November 24, 2014

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Video: Wooden Spoon Spankings

Few spanking implements are as domestic as the humble wooden spoon -- and this F/M… [more]

Video: Wooden Spoon Spankings Video: Wooden Spoon Spankings

Interview: Clare Fonda Spanks

We’re thrilled to present an original interview with spanking model turned video… [more]

Interview: Clare Fonda Spanks Interview: Clare Fonda Spanks

Video: Miss Mya’s Heavy Paddle

Mya loves to administer intense corporal punishment, but unfortunately most of her… [more]

Video: Miss Mya’s Heavy Paddle Video: Miss Mya’s Heavy Paddle

Video: Hairbrushed and Tawsed

Amy Hunter grants a lazy office boy one final reprieve, on the condition that he… [more]

Video: Hairbrushed and Tawsed Video: Hairbrushed and Tawsed

Gallery: Audrey Knight Is Displeased

Clare Spanks Men presents a Free Photo Gallery featuring the beautiful and strict… [more]

Gallery: Audrey Knight Is Displeased Gallery: Audrey Knight Is Displeased

Gallery: I’ll Help You Behave

The radiant and stern mistress of the estate teaches her arrogant, rebellious boy… [more]

Gallery: I’ll Help You Behave Gallery: I'll Help You Behave

Gallery: Your Imminent Tawsing

It's no wonder naughty lads tremble when they're told to visit the Headmistress.… [more]

Gallery: Your Imminent Tawsing Gallery: Your Imminent Tawsing

Video: Firm Domestic Discipline

Irene Boss assumes the role of a strict American governess who promotes male “life… [more]

Video: Firm Domestic Discipline Video: Firm Domestic Discipline

Spankin’ New Posts

Amy Hunter Spanks Him Hard

F/M Spanking in 2051

Welcome to the year 2051, where England is ruled by a powerful matriarchy and ill-behaved males are incarcerated within very special correctional facilities. Based upon the principles of female superiority and domestic discipline, these institutes use time-honored methods to turn rambunctious men into responsible, obedient citizens. Take the … [Read More...]

She Paddles His Butt

Video: Pervert Paddled and Probed

Two sexy roommates catch a trespassing neighbor wearing undergarments from their panty drawer. Instead of reporting him to the authorities however, they decide to have some fun with his ass. Spanking, strapping, paddling and other bottom-related humiliations leave the brawny pervert extremely sore and sorry. Enjoy the free preview clip above and … [Read More...]

Ebony Hairbrush Spanking

The Agony of the Ebony

Looking elegant as always, the fierce and lovely Cassie Hunter introduces another ill-prepared male to the flat of her ebony hairbrush. As the unfortunate recipient of her wrath is no doubt discovering, Miss Hunter’s brush is extremely dense and heavy, allowing her to rain deep, penetrating blows down upon his naked backside. The soreness from … [Read More...]

Miss Lina Vintage Spanking

Gallery: F/M Retro Spanking

When an adult male gets too big for his britches, Miss Lina cuts him down to size with a little trip down memory lane – and over her lap. Just like Mom used to do it! Dressed like a retro-housewife from the 1950s, Lina gives her ward a good smacking with the flat of her sandal, before moving on to more painful implements. Click Here for a … [Read More...]

Jessica Wood Punishment Attire

Jessica Wood: Dressed to Cane

“To torment and inflict pain on my subs more effectively, I have an extensive wardrobe and I always dress in the appropriate attire, depending on the punishment,” Jessica says. We don’t know precisely what scenario Miss Wood has dressed for in this photograph, but our guess is that some unlucky backside is about to receive a severe bedtime … [Read More...]

His FM Caning to Tears

Video: Caned Until He’s Crying

“You ruined my day. Now I’m going to ruin yours,” Miss Eleise de Lacy warns the male subordinate awaiting the first dreaded stroke of her cane. By the time she’s finished thrashing his behind, the unfortunate underling will be wailing his apologies and shedding real tears. Click Here for free photos and video of a beautiful, stern lady applying … [Read More...]

FM Spanking Wooden Spoon

Her Very Domestic Implement

Inexpensive and always handy, wooden spoons and spatulas have been enforcing discipline within the home since the pioneer days. Here Lady D from Women Spanking Men employs a stout kitchen utensil with a long handle for leverage and a flat striking surface on the business end. Just imagine how much that must sting! Visit the free photo and … [Read More...]

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