Gallery: Two-Fisted Hairbrush Spanking

We don’t know what this poor fellow did, but Miss Lina is going to extraordinary lengths to make his bottom pay for it. With a heavy hairbrush in each hand, she beats his butt like it’s the drum on a Roman slave galley — and the captain has just called for ramming speed!

We suspect there’s going to be serious wailing and kicking in this young man’s future. But at least he’ll have a definitive answer to the question: Which hurts more in a direct comparison, ebony or oak?

Click Here for the free photo gallery of this extreme spanking, courtesy of Lina’s House of Discipline.

Video: Punished for Tardiness

“I’m so, so sorry I’m late,” says Cassie Hunter’s male subordinate. As if a feeble apology will save his lazy, worthless hide.

Unfortunately for him, Miss Hunter has little patience for dawdlers. “Take down your trousers,” she says, before beating him soundly with paddle, tawse and cane.

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Gallery: Corporal Punishment Patrol

FM Corporal Punishment

A male miscreant is detained and punished by two lady law enforcement officers, who collectively assume the role of judge, jury and disciplinarian. Shackling their prisoner naked to a wooden bench, the strict coppers proceed to beat any felonious thoughts out of him.

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English Mansion Femdom

Gallery: Audrey Knight Is Displeased

Clare Spanks Men presents a Free Photo Gallery featuring the beautiful and strict Audrey Knight — another example of a true switch who takes a heck of a spanking when she’s bottoming and then becomes a legendary disciplinarian when she’s on the other side of the paddle.

The photo set has some very nice portraits of an irritated Miss Audrey, as well as shots of her reddening an unfortunate fellow’s backside with both her seasoned hand and a hairbrush-shaped wooden paddle. (We bet that gets his attention.)