October 23, 2014

Featured Spankers

Gallery: F/M Spanker for Hire

In this amazing free photo gallery, the multitalented Audrey Knight plays a "spanking… [more]

Gallery: F/M Spanker for Hire Gallery: F/M Spanker for Hire

Gallery: Vintage Hairbrush Spanking

“I just wanted to give him a romantic spanking, but he keeps resisting - kicking… [more]

Gallery: Vintage Hairbrush Spanking Gallery: Vintage Hairbrush Spanking

Video: F/M Domestic Discipline

Strict Miss Zoe plays the dominant partner in a May-December marriage who uses the… [more]

Video: F/M Domestic Discipline Video: F/M Domestic Discipline

Miss DuBois: Lace and Leather

Why didn't teachers look, dress and enforce discipline like this when we were in… [more]

Miss DuBois: Lace and Leather Miss DuBois: Lace and Leather

Bend It Like Rebekah

When there are welts to be raised on a naked male backside, Miss Rebekah of Strict… [more]

Bend It Like Rebekah Bend It Like Rebekah

Gallery: School Spankings Revisited

Miss Lina relives her time as a vigilant head girl who used a firm hand and firmer… [more]

Gallery: School Spankings Revisited Gallery: School Spankings Revisited

Miss J Makes Her Mark

When harsh male punishment is in order, Miss J of Women Spanking Men certainly does… [more]

Miss J Makes Her Mark Miss J Makes Her Mark

Video: Greatest F/M Spanking Hits

For your viewing pleasure we’ve selected some of our favorite original F/M spanking… [more]

Video: Greatest F/M Spanking Hits Video: Greatest F/M Spanking Hits

Spankin’ New Posts

Biker Chick Spanks

Biker Chick Spanks Him

We love our traditional spanking archetypes: The school mistress, the governess, the strict aunt and the powerful woman executive. But variety being the spice of life, it's also exciting when a less straight-laced female decides to paint one's caboose a deep shade of crimson. Case in point: This free spirit from Hard Spanking Vixens, bearing … [Read More...]

Girlfriend Spanks

Video: Post-Caning Spanks

David Weston returns to his girlfriend Nimue Allen after receiving a firm caning. He willingly lies across her lap so she can inspect his cane marks and rub lotion onto his backside. In situations like these, a playful hand spanking is obviously called for. Click Here for a free video clip of David lifting his bottom to meet Nimue's firm hand. … [Read More...]

Ms. Krush Femdom Caning

Video: F/M Workplace Discipline

Corporate disciplinarian Ms. Krush has zero tolerance for her lowly male employees who engage in sexual harassment. Consequences for such behavior include verbal chastisement, corporal punishment and a healthy dose of bare-bottomed humiliation. Click Here for free photos and video of a strict lady manager reprimanding one of her subordinates the … [Read More...]

Femdom Spanking

Gallery: Paris Kennedy Spanks

Fetish superstar Paris Kennedy decides to correct her boyfriend’s bad habits using her hand and a rather serious-looking wooden paddle. That's sure to make an impression on his quivering bare behind. Click Here for a free photo gallery of this tattooed toughie beating male ass. … [Read More...]

Loopy Cane Spanking

Video: F/M Loopy Caning (on Thighs)

Miss Eden’s loopy cane is bad enough when applied to a bare male bottom, but then she decides to land some extra-painful strokes on her spankee’s upper thighs – and he has to request them to boot! The poor sod kicks so much that Eden chides him for wiggling. Let’s hope he doesn’t earn extra punishment for his lack of self control. Enjoy the free … [Read More...]

Betty Spanks Him Bare

Spatula Spanking for Backtalk

Betty Blaze has a time-tested rejoinder for bratty lads foolish enough to sass her. Why should she waste valuable breath on them when her wooden kitchen spatula can do all the talking for her? Visit the free Updates area at Women Spanking Men for more photos of stern, strong ladies punishing young men the old-fashioned way. … [Read More...]

Miss Lina Straps Him

Gallery: He’s Really Sorry Now

It’s time for serious punishment at Lina’s House of Discipline, where a very vulnerable — and naked — male transgressor is feeling the awful wrath of Miss Lina’s strop. Standing above her disobediant subject, the lady of the house carves into him with the heavy cowhide, making his bottom ripple like pudding. Click Here for a free photo … [Read More...]

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