Video: F/M Spanking by Proxy

Sweethearts Pandora and Jimmy are in detention again for canoodling at school. Since normal punishments have failed, their frustrated teacher tries a little aversion therapy, making the young lovers spank each other.

Jimmy and Pandora can’t bear to hurt one another — but it’s the only way to save themselves from worse suffering at the hands of their teacher. It’s a horrible dilemma, but totally hot!

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Gallery: OTK Attitude Adjustment

Femdom Spanking

Amazon beauty Alexis Grace lectures her friend’s lover about his behavior, while she smacks his bottom with her hand, a hairbrush and a large wooden paddle. Afterwards she sends the well-spanked male back to his girlfriend, with the Attitude Adjuster in hand.

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Video: Bear Market Belting

Taylor St. Claire is a rich, beautiful and very dominant lady who just lost a small fortune thanks to her bumbling stockbroker.

If the incompetent trader wants to keep his job, he’ll have to accept the many painful and humiliating punishments that Taylor has in store for him.

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Video: Amy Canes Her Servant

Before he takes his place among Amy Hunter’s stable of houseboys, a male applicant must submit to a variety of excruciating punishments, including spanking, hand strapping and caning. Only after he proves he can accept discipline without defiance, will he earn his leash.

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Cassie Hunter Strikes!

Long-limbed Cassie Hunter demonstrates her great prowess as a disciplinarian in one of the several F/M spanking scenes she appears in at Strict Women.

Bent forward as he is to receive Miss Hunter’s paddle, this penitent fellow isn’t able to fully relish his spanker’s superior bone structure and toned physique, though he might catch a glimpse of her shapely calves and ankles.

Perhaps that will provide him a pleasant focal point while Miss Hunter uses the strength of her athletic frame to beat the living daylights out of him.