F/M Spanking Photos, Galleries and Video Clips

Gigi Spanks Men

Blonde bombshell Gigi Allens offers her employee Josh a simple choice: get fired or submit to her … [Read More...]

Suki Femdom Spanking

Showing a complete lack of compassion for the unfortunate man in her trap, Miss Suki demonstrates … [Read More...]

Miss Gemini Paddles Him

Ill-mannered Eric is late for his appointment with prospective renter Miss Gemini, who is not known … [Read More...]

Governess Canes Him

Mike and Pandora are siblings united in their rejection of traditional gender roles. Unfortunately … [Read More...]

FM Spanking Chair

To the casual observer, it’s simply a modern lounge chair. The male residents of the Boarding … [Read More...]

Spoon Spankings

Few spanking implements are as domestic as the humble wooden spoon -- and this F/M discipline … [Read More...]

She Spanks Him Bare

Miss Lina wants her house male to finish all of his daily chores, so she spanks him soundly with … [Read More...]

FM Hairbrush Spanking

Insolent houseboy Billy gets his face slapped by Eve's beautiful new housemaid for being fresh. When … [Read More...]

Betty Paddles Zack

“I have a deep understanding of my feminine power and I am not afraid to use it,” Betty says on her … [Read More...]

Allison FM Spanking

Flexing her toned shoulders and arms as she applies the leather, Miss Allison of Strict Women … [Read More...]

Sarah Spanks

When a male professor offers to boost Sarah’s grades in exchange for some inappropriate favors, the … [Read More...]

Janet Beckwith FM Spanking

Bart is late with the rent again so his landlord, played by Janet Beckwith, asks him to come up to … [Read More...]

Detention with Miss Hunter

We’re pleased to present an elegant photo set featuring the lovely and fierce Miss Cassie Hunter – … [Read More...]

Caned by Two Women

Looking chic and efficient in her stylish uniform, Miss Eleise de Lacy sentences an uncooperative … [Read More...]

Governess Canes Him

Amelia's father is hosting a dinner party, and she and Caroline have hatched a plan to swap the … [Read More...]

OTK Male Punishment

The face, the figure, the glorious hair and a hardwired understanding of the corporal punishment … [Read More...]

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