F/M Spanking Photos, Galleries and Video Clips

FM Spanking Red Buns

Ouch! You can almost feel the heat radiating from those well-roasted man cheeks. A lady’s hairbrush … [Read More...]

She Crops His Backside

“When I ask you a question, I expect you to answer me,” Anna Regent tells her prisoner, punctuating … [Read More...]

Kay Spanks Men

Kay Richards tells her lackluster employee that if he expects a raise, he’ll have to endure a long, … [Read More...]

Maid Spanks Him

This is the story of a wealthy boy who had no responsibilities and was spoiled rotten by his … [Read More...]

Miss J FM Punishment

The voluptuous Miss J administers a thorough ass strapping in another remastered classic from Woman … [Read More...]

Pandora Blake Spanks Him

When Sebastian arrives home and Pandora Blake smells smoke on his breath, it’s obvious he's broken … [Read More...]

FM Spanking in Bed

Miss Lina of Lina’s House of Discipline takes her strap to an inconsiderate lout. That will teach … [Read More...]

She Spatula Spanks Him

Logan is Brandi’s deadbeat boyfriend and she is sick and tired of his bullshit. Fortunately, … [Read More...]

Miss Debbie FM Hairbrush Spanking

Strict Women has been delivering online F/M spanking content since 1999, and their web archives are … [Read More...]

Dana Kane Spanking

“I just wanted to give him a romantic spanking, but he keeps resisting - kicking his feet and … [Read More...]

Miss Gemini FM Spanking

“A good, sound spanking never hurt anyone,” Miss Gemini says, as she paddles a male library patron … [Read More...]

Jade Spanks Him OTK

After Betty Blaze finishes spanking Dennis over her lap, Jade takes a turn and gives the naughty boy … [Read More...]

Teacher Spanks

Headmaster Pain runs a very traditional school where students are kept in line using strict, firm … [Read More...]

She Paddles Him Good

Lady executive Miss Lina has a carrot and stick policy when it comes to motivating her male … [Read More...]

Super FM Spanking

Channeling a sexy, kick-butt super heroine from a famous scifi movie, Ingrid Mouth uses hard … [Read More...]

Jessica FM Spanking

What’s more painful than a bare-bottom hairbrush spanking? Having said brush applied vigorously to … [Read More...]

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