F/M Spanking Photos, Galleries and Video Clips

Strict Lady Spanker

The long, strong and toned limbs of Miss Cassie Hunter could have been genetically engineered for … [Read More...]

Nun Spanks Him

A naughty male penitent is secured to the discipline box so that Sister Morgana can give his bottom … [Read More...]

FM Spanking Witnessed

Delivering an over-the-knee spanking in front of even a single female witness is an excellent way to … [Read More...]

Femdom Caning

Miss Heather is dressed for a night at the fetish club and she expects her house boy to at least be … [Read More...]

She Spanks Men

Exasperated wives hire life coach Kymberly Jane to teach their childish hubbies how to behave. The … [Read More...]

Princess Kali Femdom Spanking

We’re pleased to present several free video clips featuring Princess Kali, a young disciplinarian … [Read More...]

His Naked FM Spanking

"Stand on the box and place your palms on the wall." Lina of Lina's House of … [Read More...]

Miss Selina FM Spanking

As a Spanking Center Archon and fourth in command at the Board of Corrective Women, Miss Selina … [Read More...]

Audrey Spanks Frat Boys

The pledge didn’t realize that his fraternity initiation would involve being spanked and paddled by … [Read More...]

Severe Judicial Caning

Strapped to the spanking bench with shrink wrap and nylon ties, a male penitent has no choice but to … [Read More...]

FM Hairbrush Spanking

When Dana Specht arrives home to find her husband Lee in bed with the lovely Sarah Gregory, she is … [Read More...]

FM Spankings

Toby merits and receives a long, hard, over-the-knee spanking from kinky healthcare professionals … [Read More...]

Bedroom Belt Spanking

When Kelly Payne’s adult stepson loses his job, wrecks his car and gets evicted, she sends his lazy … [Read More...]

Nurse Spanks

Nurse Talia relishes the opportunity to give David a good beating with the hairbrush and then tease … [Read More...]

FM Spanking at Work

The company VP of CP, the stunning Eleise de Lacy, expects total obedience from her male … [Read More...]

MILF Spanks Him

In this female-dominated household, the question “Do you know what time it is?” is usually followed … [Read More...]

Snow Spanks Tom

Don’t you hate it when this happens? Tom catches Snow sleepwalking and uses the opportunity to spank … [Read More...]

More FM Hairbrush Spankings 2

We’ve hand-picked several of our favorite original hairbrush spanking scenes and compiled them into … [Read More...]

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