September 18, 2014

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Video: F/M Vacation Punishments

Errant males who misbehave on holiday get hauled back to Madam’s hotel room, where… [more]

Video: F/M Vacation Punishments Video: F/M Vacation Punishments

Miss Mason’s Punishment Chair

In keeping with her traditional ways, Miss Mason substituted the modern desk chair… [more]

Miss Mason’s Punishment Chair Miss Mason’s Punishment Chair

Miss Blaze Paddles JJ

Unfortunate JJ places his forearms on the desk and readies himself for a severe paddling… [more]

Miss Blaze Paddles JJ Miss Blaze Paddles JJ

Gallery: Disciplinarian Within?

The glamour aficionados at Body in Mind claim that Playboy cover girl and Naked News… [more]

Gallery: Disciplinarian Within? Gallery: Disciplinarian Within?

Miss Hunter’s Three-Tailed Tawse

In the year 2051, fearsome implements of correction like the Glasgow tawse are widely… [more]

Miss Hunter’s Three-Tailed Tawse Miss Hunter's Three-Tailed Tawse

Gallery: Boss Lady Paddles Him

Amazonian blonde Gigi Allens gives her shorter male underling a red-hot butt for… [more]

Gallery: Boss Lady Paddles Him Gallery: Boss Lady Paddles Him

Positioned for Her Hairbrush

"Stand on the box and place your palms on the wall." Lina of Lina's House of Discipline demonstrates… [more]

Positioned for Her Hairbrush Positioned for Her Hairbrush

Video: Taste of His Own Medicine

Here’s a hard school spanking scene for every naughty boy who has dreamed of being… [more]

Video: Taste of His Own Medicine Video: Taste of His Own Medicine

Spankin’ New Posts

Hairbrush Spanking Sessions

Video: Private Spanking Session

Acclaimed international Domina Irene Boss flexes her domestic discipline expertise in the classic video Private Sessions: Spanking, which documents several extremely hard over-the-knee spankings and hairbrush blisterings. All the unscripted, real spanking action takes place in a schoolroom-type setting with the star disciplinarian wearing … [Read More...]

Nurse Brandi Spanks Him

Gallery: Spanking Therapy

We don’t know if her duties include spanking aftercare, but Nurse Brandi is certainly practiced in the art of administering red-bottom therapy. Side effects of this controversial treatment may include pillow biting, restless legs, watery eyes and a persistent burning sensation in the sit spot. Click Here to view the free photo gallery of Nurse … [Read More...]

Forest Spanking

Video: Forest Femdom Spanking

“Do you think you get to decide when it’s enough?” Miss Eleise de Lacy asks her male captive. Of course being bent over a tree trunk and securely bound the way he is, the helpless sod is in no position to dictate anything. His lovely tormentor is free to spank, strap, paddle and otherwise violate him to her heart’s content. Click Here for free … [Read More...]

Strict Teacher Spanks

Painful Price of Failure

Miss Shuttle of School Mistress Fantasy has been reviewing your dismal scores for the last term, and she has concluded that you are simply NOT living up to your academic potential. Since her job is to motivate as well as instruct, she feels that a dozen red marks across your backside now might lead to fewer red marks on your test papers in the … [Read More...]

FM Brush Spanking

Gallery: Naughty Siblings Spanked

When Justin and Sarah refuse to behave on vacation, Dana decides to spank their bare little butts. Since Justin is the instigator, he also gets two different hairbrushes applied to his red, sore behind. Click Here for a free photo gallery from this three-way domestic discipline fantasy. … [Read More...]

Miss Jade FM Spanking

You Like Spanking, Do You?

Dressed in provocative lingerie, Miss Jade appears ready for a romantic evening with her husband. To her surprise, she catches the lout surfing F/M spanking sites on the Internet. “Get across my knee. Now!” she orders, brandishing a nasty perforated paddle. If he’s so interested in spanking, she reasons, she may as well give him a taste of … [Read More...]

Panty Raid FM Spanking

Video: Paddled Panty Raiders

In the hard F/M spanking video The Panty Raid, two college boys sneak into a sorority house to steal panties as part of their fraternity initiation. They do not, however, expect Lisa and Heather to catch them in the act. The hapless pledges are spanked and strapped by the dominant sorority sisters and then each perpetrator is given a severe … [Read More...]

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