F/M Spanking Photos, Galleries and Video Clips

FM Paddle Spanked

Naughty male butts ripple and redden under an arsenal of hard wooden paddles. See implements ranging … [Read More...]

Gigi Spanks

Amazonian blonde Gigi Allens gives her shorter male underling a red-hot butt for failing to meet her … [Read More...]

Femdom Spanking

“So, how would someone punish you?” muses Pandora Blake, as her prospective houseboy kneels before … [Read More...]

Kelly Payne Spanks Men Hard

He enters the room all cocky, with a big smirk on his face. But Kelly Payne changes his egotistical … [Read More...]

FM Spanking Training

Special marriage counselor Jessica Wood teaches a young wife how to manage her husband, and … [Read More...]

She Paddles His Bottom

After spanking her ward briskly with the flat of her hand, Madam orders him to strip naked and … [Read More...]

Nettle Spanking

Lady Victoria Valente has a fiendish plan to maximize the sting across her victim’s backside. After … [Read More...]

Betty Paddles Dev

Betty Blaze takes a school paddle to the seat of Dev’s pants. Will the lad get to keep his britches … [Read More...]

Irene Boss Paddles Him

We are very pleased to present you with four free F/M spanking clips featuring internationally … [Read More...]

Strict Lady Straps Them

Indolent male workers receive some painful on-the-job motivation from the house mistress, who … [Read More...]

Nurse Spanks

Nurse Cassie knows just how to cure her daughter’s ill-mannered boyfriend. Turning him over her lap, … [Read More...]

Cold Caning

Naked and draped over the stool for discipline, a sorry male gets his bottom thrashed without mercy … [Read More...]

Jessica Wood Spanks Men

“A naughty little scamp deserves to go over my knee and have his bottom smacked with a hairbrush,” … [Read More...]

Cassie Hunter FM Spanking Game

When a young man insists on acting like an animal – slobbering, pawing and attempting to mark his … [Read More...]

She Spanks Him with a Brush

A lazy houseboy is stripped of his clothes (and his dignity) before being summarily spanked by all … [Read More...]

Dressed for Spanking Him

For generations, household matriarchs have summoned naughty young men to the bedroom for traditional … [Read More...]

She Spanks His Bare Butt

When it’s spanking time at Lina’s House of Discipline, everything protecting the bottom comes down. … [Read More...]

She Watches His Spanking

The penalty for truancy at Women Spanking Men is a severe, bare-butt whipping, and Miss Betty … [Read More...]

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