October 24, 2014

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Video: His Disciplinarian Wife

Wife Spanks Him

Eleise de Lacy discovers that while she’s been away, her husband secretly visited a professional dominatrix. Displeased, the lady of the house sentences her subbie hubby to an evening of harsh punishment. After all, if her spouse ever feels the need for discipline, he should look no further than their marital bedroom.

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Gallery: Disciplinarian Within?

The glamour aficionados at Body in Mind claim that Playboy cover girl and Naked News anchor Rachelle Wilde is simply brushing her hair in this fabulous photo set. We’re not buying it though.

Is it a mere coincidence that Rachelle is seated in a straight-back chair, holding a hairbrush, with a rather predatory expression on her face? Whether it’s intentional or not, we think we’re getting a glimpse of Miss Wilde’s dominant side.

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Disciplinarian in Blue

Miss Cassie Hunter is looking quite domestic in her form-fitting retro outfit, which has the added benefit of highlighting her beautifully toned shoulders and arms. (The better to spank you with.)

The sporty ensemble also provides significant freedom of movement, which is very important whenever Miss Hunter is introducing a naughty male bum to the flat of her wooden hairbrush.

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Miss Lina Spanks His Welts

Here’s a little trick that Miss Lina uses when she wants to administer an especially memorable hand spanking. After caning her male inferior and allowing sufficient time for any numbness in his cheeks to subside, she turns the miscreant over her lap and smacks his fresh and tender weals.

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Selina Spanks a Wanker

As a Spanking Center Archon and fourth in command at the Board of Corrective Women, Miss Selina Rothchild is not a woman to be trifled with.

So when she finds a male creature lounging in Grand Overseer Miss Amy’s bed, engaged in unauthorized self amusement, she puts a hairbrush to the poor bastard until he’s close to blubbering.

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Miss Parker’s Disciplinary Methods

When freshly-minted teacher Miss Parker joined the faculty at St. Brackmere’s, the academy’s Headmistress cautioned that certain male students might seek to exploit their new instructor’s youth and inexperience and run amok.

To help her maintain order, the Headmistress issued Miss Parker an institutional-grade cane and a heavy punishment strap, and suggested that the young teacher “make an example of a few lads” right away to establish her authority in the classroom.

After caning three boisterous scamps that first morning and strapping several laggards before lunch, Miss Parker was pleased to find her entire class very well-behaved and attentive by the afternoon session.

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