Video: Zoe Beats Her Boss

Miss Zoe plays a dominant Girl Friday who uses her natural superiority and old-fashioned blackmail to get the upper hand on her crusty boss. Bending the codger over his own desk, she takes the belt from his pants and whips him soundly.

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Video: Firm Domestic Discipline

Irene Boss Spanking

Irene Boss assumes the role of a strict American governess who promotes male “life improvement” through strapping, paddling, tawsing and spanking. With her current ward perched high on the punishment bench, Ms. Boss gives his bottom 100 strokes each with a variety of painful implements.

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Video: No Nunsense Spankings

After misbehaving at home, a rebellious 19-year-old male is sent to a strict boarding house for young adults in need of discipline. When he decides defy the house rules, the resident Mother Superior corrects his behavior the old-fashioned way. This is one uncompromising nun who knows the meaning of the words “corporal punishment.”

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Video: Hairbrushed and Tawsed

Amy Hunter FM Hairbrush Spanking

Amy Hunter grants a lazy office boy one final reprieve, on the condition that he submits to several rounds of traditional corporal punishment, as well as male obedience training. After a firm spanking with Miss Hunter’s hairbrush and feeling the wrath of her tawse across his palms and buttocks, the lad’s attitude is markedly improved.

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