Video: Bottoms Up for the Tawse

Kelly Payne plays a no-nonsense wife who learns that her irresponsible husband took a sick day so he could goof off at home. And this is not the first time!

Not one to fool around, Kelly hoists up the lazy slob’s ankles with a rope and then straps his worthless butt until he’s bruised and howling.

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Gallery: Paddled Naked and Caged

Naked, vulnerable and imprisoned within a steel crate, an unhappy lad waits for the lady of the house to arrive with her cruel, wooden punishment board.

His strict matron releases him from confinement only long enough bend him over the cage and paddle his bottom without mercy. Once his spanking is complete, back in the crate he goes to reflect on his impertinent behavior.

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Video: Kitchen Spoon Spanking

Femdom Spoon Spanking

Celebrity cook Severity Myers was about to present a bakery lesson to her television audience when she discovered that her hapless assistant helped himself to her perfect cupcakes. What ensues is a humiliating lesson for the underdressed underling, who ends up being punished on live TV.

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Gallery: Double PVC Spanking

Forgoing traditional garb, Miss Lina and Miss Nikki shimmy into shiny, form-fitting bodysuits for a tag-team discipline session.

We don’t know what crime the unclad male committed, but we hope he’s suitably grateful about being punished by these vinyl-clad bombshells.

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Miss Jessica’s Heavy Hairbrush

Miss Jessica has two hairbrushes that she frequently uses for tanning bare male butts: A small, mean red brush and a larger one with an evil grooved surface.

“I’ve had that second brush for years and it’s been in several videos,” Miss Jessica tells us. “It’s really quite vicious. It stings tremendously and if someone has been very naughty, it can leave dark, purple bruises. Especially if I deliver a fast burst of rapid spanks!”

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