Gallery: Up the Creek

Here’s an extreme option for those instances when a fraternity paddle lacks the reach and heft to deal with a tough male bottom.

After shackling her sub in an upright position, the disciplinarian grabs a wooden oar and proceeds to paddle his backside like a canoe.

We can just imagine the resounding thwack — and considerable sting — created when that heavy blade lands flat across the recipient’s naked man hams.

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Flexing Her Weapon

When Strict Miss Zoe orders you to bare your bottom and drop to all fours, it’s obvious that she plans to thrash your exposed hindquarters. But how hard and with what?

Today the implement of choice is a whippy rattan cane — properly soaked for increased weight and flexibility. It’s just the tool for turning an ill-mannered male into a squealing little piglet!

Gallery: Present Your Bottom

There’s no shortage of ways to position an unruly male for punishment. As this photo from Boys Boarding School illustrates, one of the simplest is to have him lower his pants and underwear, bend forward, and grip the seat of a chair.

After that, a good 10 or 20 whacks with the heavy Spencer paddle should beat most of the rebellion out of him. Click Here to view the free photo gallery.

Video: Turning the Other Cheek

Sick of her husband’s road rage, a dominant wife invites three of her girlfriends over to teach the lout a lesson in anger management.

After being stripped naked and spanked by all four ladies, in a variety of positions, the humbled hubby promises to behave better in public.

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Video: Her Well Punished Houseboy

She Spanks Her Houseboy

Welcome to the world of Miss Eleise de Lacy’s personal attendant, where failing a white-glove inspection leads to arduous retraining. The Lady of the House completely subjugates her naked manservant through uncompromising corporal punishment and psychological control.

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