February 27, 2015

You’re Getting the Belt!

Dana Specht has a frightening assortment of spanking implements to choose from, but today she’s going to administer a very traditional, bare-bottom whipping using a common, everyday man’s belt.

As Dane reveals in her F/M Spanking World interview, if you visit her punishment room wearing a belt, it’s very likely that she’s going to slip it from your pants and use it on your backside sometime during the session. (Maybe you should consider suspenders.)

Of course if you’re not wearing a belt, or if the belt you have is just not substantial enough, Miss Dana has plenty of heavy, leather straps to beat you with.

In the Kitchen with Dana

Even though she specifically told you not to, you still dipped into Dana Specht’s cookie jar when you thought the coast was clear.

Well, Dana has plenty of experience dealing with naughty brats like you!

She heard the soft clink of the cookie jar as you tried to carefully replace the lid, and she easily noticed those few remaining crumbs on the corner of your mouth.

Now she’s going to beat the disobedience out of you with her long, dense, heavy wooden spoon.

So drop your trousers and place your forearms on the kitchen counter. You’re going to pay dearly for that stolen treat.

Video: Scallywag’s Painful Memories

Roger recalls a few of the frequent and well-deserved punishments he received during his younger days, including an especially terrible caning from Miss Jennifer.

Poor Roger cried out and bucked as the cane strokes whooshed down, but his stern disciplinarian had no sympathy and continued thrashing his bottom until she was satisfied he’d learned a lesson.

Enjoy the free video clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of the movie. (New users can enjoy 10 free minutes of online viewing.)

Letting Him Have It

Here’s a breathtaking still from the F/M spanking video Downhome Discipline, staring Dana Specht as a strict aunt who scolds and spanks with equal severity.

When her delinquent nephew gets expelled from college, Aunt Dana lights his bottom on fire while sternly lecturing him about his misdeeds. Click Here to see a short video clip.

Then take the Free Tour at Dana’s Website for stimulating photos and commentary that are sure to spark a tingle in any naughty male’s backside.

Gallery: Clare Spanks Ace

Clare Fonda plays a kinky landlady who uses every excuse to put male tenants over her knee. Ace is just a tiny bit late with the rent, but Clare spanks him anyway – with relish!

Once his boxers are down and the sting in his backside becomes unbearable, Ace begins wiggling and squirming over Clare’s lap like a naughty schoolboy.

Click Here for a free photo gallery of a stern woman who just loves taking payment out of a man’s hide.

Video: Aunt Kelly’s Hairbrush

When a chronically disobedient nephew pilfers money from his mom’s purse, Aunt Kelly recruits younger cousin Lisa to help teach the lad a severe lesson.

With strap, Spencer paddle and wooden hairbrush, the ladies beat their naughty male relative until ass is crimson and he’s desperately promising to behave.

Enjoy the free video clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of the movie. (New users can enjoy 10 free minutes of online viewing.)

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