discipline scene, courtesy of Captured by the Hunteress.

Video: Three Strict Disciplinarians

Three dominant ladies administer serious and creative corporal punishments to two sleazy website operators in the highly-rated F/M spanking video Merciless Beatings.

The slimy males have been caught setting up their cameras in the ladies’ bathrooms, which gets them spanked, paddled cropped and caned until they’re howling for mercy.

Fire up the complimentary video clip above to watch three beautiful and experienced disciplinarians doing their part to clean up filth on the Internet.

Video: His Disciplinarian Wife

Wife Spanks Him

Eleise de Lacy discovers that while she’s been away, her husband secretly visited a professional dominatrix. Displeased, the lady of the house sentences her subbie hubby to an evening of harsh punishment. After all, if her spouse ever feels the need for discipline, he should look no further than their marital bedroom.

Click Here for free photos and video of a dominant wife making her point with paddle, belt and cane.

Gallery: Disciplinarian Within?

The glamour aficionados at Body in Mind claim that Playboy cover girl and Naked News anchor Rachelle Wilde is simply brushing her hair in this fabulous photo set. We’re not buying it though.

Is it a mere coincidence that Rachelle is seated in a straight-back chair, holding a hairbrush, with a rather predatory expression on her face? Whether it’s intentional or not, we think we’re getting a glimpse of Miss Wilde’s dominant side.

Click Here to view her free photo gallery and draw your own conclusions. Or see much more of Rachelle at our sister site, Spankable Babes.

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