January 30, 2015

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Gallery: Governess Birches His Bottom

After gathering fresh birches just that morning, Parker reports to the Governess,… [more]

Gallery: Governess Birches His Bottom Gallery: Governess Birches His Bottom

Gallery: Snow Mercy Paddles Tom

Don’t you hate it when this happens? Tom catches Snow sleepwalking and uses the… [more]

Gallery: Snow Mercy Paddles Tom Gallery: Snow Mercy Paddles Tom

Video: F/M Strapping Scenes

Break out the leather baby! Now available at the F/M Spanking World Clips Store,… [more]

Video: F/M Strapping Scenes Video: F/M Strapping Scenes

Gallery: Double Office Discipline

Two beautiful and dominant lady executives decide to take sexy, painful revenge upon… [more]

Gallery: Double Office Discipline Gallery: Double Office Discipline

Gallery: Alexis Spanks Her Man

The very tall, stunning and dominant Alexis Grace has hired her boyfriend Bradly… [more]

Gallery: Alexis Spanks Her Man Gallery: Alexis Spanks Her Man

Gallery: Domestic Disciplinarian

We’re honored to present another F/M spanking gallery featuring the exquisite… [more]

Gallery: Domestic Disciplinarian Gallery: Domestic Disciplinarian

Video: Bare Bottom Switching

Predatory disciplinarian Miss Eleise stalks a male jogger on his daily run through… [more]

Video: Bare Bottom Switching Video: Bare Bottom Switching

F/M Spanking in 2051

Welcome to the year 2051, where England is ruled by a powerful matriarchy and ill-behaved… [more]

F/M Spanking in 2051 F/M Spanking in 2051

Spankin’ New Posts

FM Paddle Spanked

Video: F/M OTK Paddling Scenes

Naughty male butts ripple and redden under an arsenal of hard wooden paddles. See implements ranging from hairbrush-sized stingers all the way up to heavy, double-cheek whackers in these F/M domestic paddling compilations. Click Here for the free preview or click on the banner below to see highlights from our entire library of original F/M … [Read More...]

Caned Choir Boy

Gallery: Choir Boy Caning

The naughty lad reluctantly bares his backside, assumes the position, and prepares to be soundly thrashed by Ms. Sarah’s rattan cane. Click Here for a free photo gallery of a very naughty choir boy being disciplined. … [Read More...]

Mary Jane Paddles Men

Gallery: Miss Jane’s Lap of Pain

Mary Jane is a tall and beautiful ash-blond with a no-nonsense attitude, a heavy hand and a deep running sadistic streak. All of which make her a perfect addition to Clare Fonda’s court of man-spanking disciplinarians. When a foolish male tries to grope Mary Jane during choir practice, this take-charge lady wastes no time putting him across her … [Read More...]

She Spanks Him Wet

Gallery: Post-Shower Spanking

It’s extremely unwise to waste hot water at Lina’s House of Discipline. When the mistress of the estate finds a male guest dawdling in the shower, she yanks the laggard out of the stall and takes a paddle to his dripping-wet posterior. Click Here for free photos of a very strict lady spanking a pair of tender, moist cheeks. … [Read More...]

Two Women Tawse Him

Video: Two Women Punish Him

Tied in position with his bottom bare, an arrogant male chauvinist learns respect from two dominant ladies. Before they’re finished strapping and paddling his backside, the young man is crying, pleading and promising to treat his neglected girlfriend like a queen. Enjoy the free preview clip above and then Click Here if you’d like to see more of … [Read More...]

Spanked Houseboy

Gallery: Spanking Her Manservant

Eve is pleased with her new houseboy’s efficiency and delighted to accept his offer of a foot massage after a busy day on her feet. But she warns him not to tickle her -- Eve hates having her feet tickled -- three times, before going ballistic on him for ignoring her orders. Pulling the lad across her lap, Eve retrieves her favorite hairbrush … [Read More...]

Jade Spanks Austin

Miss Jade Takes Charge

Proving once again that switchable ladies make some of the most formidable disciplinarians, Jade puts Austin over her lap and punishes him soundly for his poor academic performance. Visit the free photo and video areas at Women Spanking Men to watch beautiful, hard-handed ladies turning grown men into remorseful, red-bottomed whelps. … [Read More...]

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